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  1. If you told me you were coming back, I wouldn't have spent the rest of my money. Oh well, good day to you.
  2. Sir the William, isn't peace mode where you belong?
  3. In defense of an innocent alliance member being attacked for no reason I recognize war with sirwilliam in my last few days on this wretched planet.
  4. Lol umbrella only cares about that tech, not about BMTH
  5. The Senate is overrated. Oculus vs kashmir and their little bloc. Wonder who will win.
  6. Eh, it was never about the philosophy for me. I liked you guys and we have common enemies.
  7. Congrats, you have animalz and sigrun, sigrun is the only member in the lpcn that isn't a !@#$ nation
  8. Gross This treaty is built on lies, I can no longer support the lpcn and endorse a write in for ric flair
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