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  1. Minus the Online game part, dont you see the irony here? Im just curious.
  2. Being called 'Juvenile' by the adoring fan. Im sure that'll hurt at some point. . The pineapple hair is a dead giveaway.
  3. I banned you What Hegemony am I a part of again? Oo I also gave Term his mask... To piss you off Something something Hegemony.
  4. Yours just merged and no one could give less of a damn. much like Minc. And that was 19 hours ago.
  5. You wish. Id need something to cling onto to begin with... White Knighting for Junka (Badly) isn't exactly the thing you want to be remembered for. Yet thats all I can remember you for. You were kind of a failure.
  6. We did that once before, you were too busy with Junka's balls to notice though. You weren't even that good. Come on now, Twitchcock.. Try again.
  7. Please don't, Irradiated Twitchcock I said I was bored. Entertain me.
  8. Injecting more Raw sewage directly into cobra veins. Absolutely pointless announcement... No one has ever given a !@#$ about Minc.
  9. I knew someone like you would like a !@#$e band like Sabaton -.- at least link to something good... Saving the thread with non-crap metal Fitting too, The end of all lies... tearing dictators apart...
  10. The only advice Junktard should give Galerion.... Also never put pineapples up your ass.
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