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  1. While the aid is 3 million, that act of friendship is beyond value. I hope you're never in the position where you need our help, but should you need it and we are in a position to give it, just ask. Except if it involves Central Park at 2am. That might be pushing it a bit. :D Best of luck to all at The Phoenix Federation. o/
  2. Hey Thom, its great to see that you're still out there among the population. Prospering I hope.Thanks for that offer of support, its very much appriciated. \o/
  3. BAPS are not short of friends. I'm certain that should a request be made, Amp would recieve a flood of aid. When I explained to Amp the situation reguarding Anarchy Inc., he asked only for a target. Not a single moan. No whining or complaining. No wishing that he had more time or money. He will go all the way to ZI in the same fashion, sacrificing his nation for another Alliance and he will do so gladly. When this war is over and the dust settles, Amp will still be there, ready to start again. So printing a bunch of stats in an attempt to somehow humiliate him, or to make me feel foolish
  4. I'm sorry to see that this DoW is not being taken in the spirit in which it was meant. We've been with BAPS since its inception, nearly 6 years now, and in all that time we've always been to war on the back of a declaration. It never once occurred to us to just "jump in" without one. We are not part of any chain.We also have no treaties with anyone. This is not suprising given our size. We did not go to war for the hell of it however. We went to war because folks we've fought beside for years are under attack. An Alliance we feel connected to is under attack. We were not about to just stan
  5. No need to wake Amp. This is the kind of thing he can take care of in his sleep. I wouldnt unleash a fully awake Amp on anyone. I'm holding that in reserve.
  6. Amp could easily have slipped into peace mode but what kind of Alliance declares war and hides behind a wall of doves?
  7. Boards Alliance of Protectorate States Since its creation BAPS has always come to the aid of its allies and friends, no matter what the odds. It does so again today. BAPS hereby declares war on Mushroom Kingdom in support of its comrades at Anarchy Inc. Boards Alliance of Protectorate States Thrill.
  8. Awesome! Way to go Anarchy Inc. \o/ May your Business always be Booming.\o/ o/
  9. [quote name='BlakeStreet' date='25 February 2010 - 11:13 PM' timestamp='1267139830' post='2203802'] They were tough because they down-declared. Its easy to beat up on someone with a lower NS than you have, in fact its just cowardly, and thats all I will ever think of BAPS. PS The movie sucked. [/quote] The last two nations to attack me were poison clan nations. They started off with a higher NS than myself, but so what. Do I think they are cowards? No. They fought hard and without complaint. I could make the point that your side had more Alliances and more nations than we had, and tha
  10. Spazmodia http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=202452 Buying from ferraro, if accepted. 3mil sent.
  11. spazmodia http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=202452 Buying from United Osia. 3 mil sent.
  12. Awesome news. A big purple welcome to OFLC. o/ OFLC o/ Purple o/ Pegasus
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