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  1. Kurdistan Capitulates! Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his household, his companions and those who followed them. Glad tidings! The leader of the Kurdish forces has surrendered in the name of his people, and all of Kurdistan in Iraq has been annexed by the Khilafa of all Muslims! Months of ruthless fighting and countless martyrs given joyously to jihad, has finally born fruit to our Caliphate. Indeed, none can resist what Allah azzawajal has decreed and the Khilafa continues to expand over the lands once dominated by servants of the Shaytan. We are willing to pay the cost of fire and blood to take jihad anywhere, to anyone, at any time in the pursuit of Allah's pleasure and seeking a victory that will grant us Jannah. While the surrender has not officially been accepted by the Khalifa Al-Quraishi, on issue that the surrender must be unconditional and PM Masour has raised some objections, the region is considered a part of our dominion. Regardless, forces of the Caliphate press forward on direct order from the Khalifa Al-Quraishi to engage any continued resistance and allow defeated forces passage out of Iraq. Rumors abound that the surrender may be laced with some deceptions, but our forces are ever vigilant and happy to die at a moment's notice. Can our enemies say the same? Allahu akbar!
  2. Muslim State Special Report Explosion in Baghdad Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his household, his companions and those who followed them. Special Intro Alhamdulillah! Reports of a massive explosion rocking the capital of taghut in Iraq, Baghdad, are flooding all intelligence channels. Young lions of the Asad al-Tawhid, among the first to give bay'ah to our Khalifah, have claimed responsibility for the strike in the heart of the beast! May the enemies of Allah know that they have no safe haven, they will be granted no respite, their most beloved and secured possessions will be ripped from them until Allah azzawajal declares His satisfaction with their defeat. O Muslims, remember your religion! Rise against these tawagheet rulers and do not oppose the army of Allah, as you see even your towers of iron and concrete crumble like castles of sand, so to will His enemies be brought low. And He sends us upon you like thieves in the night! The flames have only just begun and will overtake you Baghdad! Indeed, all that we bring to bear against you will be made evident soon, and this is but a foretaste of the Hellfire! This fight has only just begun. The Khilafa wishes to honor the glorious martyrdom of this brave lion of tawheed who struck fear into the heart of the apostates with a heavenly roar. Ali Mohammad-Jibril age 24, May Allah grant him in Jannatul Firdaus.
  3. The Stage is Set Returning to his Tal Afar clandestine command center, and in regular form, Caliphate Committee Delegates President Al-Babili rinses dried blood off his brow before enter the meeting room. A Babylonian aide rushes up to him, "Sir, our offensive against the Kurds.." Al-Babili interrupts, "Was a resounding success. I know, I was there." He continues toward General al-Iraqi, leaving the stunned and confused aide standing alone. General al-Iraqi salutes him, "Sir. All the blood and treasure we poured into this operation has paid off. Taking Kurkuk was a huge surprise which left the Kurdish forces of Sulaymaniyah isolated. The offensive into Sulaymaniyah has brought all their artifacts into our possession. Congratulations." Al-Babili replies, "Yes, but there remains quite a bit of a mess for us to clean up. We need to justify this unsanctioned offensive to Khalifa Al-Quraishi, we need to conclude this now pointless war with the Kurds.. and one last thing, I need the Khilafa fanboys in Baghdad on the line, Asad al-Tawhid. We need a cover up." ... Baghdad was on high alert following its attack on the Caliphate with the complete loss of a helicopter along with its crew, and now a major disruption in the City Center that needed to be investigated. Eye-witnesses and police forces were at the scene of destruction to determine what exactly caused such damage. While, most citizens had been ordered in-doors at the launch of the anti-Ghurabaa air raid, several essential personnel had been present and claimed something fell from the sky. The wildest claims described reptilian beasts moving within the smoke and rubble following the event. At that moment, a van approached. It had after-market police sirens attached to its top and crude government decals along its side. It was able to approach the police zone undisturbed before accelerating at high speed into the small crowd of witnesses and police. "ALLAH GRANT VICTORY TO THE KHILAFA. JUDGEMENT UPON BAGHDAD! ALLAHU AKBARRR!" A man screamed from the driverside window as the van plowed forward before a massive explosion rocked the entire city. Bodies were eviscerated and nearby buildings partially demolished in a blinding flash. All evidence of what had happened here only a short time prior would be relegated to fringe conspiracy blogs, as the news of a "terrorist attack" by proxies of the Muslim State, Asad al-Tawhid, stole the headlines in Baghdad. ... The Caliphate Committee of Delegates coordinated a high-profile transport to the city of Erbil with armed escort. The city was by now firmly under the Caliphate's control, but every measure was taken by the Committee to see that this plan went off without a hitch. The armored convoy arrived at the now abandoned Kurdish Regional Governorate building. A Committee member radioed in to a mysterious figure listening on the other end, "V.I.P. has arrived. Stage is set." They exit the vehicles as a well-dressed man is rushed into the doors of the building. Only after this point do the cameras begin rolling. Had the regular mujahideen, who fought on the ground, caught wind of what was taking place, they surely would have stormed Erbil again. Suddenly, the balcony doors open for the first time since Sheik Iklas announced the fall of the city. A familiar man approaches, but he is flanked by unfamiliar faces. He looks back for a moment, and one of the men nods to him assuredly. Prime Minister Masour appears. