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  1. I (barely) broke into the top 50, woot.
  2. Of the 13 nations in the game with over 100,000 tech, 11 are in NPO. One is in Disciples of Duckroll, which holds a treaty with NPO apparently: "About Disciples of Duckroll: We hold a single treaty with the New Pacific Order. For all alliance matters, contact StevieG. Or hit us up on discord. https://discord.gg/rPmJa8G" One is in DBDC. Of those approaching 100,000 tech in the 90,000s, five of five are in NPO. Of nations with more than 70,000 but less than 90,000 tech: 11 are in IRON, 7 are in NPO, 1 is in ODN, 1 is in GPA, and 1 is in DBDC. The coalition in
  3. We're definitely both ~living our best life~ / giving our all in that one, lmao. If only I didn't have to ration my nukes / deployed troops for GAs, it'd be a funner time. Maybe next time, duder.
  4. I don't pretend to have warchest data for other NGers or for MONGOLS and co, so I guess we'll have to see how it shakes out. I'm skeptical we'll be much less effective than those guys, overall, but we'll see.
  5. There have been several instances in this thread of folks in NPO and other power structure alliances essentially arguing against the very idea of war at all. I ask this of those folks, and other folks in those alliances: (1) Should wars be avoided when possible? Impossible meaning rogues, etc. (2) Do you desire another war on this world between alliances? (3) Do you think that another war on this world between alliances would be good or bad for this world? Let's define NG as not-an-alliance, as I want you guys' perspective, and that seems to be the positi
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