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  1. You'd be surprised at some of the care we show by way of letting little fishies grow from time to time. We're perhaps some of the last to care on Bob. Although what we care about might not align with what anyone else cares about...
  2. If you say the Doom fishing pond is the Top 300, which is 203K NS and up then: Oculus and RFI make up 68% of that tier, add us and alliances immediately tied to Oculus or RFI then that's 88% of the tier. If you take out those nations in perma-peace-mode then you're left with 26 nations inside the Top 300. Of those some will be in alliances we've raided, some we've raided and decided not to raid again, or some we're yet to raid - you can't overfish the pond!
  3. Thing is, post declaration range change we're very quiet on the raid front. And even prior to that DBDC has historically been more active in raiding than we had in recent times.
  4. Think I sussed it:
  5. 👏 bring 👏 back 👏 pzi
  6. Thank you based coalition. Us dumb birdies can sleep in our stoops without fear tonight.
  7. Makes me feel young and sprightly!
  8. To be fair it can be a bit of both. Some can't owing to the games mechanics, and some won't because of the effort. And then for some it's not even the effort but the avoidance of wider conflict. Stats > Friends
  9. Watford 2.0 - No longer protecting the unaligneds, but protecting those whose own alliances can't even protect them.
  10. Where there's a will there's a way! I do hope in the future that our collective doom lurches into view with time for folks to spend a few pennies rather than nations ceasing to exist on Bob with too many pennies unspent and opportunities unrealised. The folks in the peanut gallery would like to see jerdge, neutral for over 10yrs, become one of the most prolific raiders/war mongers in the dying twilight of Bobs last sunset.
  11. Friend, just this once I would be willing to help you out in achieving your goals if you wish to reshape your nations range to allow you to achieve them. Who knows, maybe I'll be in a better position to join such a fine project and tap up that $100m bonus!
  12. @Johnny Apocalypse@Kapleo @General Kanabis It'd be quicker / more efficient to send the tech direct than via NoR's poor war torn nations.
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