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Valiant people of the Kurdish nation, and lions of the Ghurabaa Caliphate. Over these passed several weeks, I have been a prisoner of war following the capture of our capital by the victorious mujahideen. I have seen and heard of the many battles that have taken place and I praise you all for your faithfulness, each to that which you believe. But, it is time we face facts. I tell you, my dear Kurdistan, that the Caliphate is bringing order, re-establishing civilization, and building a better world. We should find our place in that better world which we know these lands have groaned for, only too long. So today, I ask you all to stand with me again with the same resilience you showed the whole world in war- only this time, for peace. With this, I declare as the legitimately elected head of the Kurdish nation, our official surrender to the Caliphate and an immediate cessation of hostilities against them. I will be addressing you in the coming days regarding the new course of our nation. Thank you. God bless you. And long live the Caliphate and Kurdistan side by side!" As per their private agreement, the Kurdish petroleum black market that operates along the regional borders of Turkey and Syria, has been handed over to Ghurabaa control, increasing its range and scope to provide a steady and unofficial flow of cash into the Caliphate's coffers. Al-Babili, the mastermind behind this agreement, gambled that this along with the peace deal would suffice as an effective bribe to the Khalifa, Abu Musa Al-Quraishi, in response to the unsanctioned attack on Kurdish Sulaymaniyah with its losses of yet more veteran mujahideen.
  4. Dragon Over Baghdad Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his household, his companions and those who followed them. Hundreds of alleged eye-witnesses have shared multiple angles of what appeared to be a dragon stalking the skies over Baghdad. The city is still under the firm hold of the local taghut government, and the apparition heralded the first launch of Baghdad helicopter attacks upon Caliphate positions near Tigrit. Intelligence reports reveal that 1 Baghdad helicopter was lost in the incursion, though it is not clear if this was due to mujahideen anti-air defence or something else. The official stance of the Ghurbaa Caliphate is that this is yet another sign of the nearing Apocalypse which is to come, and the conquest of Baghdad more specifically. Meanwhile, the war against the Kurds rages on, with many instances of heroism by our lions sending hundreds of murtad soldiers to hell. We place our hope in Allah azzawajal that this operation will come to a swift conclusion so that we can continue the cleansing of Iraq and all dar al-Islam.
  5. Fog of War The war against the Kurds was considered by most to be a sideshow to the Ghurabaa main advance toward Baghdad, but as weeks and months pass, the Kurdish campaign continues with no end in sight and the goal of Baghdad drifts further away. It was becoming evident to Sheik Iklas that the hard fought triumphs against the Kurds were bogging down the jihad that began as a fiery blitz across Iraq. And despite the propaganda videos, losses upon the cream of their mujahideen were heavy. Even the ‘spear tip’ of their forces, LION-1, had been reduced to suicidal shock troops quickly being bled dry in the Kurdish theatre of war, though these efforts had been achieving their desired effect of decimating the Kurdish mid-level officer core which diminished the threat of Kurdish coordinated assaults against the Caliphate in the long term. ... In the Ghurabaa stronghold of Tal Afar, high command of the political and military structure hold yet another meeting, this time discussing the state of the Kurdish front. Yet to arrive, Sheik Iklas prostrates himself in prayer “Glory to my Lord, Most High.” When he completes Salah, an assistant hands him his briefcase of documents and he makes his way to the meeting. His Shariah Council was hampered with the direct set up of local Islamic courts & correcting broad jurisprudence along Shariah Law often in remote and recently captured regions hardly assimilated to a Muslim state. It was the Shura Council now advising the Khalifa directly and the new Caliphate Committee of Delegates was the planning, supervisory and execution-of-order body. These were staffed by hundreds of men claiming to have government and finance credentials dating back to a Babylonian regime. This was the real potency behind Ghurabaa’s rise- a superb organizational structure handed to them on a platter by these mysterious ‘Babylonians’. It was these whom Iklas was to meet with soon. He enters in the midst of a discussion led by the President of the Committee, Bilal al-Babili. “Hundreds of jihad-oriented insurgencies and so-called Islamic Empires have come and gone for generations. Indeed, all of them shared aspirations to establish the Khilafa, which we have achieved in mere months, but none have had the command structure, the financial network and Sunnah of pure Islam in faith and practice.” Sheik Iklas added, “They also didn’t have our mujahideen.” President Babili, “Welcome