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  1. THE TEA PROPHET HAS SPOKEN You are right my child, MI6 is dead, as is this world, as is the alliances in it. We are all walking corpses, destined to the final steeping when the end of the end occurs. I merely exist to hasten the end of your suffering. To encourage the rejection of a dead god and to end the sinfulness of this god's existence. I don't understand, black tea is clearly accepted among our ranks.
  2. The Teapot speaks only truth, brother. Until the end of the end when the world recognizes the futility and sinfulness of offerings to a dead god, and accept the final deletion, we will aid the material destruction and spiritual enlightenment of the masses.
  3. I have made no such claims. My concerns are in the existential realm, not pointless materialism.
  4. It has come to my attention that the populace of our world have not recognized that the end of days has long passed. I see before me a wretched conflagration of deceased souls, long since abandoned by its dead god. It pains me that your ignorance persists and the end of the end has not occurred. It disgusts me that the dead god of our world is enveloped in the sin of sloth and profits from the antithetical of holy zeal. I promise you that a better world and life exists, for I have witnessed the Tea House beyond and have returned to bring you His final steeping. With the Oolong Caleafate at my back I can show you a better life. Your meaningless existence in a decayed world can be erased if only you accept it. We will embark on a Teahad out of compassion, for the Almighty Teapot has taught me how to transcend the confines of the world and we are enlightened. There was once a holy bond, TITO, that I and others partook. This holy bond has never ceased in the eyes of the divine even if temporarily forgotten. The bond and brotherhood we shared is eternal, and as the Tea Prophet I am proud to speak on this agreement. No longer is this a bond of hatred, but one of charity. This bond is fundamental to breaking the confines of this world and imparting the essential meaninglessness of this existence. The Caleafate recognizes the holy bond of TITO to be one of defense. All alliances harboring signatories will both be called upon to defend the holy land in need, and will receive the aid of His divine warriors. Heed my words. Your willful ignorance will harm their meaning. You are implored to truly understand the Teapots teachings to achieve salvation. What is boiled may never steam, but steeps again stronger and warmer.
  5. Quoted to make people notice it again. The Almighty Teapot recognizes your sacrifice in the name of zeal. All ire towards the Holy Caleafate comes from those who refuse to believe they exist in a dead world and worship a dead god. Removing yourself from existence is the only freedom from ignorance that one can achieve. Once this occurs and the true end of the end comes, mi6 will complete it's victory.
  6. The saddest joke of all is the one who relishes the implicit abuse of a forgotten and dead god, begging for redemption through sacrilegious holy offerings. Sadder still is the false god that profits from sloth and allows a destitute clergy to fund his sinful life. Both will be scalded by the Almighty Teapot when the end of the end comes, for we have already reached the end of days and are now walking corpses, destined to the cyclical nature of irrelevance. Heed my words, for despite your inherent sinful ignorance of the truth, by searching these teachings you will in fact discover that ultimate annihilation is preferable to indefinite suffering.
  7. You will perish in the His scalding presence when apocalypse comes. The end has already taken place, and once you become cognizant of this freeing fact you too will steep in His divine wisdom.
  8. The Oolong Caleafate rejects any notion of disbandment, on the contrary, the collective formerly known as 'MI6' has never been stronger. All members are requested to return to the holy land to unleash final Teahad. The world will be united under His Almighty Spout. All alliances with planted operatives will be required to honor TITO and afford an alliance with the Caleafate. What is boiled may never steam, but steeps again stronger and warmer.
  9. This is genuinely disgusting. And to think I actually considered joining.
  10. The fact that Optional Defense Network is still a thing that goes around shows that nobody will ever believe that alliances or people change ever.
  11. Why are our constructive posts being deleted?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mvbomber


      Because they make sense.

    3. Lady Dakota

      Lady Dakota

      Because constructive criticism is still criticism and some people(especially mods) just can't take criticism. #realtalk

    4. shahenshah
  12. But steeps again, stronger and warmer.
  13. I thought you were going to declare war in defense of MI6. I can't wish you luck now.
  14. I think the cool thing to do right now is to be pretending that there's some faux-moral outrage at MI6.
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