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  1. LJ Scott

    Defcon 1 DOE

    xfd that's what little kids with less than 2m NS damage dealt say.
  2. LJ Scott

    I alone declare on Biggun and Alrea

    Ironic if a blue senator takes affirmative action against this rogue and sanctions him in this world so he loses all his trades....
  3. LJ Scott

    How is this place still alive?

    Down to the last 0.5% of all nations ever created. Even when you factor in those nations created that just died after 20 days of doing nothing, or even multis, that's still a lot of folk to have come and passed through the doors these last 13 yrs.
  4. LJ Scott

    I shall take my leave now

    Unironically bragging about a war vs. MI6... Also (since 2011): Mogar: 175 wars and 468,868 damage dealt. Finister: 27 wars and 236,279 damage dealt. Mogar has a terrible damage per war ratio, but then again he's a fairly small nation. But he has had nearly twice the impact damage wise that you've contributed...
  5. LJ Scott

    Defcon 1 DOE

    Accepted (despite still owing you today round!) Here's to others seeing sense and joining you Alex.
  6. LJ Scott

    Defcon 1 DOE

    Alex our qualm is with the decrepit faux-Sparta. If you wish it, and choose to extend it, then Mostly Harmless Alliance will accept peace from any Defcon 1 nation we are currently engaged with. Furthermore, we won't launch any additional attacks henceforth on Defcon 1 nations. If you wish to continue to sit alongside the festering husk of Sparta then so be it.
  7. LJ Scott

    I shall take my leave now

    GLoF and DT have historically been cool at some point...
  8. LJ Scott

    Thirteen Years of Order

    average per nation? I presume he's asserting that NG might do well in that category. Would be hard for 25 nations to compete with 270 nations in total casualties, less so in per nation. Although it's fairly obvious that DBDC will be a mile ahead given that even if you just add Cuba and Steeldors DBDC will avg. >25,000,000 per nation.
  9. LJ Scott

    I shall take my leave now

    Mogar it's a pain in the ass to burn it all off. I had a 1/3 the tech of Cuba and I'm positive 1/10 the wc. I've been trying to burn off my nation for the last 6 months. Sure the slightly quicker route would be to rogue NPO, but ultimately that wouldn't have been as fun a route. Cuba knows how long it'd take to burn off his nation and I'm sure can't be arsed putting in the time for the next 6 months to a year plus. Also dormancy means he could come back if there is any last big war before the game dies off. @CubaQuerida please don't leave me. How will I win any ga's?
  10. LJ Scott

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    This is super cute!
  11. LJ Scott

    How is this place still alive?

    a big fat steaming lump of nothing
  12. LJ Scott

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Cubano Today at 3:42 AM Message: Your nation has been attacked with nuclear weapons that targeted your infrastructure by Botha. You lost 671698 soldiers, 0 defending tanks, 0 cruise missiles, 298.891 miles of land, 89.667 technology, 597.782 infrastructure, 75% of your aircraft, and 25% of your nuclear vulnerable navy force. In addition to these losses your nation will experience many days of economic devastation we're all playing on another level
  13. LJ Scott

    An Apology to NPO and Vow for Action

    Apology accepted.
  14. LJ Scott

    Frozen Orange juice

    It's not about going into a war only when you know you can win, it's about going into a war when you know it's right.