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  1. I don't like the greens that come up in some parts [such as 'View New Content'], but I do love the dark theme finally. Always prefer the dark themes on any forum I visit. Thanks Admin team. o/
  2. I sincerely hope this was meant to be as sarcastic as TBM's was meant to be
  3. Definitely one of the more entertaining blogs written in recent times. Looking forward to the third installment lol
  4. Rayvon


    This software doesn't run it 100% .. It utilizes idle time, yes, but it doesn't utilize all the available resources .. For someone who keeps their computer running all the time anyways, they won't notice much .. If you don't usually leave your comp on, this will certainly make a noticeable change in your bills .. This software uses significantly less resource during idle time than the SETI software too .. I joined ya on there max ..
  5. If anyone outside Pacifica cared enough about Francosim, they'd talk to someone who can tell the difference between their ass and their face ... Like Cortath .. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/123308-the-return-of-the-userites/?p=3293300 Not some has-never-been wannabe throwing around words he doesn't understand about something that doesn't even exist as if it's some gospel steeple of society ...
  6. Hakai piper packed a pipe of peppered pipers
  7. Timidity over secrecy, I think .. Any long term leader, any player who's been around for more than 2 or 3 years, knows that what happens on the OWF is an act .. Not a single leader - from myself, to Brehon, to Bilrow, to Rotavele, to Impero, to whatever leader you want to name over the past umpteen years (I pick the one's that mean those most to the degree of my message that I have personal experience with and not just read-experience with) - acts the same as they are in alliance-to-alliance relationships or in real life .. OWF is OWF ... It's coincidingly part of the problem of it, as well as one of the better parts of it .. In the scope of this, it's become too common to be afraid of who might be selling out your in-game secrecy in the name of an in-game friendship .. I envy the lesser-named/lesser-known alliances for this .. Some of us have just been set too deep for the changes of the global scene regardless of whom we really are (mass-recruitment alliances; outside the one or two personalities making a global appearance - applies to many alliances, I'm not making a personal statement) ..
  8. Like any other emotion, it convey's what you're feeling. It's not any more about "changing the world" than kissing the ass of that person who !@#$%*es you out over pickles is going to change the world. It's actually quite healthy to express anger and not repress it, otherwise it tends to boil and turn into rage. Rage is the real destructive demon, not anger.
  9. When he said "your comment is entirely unacceptable as well. To encourage people to delete their nation is really shameful and not the way we ought to play this beloved game of ours." I thought he was talking about not encouraging people to delete (who in this case, had already deleted before I made the jestful comment for "someone" to delete his nation for him -- cause you know, game mechanics allow that and all so it was a very serious post ...) .. Perhaps I shouldn't encourage hacking either, encouraging someone to delete his already-deleted nation for him.
  10. Owned by ignorance and failure to fact-check. Ignorance seems to be the only unbeatable force in Cybernations. He just had an opportunity to take a pointless shot and took it.
  11. Ummm ... You're aware his nation was already gone long prior to when I made that post, and the choice of wording with the faux fade out at the end is with concert with this fact ...... ? No, I don't suppose you were aware. I didn't encourage !@#$ dude. After-the-fact off-the-cuff comment ...
  12. Someone should delete his nati..........
  13. "Kid didnt grow up in the hood" You've obviously never been to Stratford .... All the places these punks run their gangs ... These are mean, rough streets with a mean-ass nightlife. Bieb's a is a true Beileber to survive and fight and scrounge his way from here to ..... YouTube.
  14. "Recently, Rayvon revealed that he himself had dismantled the Security Bureau and had thrown Ivan Moldavi from the alliance years ago, resulting in a loss of accountability and absolute power held in his hands. With the Bureau gone, Rayvon proceeded on a path that has led to the NSO's situation today." Can always find grossly hilarious error in everything you write. I did not throw him out of the alliance, he left. This "security bureau" as you call it, his little troupe that even the sitting Emperor wasn't apprised of, was only about a week or two along so it's not like I tore a steeple of the alliance out in such an action. There was no 'power' being moved or exchanged. No nothing. Zip. Notta. Nilch. Whatever bureau you claim to have started long before, ended long before I was a Sith and there was no other in existence. As usual, Ivan was quite inactive any ways and there existed a mere 9 posts in the entirety of their little board. Blow your smoke elsewhere, you don't know what you are talking about where the Sith are regarded. Because it's still funny, we'll add this again ..
  15. Rawr - no Hodor next round, maybe I'll get those top spots in 29 Ho ho ho (also the 'G' is capital lol - SurenGal)
  16. Rayvon

    Pacifica Sphere

    Seconded. This is way too dumbed down and stripped to be of any relevance.
  17. http://www.newsithorder.info The Dark Side is quite compelling. Especially for the active and outspoken.
  18. AJOIN > Perform [or all other scripts] specifically for this reason. AJOIN is a NickServ command, and is triggered by IDENTIFY. It's also universal and you get all the same access no matter where you IDENT from.
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