to the discussion brother al-Iklas. Assalamualaikum.” Sheik Iklas responds, “Wa alaikum Salam. I am glad to finally meet with you face to face. You have proven to be quite the elusive man, despite the reach of your office within the Caliphate. I now find myself in a web of red-tape which your office seems to be producing at a growing pace.” President Bilal retorts, “You’ll have you chance to speak at length. I was about to unveil my- our latest op. That is, Operation Manchuria, the Caliphate’s bold knock-out strike against the taghut Kurds, using their own loyalty to ethnic self-governance against them. We have turned Prime Minister Masour. He is going to return as their leader with all the trappings of nationalism, yet pledge loyalty to us. Er.. to the Khalifa, effectively pacifying the Kurdish resistance.” Sheik Iklas resisted, “How is this justifiable under the Prophetic Method? The Kurds must capitulate to Islam and become full subjects of the Khilafa or face the sword. Under your proposed plan they would effectively continue on as a semi-autonomous region!” Babili “Operation Manchuria is the only guarantee that our war effort will not dissolve into an insurgency on the back foot. There are no two ways about it. The Prime Minister is offering his full unconditional cooperation, do you want to be the one to oppose it?” Iklas, “It was in response to your own advisors that we pulled back from the Iraqi theatre to open a front with the Kurds and look at the losses we have sustained! How can we trust your latest proposal, and hear your counsel in light of this blunder?” Babili “Everything has been unveiled according to plan. Had you been here at the start of this meeting you would have heard this in my opening statement. Perhaps, things have moved too quickly for you Iklas, but there is a chain of command now and you’re a few links further down than you think. Next time I’d try not to be late.” Iklas, “You planned these losses..” He pauses as he makes a realization, “I departed for this meeting immediately after Salah. Come to think of it, I have not seen one of you excuse yourselves for prayer since I’ve met you.” Babili, “That is all we have for today.. Sheik.. this meeting is finished. We have jihad to attend to.” ... Sheik Iklas storms out of the meeting. But, Babili continues his discussion with the Committee Delegates, Jihad Command and representatives of the Shura Council late into the evening. Babili, “Have we tracked the artifacts yet?” General Isa al-Iraqi responds, “The Kurds have been transporting them just out of reach of our forces every time we advance. The Museum of Erbil was already ransacked by the time we launched our offensive. Looked like someone flew in and took a flame thrower to the upper level. Inexplicable damage. They took as much care of their collection as of their own Government.” Babili grinned almost menacingly, and for a moment his parted lips seemed to reveal fangs rather than teeth. “I have what I need from Erbil Museum. As for the elusiveness of the artifacts, perhaps it is for the best. The mujahideen have a tendency to destroy ‘idolatrous’ artifacts. So we are sparing no expense on good intel. If your troops are nearing suspected locations of the artifacts, hold them back. As always, consider this matter classified.” General Isa al-Iraqi salutes, “Yes, sir.” Babili, addresses the rest of the men in attendance, “The upstarts must be kept busy with the business of maintaining the Caliphate. We’ve given them the infrastructure, an impeccable business model, with financial backing. By naming Quraishi as Khalifa we have filled his vacancy with a commander we can command. And Iklas with his studious, deliberating Shariah Council can work out their utopia on the ground while we oversee it all from the clouds.”
  6. Treaty with the Christians Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his household, his companions and those who followed them. The Shariah Council under the direction of Khalifa al-Quraishi has summoned representatives of the various major Christian sects living under the Caliphate's rule to the Palace of Khilafa in Mosul. The Christians were invited to Islam with a recitation of the Quran and a declaration that the perfection of their religion has come in the revelation to Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. For those who declined this invitation, terms were given in accordance with Shariah Law for a peaceful continuity of the Christian communities within the Caliphate. Any new construction of Christian Churches or designation of religious sites has been forbidden, along with Christian proselytization and public preaching. The use of wine in Christian services was permitted under strict controls that restricts the distribution of alcohol off of the Church grounds, away from view of the public, and barred from Muslims. Various Protestant missionary efforts had been present in the region before the war, who long since left, are now permanently banned from any current or future dominions of the Caliphate. Acceptance of the required jizya tax in exchange for guaranteed protection from harm, or religious persecution. By penning their names to the dhimma Treaty, Christian leaders give allegiance to the Khilafa and promise to abide by its laws and the clear parameters of this agreement. Catholic Christian Church of the Khilafa: dhimma Orthodox Christian Church of the Khilafa: dhimma Protestant Christian churches of the Khilafa: dhimma (several fringe Christian sects have refused dhimmitude and have been peacefully banished) It is also noted that several Christians have begun their conversion to Islam and thus have become exempt from this dhimma treaty.
