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  1. rabonnobar

    The Second Alta Accords

    Congrats to you both. o/
  2. rabonnobar

    A formal DoW

    I read it how I wanted to! My President taught me that's how to do things. Is XX still existing? I thought/assumed it had disbanded.
  3. rabonnobar

    A formal DoW

    I'll always love you Franz, but y'all have clearly rogued out. Our actual blocmates in Polaris are at war with y'all, as are our close allies in GATO.
  4. rabonnobar

    A new power rises

    Sup Dilber?
  5. rabonnobar

    Roq It 'Til The Wheels Come Off

    Same tbh.
  6. rabonnobar

    A Farewell to Arms

    Oh man. Respect on going out like this. Ups, downs, etc., but I still always loved you guys. I wish you the best in this world and in the great beyond. ncc, I miss you brother.
  7. rabonnobar

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    Loving all the old guard guys checking in. Congrats on 10 years, CnG.
  8. rabonnobar


  9. rabonnobar


    Provocative af. And, well, previously FAN.
  10. rabonnobar


    Yeah I was just lazy. I didn't know this was the second aid package though. When was the other, lowsten?
  11. rabonnobar


    http://www.cybernations.net/search_wars.asp?search=324487&Extended=1 http://www.cybernations.net/search_aid.asp?search=324487&Extended=1 A DBDC nation has sent foreign aid, of not just cash but 4,000 soldiers, to a nation that is actively at war with NPO (and has been for some time). I'm just a bystander nowadays, but I thought it an interesting enough situation to warrant a thread.
  12. rabonnobar

    An open letter to Avalanche

    Avalanche is under attack by yet another foe now. Damn. Can't catch a break.