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  1. Some people need to learn to make the best of what you got, this game is still fun and those who see it as not relevant should go just plug into their games consoles and be done with it.
  2. Yeah I have had a similar experience more than once and it was glorious....halcyon days man.
  3. sup dude

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    2. Cataduanes


      My immediate family in Luzon are fine, it is my distant family in Cebu and particularly Samar who have been most effected,...we have still been unable to contact anyone in Samar as of yet. One of my aunties in flying into Samar from Canada over the next couple of days to try find out more

    3. han fei zi

      han fei zi

      just an update, we were able to get enough donations to send two food vans the last time round. its just a drop in a bucket but at least some families got to eat.

    4. Cataduanes


      Every bit helps kabayan, sadly many of my relatives in Samar were killed and our ancestral village is gone :(. We sent money to those relatives who have survived on Cebu and Samar.

  4. As a Londoner this blog entry fills me with pride
  5. Haha well put Omni, Merry Christmas.
  6. Lacks the French option, the Marseillaise is the greatest anthem IMO.
  7. ''We are in a prison drama. This is like The Shawshank Redemption, only with more tunnelling through !@#$ and no !@#$@#$ redemption.''

  8. wow the level of modesty on display is astounding! , take it easy.
  9. Holy shi....its cold this morning!

  10. I would take Eumirbago's sound advice if I were you.
  11. Love the Michael Collins avvy mate ;), Tiocfaidh ár lá.

    1. Azreal


      Cheers mate, quite liked it myself :)

  12. ^ This, 12'000 people logging in and participating at varying levels makes CN eminently viable.
  13. hmmmm

    1. Winner12345


      Yes Campbell`s soup is good isn`t it?

    2. Cataduanes


      Ahh that depends on which flavour!

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