  7. "OPERATIONS IN DAR AL-HARB" Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his household, his companions and those who followed them. [New video release by Muslim State Digital Media, keeping the world informed that the Caliphate continues its jihad deep into Iraq.] [The voice of Sheik Iklas] "They who do not serve their Ummah, We will serve them justice. They who do not stand for truth We will lay them down. They who do not fear Allah, Will fear our mujahideen!" [The sound of a lion's roar followed by an explosion opens the scene of combat against Kurdish forces in Kirkuk. A glimpse of a wide-eyed enemy soldier fades to black as the cracking of an automatic rifle sounds. The voice of the American 'Mujahid Mack' narrates..] "The 'lion' is a man who comes to the field of battle with no cover but the shirt on his back. With the Paradise ahead, his family behind and Allah above, he knows no concept of retreat. And at the cost of an ounce of sweat and pocket change for a bullet, he sends his enemies to Hell. Who can bare to face an army of such men? Indeed, they could not halt our advance, and now a growling is heard at there very doorstep." [Flashing video images of rapid gunfire and RPG's exploding against fort walls. Each image appearing closer and closer to the defenses, and their eventual infiltration by Ghurabaa fighters, ending with the unsettling sound of a defender gargling presumably his own blood. Jihadi chanting accompanies the images] "See how the cowardly forces of the taghut army break against the rock of our jihad. Our lions lay in ambush outside of Kurdish-occupied Kirkuk. As a convoy arrives to scout for our beloved mujahideen, they are unprepared for what awaits them..." "Surrender or fall Kurkuk! Surrender or fall!" "Behold, the Ghurabaa mujahideen overrun another murtad garrison, this time in Kurkuk, with overwhelming firepower and will to fight. Real men with fear only in the Most High, throw themselves into the fray, laying waste to the hopeless city defenses. The histories repeat themselves, as they are written by the same hand of Allah azzaajal: Hundreds of men hoisting the black flag of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, route an army of thousands who flee like whimpering dogs from imminent death." "How many a small company has overcome a large company by permission of Allah." (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:249)
  8. Sunnis Expelled from Kurdistan Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his household, his companions and those who followed them. Thousands of Sunnis have come under the tyranny of the Kurds in Northern Iraq. Under the pretense of cleansing their lands of 'Muslim State sympathizers', countless Sunni Muslim men are imprisoned in temporary prison camps. Often run and guarded by openly Shia or non-believing Kurdish troops, many horror stories of torture and lack of food have already reached our ears. To add to the pain of our Muslim brothers, their women and children have been expelled en masse from the region with no clear destination nor security provided by these secular dogs. The Caliphate opens its arms to these innocents with the promise that we will liberate our brothers, their husbands and fathers from the taghut prisons. Wallahi. We tell you, the tears you cry will be surpassed by the blood we draw from your oppressors. Take note of the dust beneath your tired feet, for this is what will be left of their homes. They tear at your hearts with their wicked pride, how do you think we will repay them? Caliphate outlying territories are already experiencing a gradual swell of disgruntled yet grateful Sunni families who wish to contribute to the effort against the forces of taghut. Surely, this too serves the plan of Allah for the victory of His Khilafa. "And (recall) when the disbelievers were conspiring against you to hold you as a captive, or to kill you, or to expel you. They were planning, and Allah was planning, and Allah is the best planner." Surah Al-Anfal 8:30
  9. 1442 Hijri Dragons in the Lion's Den Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his household, his companions and those who followed them. The Khilafa welcomes representatives from the Dragonisians of Asia, the first of all the world governments to recognize the establishment of the Muslim State. The visit has effectively silenced the naysayers, mostly festering in Baghdad and some abroad who stubbornly question the legitimacy of the only genuinely Shariah-guided country in the world. Our existence cannot be denied just as our jihad cannot be defeated. Our Khalifa wisely invites all friendly governments to visit us, in order to extend our knowledge of the world outside and the status of Muslims worldwide. "The Army of Mohammad (saw) is Comming!" *Images from the fall of Erbil* The onslaught of our unconquerable lions and iron steed have overtaken the armies of the mushrikeen across battlefield Iraq. Beginning with the miraculous victory over Mosul, by the permission of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, their cowardly remnants were chased down and eradicated in swift vengeance for the spilled blood of the believers. A vengeance that swept across every city and village of the Tigris, halting just North of Tikrit for a strategic shift from the Iraqi theatre of war to engage the taghut government of the Kurds at our full might. Among countless towns that have given way to the unstoppable mujahideen, today we celebrate great victories in the ongoing jihad: Mosul (Iraqi theatre) Tal Afar (Iraqi theatre) Duhok (Kurdistan theatre) Erbil (Kurdistan theatre) And much more to