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  1. LukeDiamondking

    In response to animalz

    It must've had something useful for it, because we was admitted into the League of Micros. How has it been useful during it's downfall?
  2. LukeDiamondking

    In response to animalz

    I didn't claim that aNiMaLz defeated you FOR me. I just stated facts that my defeat was from a nuke that was NOT yours. Hilariously it's ironic that I was also forced to sign a treaty when nothing from it was enforced on one end.
  3. LukeDiamondking

    In response to animalz

    I believe that it may be a combination between others and I, being honest.
  4. LukeDiamondking

    In response to animalz

    Sum it up, they didn't hold their protectorate on us so we are publicly overthrowing it.
  5. LukeDiamondking

    In response to animalz

    I'd like to start off by mentioning that all ties between The Grand Confederation and aNiMaLz will be ended by the posting of this notice! All tech deals will be paid back on time and as normal, however any futher more tech deals with animalz will not be accepted! The reasoning for this cutting of ties is due to the failed terms of a protectorate! Absolutely little to no action was taken place when The Grand Confederation was under siege of Los Pallos Hermanos in the hopes of disbanding! The government of animalz played politics while we were attacked. No efforts were made in any way, shape or form, in order to try to end the attacks. The Grand Confederation's deaths, destruction and defeat was based off of the political game and debates on even attempting to negotiate to end the wars! The war was uncalled-for, however the failure of animalz's response to come to our aid was even more uncalled-for! A simple “we can't do anything”, or in what the reality was, “we aren't going to do anything” was completely stupid of them to fail to do anything for their end of the stick! We aided them in their tech deals, and we did all we could to follow their terms. We voted for them in the senate election. All to find out that they would not come to our aid and allow the destruction of our former glorious Confederation to be wiped out! To any other alliances if you are offered a protectorate, I would advise you to go into it with extreme caution, if you don't deny the offer at the start! aNiMaLz's leader, Kaznawim, had no back bone when it came to our defense and recommended the position of our enemy. Monsters Inc, who has minimal ties to the alliance, has done more in this war for The Grand Confederation! Animalz has became dirty schemers when it comes to wars and choosing who to enforce their protectorates upon! I am hereby declaring the end of all relations between The Grand Confederation and aNiMaLz, and going back to a neutral stance between the alliances! However, animalz is clear to still remain and communicate within the League of Micros! -LukeDiamondking and former staff of the Grand Confederation
  6. "Blessed is the nation who's God is the LORD" Psalms 33:12
  7. The Grand Confederation is now recruiting all who wishes to be in an alliance that requires little to nothing to be allowed in! Together, we will defend each other in the time of unprovoked attack! We also will aid each other in time of a worthy offensive! We collaborate with each other in order to from a Grand Confederated Empire! God bless the Grand Confederation! Deus spes nostra!
  8. LukeDiamondking

    all MICRO Alliances welcome

  9. LukeDiamondking

    Two declarations in One!

    Who are you referring to?
  10. LukeDiamondking

    Two declarations in One!

    Again thank you for a peaceful solution. Thank you for playing our national anthem!
  11. LukeDiamondking

    Two declarations in One!

    Real mature -_-s
  12. LukeDiamondking

    Two declarations in One!

    Aye, for the record, if you are trying to offend us with the Confederate statue, I hope you know you are not insulting the alliance, as we are not based off of the CSA!
  13. LukeDiamondking

    Two declarations in One!

    God bless the Grand Confederation! Land of the brave and proud land of the free!
  14. LukeDiamondking

    Alliance Discord Thread

    The Grand Confederation: https://discordapp.com/channels/385892589770899459/385892590639251456