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  1. As a good Christian boy I am proud to see this. 🥰
  2. I'm honored to have been the first struck.
  3. I (barely) broke into the top 50, woot.
  4. Of the 13 nations in the game with over 100,000 tech, 11 are in NPO. One is in Disciples of Duckroll, which holds a treaty with NPO apparently: "About Disciples of Duckroll: We hold a single treaty with the New Pacific Order. For all alliance matters, contact StevieG. Or hit us up on discord. https://discord.gg/rPmJa8G" One is in DBDC. Of those approaching 100,000 tech in the 90,000s, five of five are in NPO. Of nations with more than 70,000 but less than 90,000 tech: 11 are in IRON, 7 are in NPO, 1 is in ODN, 1 is in GPA, and 1 is in DBDC. The coalition in
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