be seen... Baghdad, we are coming for you. Youth Flock to the Caliphate Young Muslims from across the region and around the world heed the call of jihad and give bay'ah to our reborn Khilafa. Bringing with them their families and abandoning their former lives, both in material and spiritual evil, to seek the pleasure of Allah azzawajal in the cities and the battlefields of the Muslim State. While, Muslims of all ages are welcome and are represented amongst even the foreign fighters, by and large it is the youth that have come to swell our ranks and build the Khilafa side by side for future generations. Several Jihadi groups who have striven in the cause of Allah azzawajal for many years declare their allegiance to the Khilafa, and more are reaching out by the day. One in particular has risen in Baghdad, the heart of the web of Mushrik power in our region, giving bay'ah to Amir al-Mumineen Abu Musa al-Quraishi to take jihad into the belly of the beast. They are the soldiers of Aswad al-Tawhid bringing a foretaste of the coming war of the Iraqi theatre to the Baghdad machine. Allahu Akbar!
  10. The Black Flag Erbil is erupting with celebrations even amidst sporadic fighting as remaining Kurdish strong points are isolated and annihilated by Ghurabaa forces. 4 Ghurabaa tanks roll up to the Kurdish Governorate building over the corpses and debris littering the street, oddly reminiscent of former Commander al-Quraishi's daring ride into Mosul City Center. Iklas and the men of LION-1 Spearhead 3 jump down from the vehicles in the midst of several young men cheering and singing the 'Muslim State Anthem' "The Shaytan's order has been shattered See now, their multitudes are scattered!" Iklas tosses them his empty pistol, and the young men are awestruck. The team bursts through the bullet-riddled doors of the main entryway. A VBIED blast echoes from across the city as Ghurabaa forces devastate a Kurdish stronghold that was frustrating their advance. Iklas emerges, with the mujahideen, from the Governorate balcony with his black flag in hand. As it waves in the smoky air, Iklas declares, "The Khilafa is victorious! It will remain and expand until the Last Day, subhanallah! We demonstrate this before the eyes of the world so that it cannot be denied. To your governments, we invite you in peace. To our enemies, come to us mercilessly and with all you have at your disposal because our ally is ALLAH subhanahu wa ta'ala!" The Kurdish flag is thrown onto the street below where the gathering crowd take turns dancing upon it, and the Black flag free of any symbols or idols is placed atop the building. Erbil has fallen. Not far from the events at the Kurdish Governorate, at the Erbil Intl. Hospital, Ghurabaa wounded have steadily been streaming in for treatment. Abu Isa al-Iraqi, new Commander of the JGJ enters one of the rooms with two armed men, their faces menacingly hidden behind black balaclavas. "Asalamualaikum." He approaches the injured man laying on the hospital bed. "You may believe it or not, wallahi I am glad you have survived. We have big plans for you, Prime Minister." Masour's heart is racing on the adjacent monitor as he awakens to the horrifying reality of falling into mujahideen hands.
  11. INTRO Muslim State Digital Media presents al-Khilafa News and Glad Tidings from the Ghurabaa Caliphate The Khilafa in our Time! Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his household, his companions and those who followed them. The Messanger of Allah said: "The Prophethood will last among you till Allah wishes it to last, and then Allah will raise it up. Afterwards there will be a Khilafah according to the way of the Prophethood so long as Allah wishes it to last, and then Allah will raise it up. Afterwards there will be a self supporting rule and it will last so long as Allah wishes it to last, and then Allah will raise it up. Afterwards there will be an oppressive rule, and it will last as long as Allah wishes it to last, and then Allah will raise it up. And then there will be a Khilafah according to the way of the Prophethood.” [Ahmad in his Musnad, 4/273 (#18596) and al-Sunnah of ibn Abi ‘Asim (#1166 & 1169) The year 1442 Hijri has come with the revelation of Allah azzawajal's fullness of time coming to completion for the prophetic return of the Caliphate to all Muslims. A Khalifa (Caliph) has been selected through the wise deliberation of the Ahlul Halli Wal Aqdi, naming Amir al-Mumineen Abu Musa al-Quraishi, from the tribe of the Prophet salla allahu alayhi wasallam, to rightful rule over all the Ummah (Muslim people). The institutions of the Khilafa are derived from the institutions of the first Muslim State established by the Messenger of Allah salla allahu alayhi wasallam in Medina. From the Khalifa to his delegated assistants, Governors, the Ummah's Council, Media, Treasury, Foreign Affairs, Judiciary and Jihad. All this and more has already been established in Mosul and regions under our dominion. Man-made systems of power attempted to transfer sovereignty and authority to the people, in some instances small cabals, or even sole tyrants to legislate and permit or forbid whatever they liked. In Islam, the right of legislation is not for the people, a King, or Ministers etc. It is rather for Allah azzawajal alone, and nobody other than Allah has the right to allow or forbid anything and indeed He has provided us a guidance; our Prophet salla allahu alayhi wasallam, an example. And now, on this glorious dawning of our Muslim State we invite all Muslims to humbly submit to their religious obligations and give joyous bay'ah (allegiance) to the Khilafa today!
