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    the legion
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  1. its not here yet but I think it's coming
  2. indeed (puckers lips like a pompous british person )
  3. due to their actions in the karma war we at the UIA have deduced that the NPO is not the most trustworthy organization. both of them
  4. welcome to the UIA. spread the word and good luck. watch for updates
  5. i believe a new war lays on the horizon and I wish to come prepared if I get swept up in it
  6. the UIA means that you will be a strong, independent nation and or alliance that don't need no backup (outside of the military type) mutually supportive and just starting up I believe we have a great future ahead of us. and yes you will get to stay in your alliance. the only responsibilities is military support of fellow nations. all other support is optional. from the republic of korzheka
  7. the uin has disbanded an first minister Derek is now planning to join the freehold. a new war may be on the horizon and i want to be prepared in case
  8. the UIN has disbanded and now I wish to join the freehold of the wolves i view another war potentially on the horizon and I wish to be prepared when the time comes
  9. i am sad to say that I have left the legion and have formed my own alliance. the United Independent Nations best of luck though
  10. the United Independent Nations has been founded as an alliance that accepts anyone into its ranks and makes no distinction between teams. we are a peaceful people and will not war unless warred upon
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