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  1. You will also need to surrender to me or I'll destroy you
  2. very nice :) great to see two alliances i like getting together.
  3. nice to see Guinness making their way in the world :D you guys have done well in the short time you've been around. here's to more to come :popcorn:
  4. i have no idea whats goin on here but the comments made me laugh out loud so this post is a winner in my book :awesome: good luck to whoever or whatever this pertains too!!
  5. good news is better than no news..considering i thought a few alliances that have posted here were defunct..imagine my surprise. cheers to a new friendship
  6. I support this treaty. NSF has a great group of guys over there and i am sure Atlas will be good allies for them. i'll be keeping eye on how this develops over time. good luck to both alliances.
  7. i am extremely pleased to see this treaty. The guys at Atlas have worked very hard over the last several months to meet the obligations that a treaty such as this requires. Alexio has done great work in keeping everyone together and his crew have taken some steps to assure constant activity and growth. I am confident this was a wise choice and a nice stepping stone for Atlas, who has a great future ahead of them. Congratulations on this much deserved award for your activity and kudos to ODN for seeing that Atlas is worth the time!! o/ODN o/Atlas <3
  8. i agree with you on the education of our younger nations. far too many times i've met come to meet rulers who have been in this game for some time and faithfully serving an alliance, only to see they are not being given good instructions on how to approach other alliances for discussions/consultations nor are they educated on the treaties/allies that their mother alliance has worked so hard to mature. new nations aren't the only ones that are negligent..some very old nations also have no idea what is going on, but are still hired to do FA work for their alliance. i support the idea of FA cour
  9. i see absolutely nothing wrong with this. great effort to everyone in IRON and DBDC. o/IRON especially duelking and montosh :blush:
  10. LOL nice!!!! ugh i wonder how long someone has been waiting to use that line...either way good luck to LoSS in their future endeavours.
  11. hmmm.. this may be the most awesome/worst treaty i've seen in a long time! i am sure we can all agree/disagree! congrats to everyone and great to see Dark Templar is still in the thick of things!! good show guys!
  12. every new alliance needs a protector and any alliance who extends the hand to offer that protection deserves a pat on the back for the effort. whether ICON or the treaty lasts will be up to the test of time. congrats to ICON for finding shelter and to TK for once again offering to help the future players of our game..god knows we need them badly.
  13. hmmm. interesting to see how this one will play out in the future. however, i do trust the Overlord in his wise old age :smug:
  14. i did not know tito but this is the saddest post i've ever read on this forum in five years. from what i can see he was a very liked guy with a promising future. my sympathies to his teammates :(
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