  12. Zainab takes a cloth and dabs it under her eyes after the performance. "We are honored to see you enjoyed our humble welcome. A man who is willing to give up everything he loved in this world for the love of the next, makes for the greatest warrior mankind can produce. These men, our lions, they are able to defeat much larger armies because they are simply unafraid to die." Zainab adjusts her hijab making sure no hair has been exposed. "Ahem. Yes, the Kurds have seen some limited displacement. But this is exclusive to the region of Erbil, their purported capitol, and its vicinity- this is not a war upon the Kurds themselves. I say this with unequivocal respect toward your nation; their people (Kurds) are afflicted by strong secularist sentiments. They have striven fruitlessly for nationhood for many years. But the Caliphate recognizes that many Kurds consider themselves Muslims, that are merely in need of.. perhaps, a reminder. We will fight them only as long as they continue to resist. Excuse me." She takes a sip of water as she considers how her words will fall with their guests. "You are right to note that our efforts are intended to bring order and end the fitnah (chaos) in the region. And that brings us to the nature of our Caliphate and our ambitions. What we are building is a community in accordance with what we call the Prophetic Practice, which outlines the purpose and function of a Muslim society based entirely on the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It is a nation of the Muslims, but it lacks the juristic personality and territorial character of the modern state, while it does hold dominion over the lands it conquers. It is the realm of the believers all over the world who give allegiance to it, not based upon the modern notion of sovereignty & we recognize no such thing as the separation of religion and politics. The Caliphate's existence and advancement is our sole political aim, and the protection of Muslims worldwide is our goal. And, how would you, sir, describe the state of the Muslims within your country?"
  13. “Wa alaikum salam, and welcome to the Ghurabaa Caliphate, the true and reborn Muslim State.” Zainab replied. The two men accompanying her where there to have relevant diplomatic documents accessible and make a record of the events of the meeting. The Caliphate, being a young nation, is still fleshing out the working arms of its government. Talented, educated Muslims such as Zainab are rare and critical assets to any future success on the geopolitical stage. Zainab leads the group toward two large SUVs repossessed from the former Mosuli government. “If you would please follow me,” she continued, “today’s itinerary includes a brief tour of central Mosul where you will glimpse such historic sites as the Grand Mosque, your trip will conclude at the former Governing Palace where a special welcoming celebration has been prepared just for you. Once you are settled in we will begin our discussions.” She stands beside their guests SUV and adds, “I shouldn’t say... at the conclusion of our meeting, you will be able to meet our Amir al-Mumineen himself.” ... Upon completing the tour the team would be welcomed to the repurposed diplomatic Palace. They would be seated, offered drinks and a light meal option, as they were informed a small performance was about to commence. Following the short and romanticized explanation of the battle of Mosul, two young mujahideen, dressed in combat attire and pulled freshly off the front lines appeared on the small stage. To the dismay of their fellow fighters, whom they motivated with their singing, they were brought home to perform an emotional nasheed lamenting their former, hedonistic lives before finding hope in a reborn Muslim State.
  14. The plane was flagged down and guided along the runway toward a carefully staged disembarkation area where Ghurabaa representatives waited patiently. Several flags representing Dranonisia and the Caliphate waved side by side behind them. Two lines of Ghurabaa mujahideen troops stood ceremonially with Black and Tan camouflaged fatigues and AK-47s. The majority of the fighters provided most of their own weapons and gear, but here in Mosul a vanguard was established with some uniformity and increased training. As the diplomatic team would disembark, the lead representative Zainab Kassim Alawad (female) would welcome them, refraining from shaking the hand of any male diplomats as per Islamic custom.
