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  1. Let the Scholars Beware The mujahideen of the JGJ blitz across the battlefields of Northern Iraq, putting the fear of Allah into the hearts of the inhabitants of all faiths. But, even as the 'flag of the Prophet' is raised in village after village, a new front has opened up against the Ghurabaa's jihad. This cloud of war now forming against them is the war of ideology, and Sheik al-Iklas with his Shariah Council now martial their forces for a new confrontation, leaving civil governing to the newly-formed Provincial and Religious Councils to deal with. Rumors from Baghda
  2. The turret of a Security Forces Tank belches a fearsome roar as it blasts the shallow trench hastily carved in the dirt, sending sand and debris flying as the thunderous impact rumbles the ground beneath the jihadis feet. The tank crew observes their hit for a moment, and then continue their movement westward. The survivors of the small squad of Ghurabaa mujahideen arise from the dust, shaken, but undeterred. They spare no second to unpack a prized anti-tank guided missile, brought into their possession by Syrian smugglers. It is promptly deployed, aimed and fired. The missile appears to
  3. Phase 3 Order. A Ghurabaa military parade showcases the latest captured and repurposed armor and artillery in the aftermath of the capture of Mosul. The victorious mujahideen are given time to celebrate and rest briefly before preparations begin for the next operation now openly being planned for the coming days. At his debriefing, Commander Quraishi is exalted to High Command, joining JGJ leadership in their meticulous planning for the future of the organization where he is, at first, shocked at the depth and range of the discussion taki
  4. Phase 2 Conquest. An RPG flies into an armored SWAT personnel carrier, bringing it to a sudden stop under a plume of smoke. Dozens of men of the JGJ pour through the blasted ruins of the wall, quickly overrunning the small police presence that scrambled to the area. A dazed SWAT officer raising his weapon quickly flops to the ground amid a hail of AK-47 rounds peppering a nearby patrol car he used for cover. A JGJ fighter runs over and stands on his corpse, "By Allah's permission, we trample upon them!" ... Crouched amongst the rubble
  5. PHASE 1 Chaos. Forces of the Jama'at al-Ghurabaa wal-Jihad (JGJ) consisted almost entirely of infantry, zealous men of the villages surrounding the city of Mosul and a vanguard of foreign fighters responding to Iklas' call to jihad, who were reported to steadily be trickling in. Small squads of fighters were placed within the city in the weeks after the creation of the JGJ, targeting Mosul Security Forces (MSF) and monitoring centers of the Shia community where JGJ propaganda insists opposition militias constantly lie in wait. The Ghurabaa sleeper-cells remained on stan
  6. A gust of wind whips sand across the cracked walls of the small village Mosque as the murmurs of a small crowd of men fill the air. As dawn breaks over the Iraqi desert, the group gradually begins to find their seat on the floor beside one another, turning attentively to the podium. An old wooden door creaks open beside the pulpit as a slender, bearded man appears. The men go silent. "Peace be with you. O believers, without jihad, there is no religion." He pauses, glancing across the floor, finally peering directly at the small tripod standing in the center of the space. "What is i
  7. I claim the Iraqi city of Mosul for Ghurabaa.
  8. I’d like to lay claim to the Iraqi city of Mosul for Ghurabaa.
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