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  1. Why are our constructive posts being deleted?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mvbomber


      Because they make sense.

    3. Lady Dakota

      Lady Dakota

      Because constructive criticism is still criticism and some people(especially mods) just can't take criticism. #realtalk

    4. shahenshah
  2. Was this done so that you can do even less of your jobs than you do now?
  3. Facade

    The dragon is dead!

    That's awesome Dajobo!
  4. Oh I've got another. MI6: Lost a war, lost all of its allies, still apparently the largest threat to the biggest power sphere.
  5. These wonders are awful and only cater to the top tier, not to mention the IMS is just a stupid wonder in general. What about smaller nations who are just getting into wonder purchases? What about the nations that are choosing/forced to stay in the mid tier?
  6. Unless I'm mistake which is quite possible since I've never been involved in trying to poach you, by "your alliance" do you mean "Chimaera"? Because despite Chimaera being an important part of MI6, he is not MI6.
  7. God damn it, MI6 is in the top 40 now so you were able to skip over us. I wanted to see you criticize us for the same reasons you complimented other alliances. Also new and different apparently.
  8. Not totally but largely. The lack of a OOC/IC divide has helped kill the ability to properly discuss FA with allies and even your own alliance in cases. Many people are now are more loyal to their friends than to their own alliance and that seems to be the accepted norm.
  9. From my personal collection? That limits it a bit. The Principia, A Briefer History of Time, On the Origin of Species, one of my world history books, and Crime and Punishment. EDIT: Give me a heads up beforehand so that I can collect an appropriate world history book and anatomical and physiology book.
  10. What exactly would an alliance do that would...So. I repeat my question, what can an alliance do to "make things interesting." The IC-OOC line that's so blurred needs to be a lot sharper. It's fine that people have made OOC friends in the game, but the blur needs to be removed. It's certainly possible to dislike people IC and like them OOC, or vice versa. In my opinion (I may be totally wrong) wars really aren't all that interesting after the third cycle or so. Yes, alliances that continuously smack down smaller less-connected alliances (or scaled up, the larger coalition that keeps sm
  11. If people actually played CN like a political simulator it would more fun. Unfortunately we do have huge groups of people who would rather tell each other to $%&@ off than actually do anything interesting...
  12. I was quite pleased when I turned on my Pandora station this morning and "Smoke Two Joints" was the first song to come on. Well played Pandora. Well played.
  13. Your allies are not in this war all-out. Being "all-out" is a lot more than being militarily mobilized. From the amount of political maneuvering that has had to be made just appease certain alliances in the Avengers who say "oh we're going to cry and complain if this alliance hits our ally, but these alliances can hit our ally just fine and we won't honor our treaty", it's not going "all-out." Oh, and there are steam-punk themed alliances.
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