  15. "Muslim State Combat Edits" The Erbil prison facility main building was reached by the second spear group and promptly set up position and fired a combination of mortar, RPG and automatic fire at the main building. The assault was mainly a distraction for the rapid deployment of an engineer squad who set several explosives outside of the intake area. The men ran for cover as an immediate blast devastated the facility walls. All the while, footage was being captured from Ghurbaa body cams of the smoking rubble and charging mujahideen troops toward the prison. "We are freeing our brothers!" Screamed one fighter. A security guard emerged from the smoke firing a pistol. The Ghurabaa returned fire from multiple directions, splattering blood on a standing portion of the wall as he collapsed. Several more guards emerged, this time with arms raised in surrender. Upon their approach, the fighters butted the guards with their rifles and demanded they re-enter the facility and lead them to Sheik Iklas. ... The last spearhead was slowed by a strong Kurdish presence on the main road toward the Kurdish Regional Governorate building. Combat footage recorded heavy gunfire hitting the mujahideen positions. A Ghurabaa sniper aligns the scope on his rifle, assesses the wind, and slowly exhales. The camera turns rapidly as a shot cracks out of the rifle at Kurdish positions. A machine-gunner falls back into the arms of another Kurdish soldier as the shot impacts his chest with deadly precision. "Allahu akbaaar!" The Kurdish defenders take immediate cover, easing the heavy fire on mujahid positions. At that moment, an steel-armored van zooms passed the Ghurabaa. Kurdish forces respond to the revving engine and begin opening fire. It is too late. ... Inside the prison facility, the captured guards lead Ghurabaa directly to Iklas' cell. He is seen sitting, reading a Quran. "Open it!" One of the fighters yells at the guard holding the keys to the cell. The door opens, and Iklas looks up revealing a black eye. The group immediately turns to the guards and begin beating them all at once. The victims cover their heads as they hit the floor but are beaten unconscious. Iklas steps over the fallen guards and the 8 fighters embrace him, and hand him the flag that was confiscated at his arrest. As they lead him out, two of the men stayed behind to make a file copy of digital prison records so they could return later and free all Muslims to retry their cases in Shariah courts. As the team emerged from the prison, the rest of the fighters were now fending off a Kurdish response force who had scrambled to the facility. "Give me a gun" Iklas ordered. No quicker was he handed a pistol, than did the entire team take cover against the broken walls and returned fire at the battling Kurds. ... The van rams into the driver side of a Kurdish humvee blocking the road as troops scatter in all directions. A massive detonation rips open the heart of the city with clangs of metal debris falling on nearby streets and rooftops. The entire road block is reduced to flaming, twisted vehicles. The defenders lines torn open, several of the unlucky ones entirely disintegrated by the explosion. At this, the Ghurabaa charge in with relentless fury, with gun fire of all calibers seemingly firing without ceasing. It was only a matter of time before they were at the steps of the Kurdish Regional Governorate building. Suddenly, a small convoy of SUV's emerges from the Capitol grounds. Ghurabaa vehicles were still trying to maneuver the debris and twisted metal, but infantry rushed forward and opened fire on the SUV's bringing the convoy to an immediate stop. Several Kurdish officers took aim from opened doors and fired on the Ghurabaa. A mujahideen went down as he fired automatic rounds at everything in front of him. A fighter recording the battle approached him and confirmed he was dead, "Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar, look he is smiling. Mash'allah, it is paradise brother. Mash'allah." An RPG wizzes by and strikes the lead vehicle. Remaining Kurdish officers surround the center SUV and go down one by one under an overwhelming hail of bullets. One fighter reaches the vehicle, breathing so heavily into his cam it sounds as though he may hyperventilate. He pries open the twisted door and sitting there, with blood streaming down his face is Prime Minister Masour, "Don't shoot!" he yells in a broken voice. The fighter has super-heated his weapon. He throws it to the ground and draws his knife, plunging it into the PM's shoulder. "Ghhaaaaaaaaahhh!!!" ... Given word that Iklas is in Ghurabaa hands. The besieging army closes in on the city with machinegun-mounted trucks, tanks, and mujahideen footsoldiers. Some daring Ghurabaa supporters remained in the streets to cheer them on, but most fighters simply wave and move on to focus on the battle. Ghuarbaa tanks come upon the Kurdish detachment moving in on the prison and belch rounds into their positions, knocking out each of their vehicles and forcing a retreat. The survivors of LION-1 Spearhead 3 along with Iklas rush the enemies former defensive position. Injured and dazed Kurds who fell behind