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  1. This guy is going around bragging about it with his tables and data, which I am sure was time well-spent. Which is fine by me, because at this point, these guys are basically talking to themselves, because nobody from the NPO except for myself has responded to any of this crap. I'm the odd man out for being the fool to waste such time responding to this crap.
  2. I don't think anyone was talking about whether or not Oculus is an aggressive bloc. You were claiming that we attack people for no reason, which we have not. We haven't done so here, and we haven't done so before. If you want to talk about whether or not we are an aggressive bloc, in pertinence to the current topic, I would say that we are not the aggressors here because we responded to an act of war. Anything else I have to say about this is not relevant.
  3. As much as I want to continue to debate this point with you, Chim is right in that this is irrelevant. Drag it up somewhere else.
  4. Funny, I thought I said " I don't care if you think we are the bad guys", and "I've been the bad guy to somebody", implying the very lesson about perception that you so desperately wanted to be heard. I think it's hilarious that you claim that I was sidestepping, when you spent all of this time to sidestep into this entire other conversation no one wants to have with you. And why does no one else want to have this conversation with you? Perhaps because you lack brevity. Maybe you are condescending. Or maybe because you are very obviously pretending to be well spoken, when you are not. I don't know. It's perception, as you say.
  5. Even if you wanted to debate your perception of the events that followed, you legitimately cannot deny that MI6 was being antagonistic. Even if you think that is a weak reason to go to war, that is still a reason nevertheless. But that is still a perception of events that is emphatically wrong. The fact of the matter is that Oculus didn't hit MI6 for "no reason". Oculus had reasons, and acted upon them. If you choose to ignore those reasons for the sake of your public perception; fine ignore them. But that's called being delusional.
  6. Because I don't care if you think we are the bad guys. In every single alliance I've been in (I suppose just NSO and NPO), I've been the bad guy to somebody. So I'm done convincing people otherwise. Maybe somebody else cares. Debate with them. You seem more concerned about our PR than I am. Maybe you can be our PR guy.
  7. Do you get to decide what somebody else does for what reason? Or does the person who is actually doing the thing gets to decide why they are doing the thing? Truly a confounding philosophical dilemma.
  8. Nobody is trying to convince you to change your views or make you believe that we are a benevolent hegemon. That wasn't the argument or the debate. If you want to talk about that, talk about it with someone else more interested. I am simply defending the assertion that we don't send grunts to do our work. In fact, in every single one of our wars (both of them), Oculus and only Oculus has participated. That is all. Everything else you're talking about is not relevant to our discussion.
  9. True, but I did read your words. But you basically said the same thing over and over again, and the core principle of your argument is so outlandish, it really doesn't need to be addressed. But I'll bite because you seem so desperate to be heard. Seriously? You're implying that the mere theme and the constituent members of Oculus supplements Vol Navy's arguments? His argument was basically that our actions demonstrate our tyrannical nature. Neither you nor the other guy have given any evidence that reinforces this point of view. Instead you waste all of your time going out of your way to make sure no one is going to take you seriously.
  10. They say brevity is the soul of wit. But I suppose there's a certain irony in that because the person who said that was neither brief nor witty.
  11. Oculus has fought two wars, with one of them just beginning. So in what manner in either of those wars has it been demonstrated clearly that you're either a member or up for the meat grinder?
  12. I cannot imagine that you are legitimately this obtuse, because you've been around for a while, and understand how war here works. If you really don't understand why events are happening the way they are happening, maybe you need to think about this mechanically. Or perhaps think about it from the point of view of someone who is leading a war effort of our nature.
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