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  1. Surprisingly I'm as outraged as you that certain nations and/or alliances seem to find "people" who willingingly log in regularly year after year for the sole purpose of sending out free tech. Carnivore will show my tech was bought and paid for from alliances across Bob. I've had to put up with the crap of dealing with hundreds of different nations as people quit, slots are poached or people simply renege on deals. That to the back drop of tech prices surging to the now standard 9/100. Moderation obviously at one stage sought to address the issue - poorly from my perspective. The other problem was that despite glaring evidence only one side of the house was penalised. The other continues to rely on individuals who are really active in-game but have never ventured onto discord or had any activity on a forum in years if alone any
  2. Damn these pesky kids driving users away from this continually developed and well maintained game!
  3. I think you might be mixing stories. Alexandros rage quitting and forming a new alliance was when MHA (the remnants of umb version) hit them in Jan 2019: I should know I hit him. Unless Sparta had a 2nd active nation?
  4. Great time to restart your nation. Right before the boom and influx of players as browser based nation sim games make a comeback.
  5. Exactly. If you actually wanted to you would have, but you didn't therefore you didn't. It's cute that you're actually lacking in wars that much that you resort to bragging about wanting to be involved with a war rather than actually bragging about a war you've been involved in. The reason they're possibly questioning your war record is your compulsion to cite carnivore as some sort of tombstone to the destruction you've wrought on Bob. When in fact it largely just highlights that some chums gifted you land: Literally 1 in 4 of your wars recorded into carnivore are just the exchanges above where you ground attack your chum, they rebuy land and repeat - . Hell a fifth of the destruction recorded into your carnivore record is those 9 "wars" above. Without those you've wrought an impressive 436K of NS destruction (rounded up for you!) The vast majority of everything else is little scuffles with beleaguered nations. "b-b-but I fought notable forum poster and former leader of TOP Crymson!" - yeah and caused 15.4K NS of destruction. "b-b-b-but what about when I fought notable forum poster and general turd munch Halflinger?!?!" - and dealt a whopping 4.5K of NS destruction. I would guesstimate that you've probably caused more NS to be wiped off Bob by people reading some of your cringey posts and deleting their nations than you have through actual conflict.
  6. So you asked someone not involved in orchestrating it or carrying it out, and who regardless of that would have said no, if you could join? If you wanted to you would have, but you didn't therefore you didn't. What's the point trying to flex on someone else actions when you were so far removed from it?
  7. Who'd you ask to join in on Hime? Certainly wasn't umb. Also iirc Carnivore has all data dating back to like May 2011. All that's missing is anything prior to that.
  8. Bob's really a glutton for punishment. Comes back to spend the rest of his days sending out QT Tech...?
  9. To be fair update is also 4am/5am for like 5 of us so it probably pans out. Plus cheif and bunnet get up every morning at 4:50 am to attack anyways.
  10. It's multi level because it's eight quotes and you've realised it's equitable to one point. One point in eight sounds familiar...
  11. Words in your mouth? It'd be more difficult to infer you weren't talking about Polar. In response to my post suggesting we'd wait to see who supported WAPA you stated that no one would (because of Steeldor) and then suggested that (why no one would support) was because everyone was "pixel hugging pussies". So either you were directly calling them out singularly, or indirectly calling them out as part of the wider community. For what it's worth I think it was probably a freudian slip of the former if not intentional. Also enjoying the accusation of adding to the OWF's aurora as a cesspit with my comment highlighting that LYDIASLAND being a literal cringelord. Especially when reflecting on the WAPA comments in this thread referring to others as a "prepubescent child", "children", "disrespectful prick", "tool", "disrespectful dic´╗┐k", "Franz the Fud", "disrespectful dicks" and "pixel hugging pussies".
  12. I can see why Polar where so keen to sign with yourselves when you consider them to be "pixel hugging pussies". The community of 2009 might have been outraged and done something, but 10 yrs on no one cares (or rather no ones here to care). Besides the fingers on the switch and it's nearly time to turn off the lights on Bob.
  13. We've knocked. Wapa answered. We'll see if anyone else does. Literally the simplest way of checking imo.
  14. MHA Declaration of War Nations of CN, we shall make this brief. MHA is usually a peaceful alliance. We are usually the quiet achievers just going about our business. But today, the H in our name will not mean Harmless. We hereby cancel all existing NAPs including but not limited to those with NAAC and CDS. Our Mutual Defence level treaties will still be honoured and our towels remain braced to defend our allies wherever the need arises. So long and thanks for all the fish! Signed,MHA SenateMHA Membership
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