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  1. Valhalla hereby requests our pip be added to the forum. -Tron(Thank You)ix
  2. While I can't say I've paid all that much attention to your rantings in the past, I can say that over the last few years I've seen/heard endless facepalms at how ignorant your posts are. Now that I have actually read the last few of them I wonder if you truly are as ignorant as your statements or if you say the exact opposite of reality in attempt to keep conversation. Your assessment of affairs is always completely warped and your facts awkwardly false. If you'd like to know the truths from people who were actually there, come have a chat some time. Or you can just keep spewing your 2nd hand asinine rhetoric in hopes that someone out there is even dumber than you and will actually buy into it.
  3. I hit my buzzer a little too late. It's amazing how much positive can come from war on Planet Bob. Whenever Valhallan's meet a foe on the battlefield that acts respectful and puts up a good fight, we always seem to become friends afterward. This is no exception. Goldie hit the nail on the head. We would have all laughed if someone would said this was going to happen 2,3,4,5 years ago. Viridian Entente is best Entente. o/ -Tron(DailyDouble)ix
  4. TORN has always been a great alliance and an awesome ally. I will miss the awesome TORN announcements and all the fun we've had rolling together like ducks. o/ TORN o/ TORN o/ TORN At least they wont be far. -Tron(do not want)ix
  5. Logic prevails! Thanks Admin
  6. Wow really? people are that whiney about their "seniority date"? I'm thinking valid CB on these 250 crap alliances... "Standing In the way of progress" Their ineptitude is holding everyone else back. Best CB I've heard in years. Who's in?
  7. Shhh. If you are real quiet you can hear the bawwing already.
  8. I don't have anything bad to say about either of these groups. So congrats to you both. I'm glad to see something else good come out of EQ. -Tron(oDNAP?)ix
  9. Luckily there are no child labor laws on Planet Bob. Umbrella and Valhalla.. that's a mean grouping. I feel sorry for those who are foolish enough to mess with that. o/ -Tron(sweatshop)ix
  10. Everybody knows you can't have steel without IRON. Furthermore, Everybody knows you can't have Vikings without steel. -Tron(IhaikuU)ix
  11. Brehon: Thank you for your service in the NPO. I've enjoyed your reign very much. It's sad to see this happen, but I completely understand. You leave the NPO in better standing than when you took over and you've done so much to keep things moving on this planet. You will be dearly missed. Enjoy your retirement! o/ Emperor Emeritus Brehon o/ Emperor Farrin -Tron(shuffleboard?)ix
  12. If you are talking about <----- The flag over there. I made it. So I think I'll keep it. Thanks.
  13. ChairmanHal is in the lineup. He was hiding behind the "pending" tag. ChairmanHal is the Aesir of Valhalla.
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