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  1. All these words just to say "might makes right." Seriously, you guys won. Why even bother trying to justify anything? Or bother trying to vilify your opponents? There's no good or evil left on Bob; just shells fighting shells.
  2. It's a bit of a waste of time calling out NG and trying to impugn their honor; they never had any. A pathetic war all around, tbh, but a bit of a throwback - color politics in 2017 lul Also Stewie is the only person in this thread with any dignity or integrity - beware the Bear
  3. Good on you for reminding WAEgion of their inadequacies. I salute you! Also shoutout to Spartacus, hope you find what you're looking for my man.
  4. What's the difference? WAKKA WAKKA also sup Ava
  5. Gibs and Whimsy, good luck I love you both. Good on you on achieving escape velocity. Strange choice to fetishize Xiph tho - sounds like a fanfic I read once. o/ no regrets
  6. We alienated "everyone" because we wouldn't sit there and take our beating like the good little boys and girls the world wanted us to be. Yes we had egos, and hubris. Without those what's the point in playing? Once we were cut from the trunk, there was nothing we could have done to turn around and rejoin that group; quite frankly, none of us wanted to. Oculus' obsession with MI6 ensured no path back to immediate power, so we did what we wanted. Maybe aspirations for power is a foreign concept for you, but in the end we never achieved what we wanted. Doesn't mean it wasn't a great !@#$@#$ time.
  7. Wasn't talking to you, champ. Go run along and play now.
  8. People can say what they want about MI6, it's failures and it's very public demise. The fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, for the last three years no alliance has lived as much, laughed as much, lost as much, sacrificed as much, burned as much, or believed as much as MI6 did. Y'all judging from the outside, that's fine. Y'all who left because of issues with Chim, that's fine. !@#$ happens. MI6 was not the greatest, or the best. But we left a mark, we lived, and we have the scars to prove it. I'm proud of my 3 years in MI6, proud of the people I called alliance mates, and especially proud that when push came to shove, MI6 never kneeled, no matter the cost. It was a privilege, ladies and gentleman.
  9. When are you guys gonna give Spartacus a chance at the title? He's been training for so long!
  10. Sorry whimsy, maybe next time my alliance implodes around me. I would say say this as well but I haven't had a uranium trade for two weeks, so I can't rebuy my glow sticks Hey there IC
  11. This isn't necessarily true - TLR plunged into the breach for NPO against Fark and FAN back in the day and had over 200 members at our prime. We used to be able to rouse a great war effort regardless of activity, but TLR is past its prime, like you said. I hope this stirs some activity in you guys. Good luck!
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