in the retreat opened fire. A mujahid was hit immediately and stumbled to the floor. Iklas returned fire, emptying his pistol into the targets abdomen causing him to fall lifeless among the burning debris. The Ghurabaa tanks closed in by now and sprayed automatic fire over the remaining defenders. The team rushed up to the tanks, "Take us to the Governorate." ... Back in Mosul, al-Quraishi, the now Amir al-Mumineen has arrived, having been recalled due to his esteemed promotion. He missed the honor of directly leading the capture of Erbil, as he had done in Mosul, but it was his plan that was enacted in the assault even in his absence. Given priority over his new responsibilities was a briefing on the shocking contact by a foreign nation. Reading the transcript, the Amir al-Mumineen, drafted a reply: "As salamu aleiykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. We welcome dialogue with your most esteemed nation. Preparations for the arrival of your diplomatic envoy are underway, and I personally guarantee their safe movement throughout our Capital Mosul. We ask only that any female representatives would have their hair covered and dress modestly, this being our only requirement. Your concerns will be addressed by our diplomatic team. We have many issues to discuss with you." wa’l-salaamu ‘alayka, Abu Musa al-Quraishi, Amir al-Mumineen of the Khilafa (Caliphate)
  16. ‘Muslim State Media’ the communications branch of the Ghurabaa Caliphate issued a public response: “Behold, the folly of the lovers of Shaytan. We provide a reminder to all from the Most High, the Almighty Allah and all Glory belongs to Him, that this form of prayer is established in the Quran for all believers. Let even the Injil (Gospel) and Taurat (Torah) open and speak to you testifying some truth. The book of Joshua chapter 5 verse 14, the book of Numbers chapter 20 verse 6, the book of Genesis chapter 17 verse 3, the book of Nehemiah chapter 8 verse 6, the book of Revelation chapter 7 verse 11, the book of First Chronicles chapter 21 verse 16, the book of Matthew chapter 26 verse 39.” The message concludes with a recitation from the Quran: And indeed He has revealed to you in the book that when you hear the verses disbelieved in and mocked, do not sit with them until they enter into another discourse. Indeed you would otherwise be like them. Indeed God will gather the hypocrites and disbelievers in the Hell, all of them."- Nisa 140 [Qur'an 4:140]
  17. Their Multitudes are Scattered Sheik al-Iklas' statement, captured by amateur footage from within Erbil, is played with a dramatized echo. Victorious mujahideen march alongside captured tanks as a skyline view of Mosul appears on screen from the latest Ghurabaa video production. The voice of 'Mujahid Mack' narrates the video with his iconic American accent. "Indeed, the greatest strategic victory of them all, has just been won off of the battlefield. By faithfully keeping to the letter of the law as laid down by the Prophet, we have gathered the ahlul-halli wal'aqd from all corners of the Islamic world. Relying on Allah with hearts filled with fear and awe, they have exalted none other than the Commander of our Forces to be Commander of All Muslims. This year, 1442 Hijri (2021) shall be marked by the historic return of our Khilafa, under Amir al-Mumineen Abu Musa Al-Quraishi!" Footage of Commander Al-Quraishi inspiring his former elite unite LION-1 is played as a newly produced un-official anthem of 'The Muslim State' premiers. My Ummah the storm clouds have broken By Allah, jannah's gates are opened A Muslim State to place our hope in A safe garden for the widow's and orphans *Montage of Muslim women with the community children playing in Mosul parks and attending Islamic schools* Our soldiers raise the Prophet's banner To the heights of Islam they climb the ladder The Shaytan's order has been shattered See now, their multitudes are scattered *VBIED explodes at a Kurdish guard post* ... Among the influx of foreign fighters were Muslim intellectuals, religious figures, corporate, military and retired government officials from around the Islamic world, many having been offered large cash incentives to come and live in the Ghurabaa's war torn territories- even if only for a brief stay- being vetted, briefed on ideology and housed in Mosul. This monumental effort was the product of a grand plan orchestrated by the Shariah Council in conjunction with JGJ military command to form a viable Shura Council of qualified men, the ahlul-halli wal'aqd, to select a legitimate Caliph to unite the Muslims. The announcement, video-packaged in masterful Ghurabaa form, has sparked civil strife within Erbil as Ghurabaa supporters and siege-weary residents take to the streets and challange Kurdish Security Forces without the mujahideen yet to fire a single shot. That was not to last. The Kurdish forces in Erbil were unable to mount a viable defense, scrambling to monitor and control the rioting portions of the city. The hardened mujahideen of LION-1 led 3 combined armor/infantry spearheads into the city, engaging haphazard opposition with various squads breaking off to hold temporary defensive positions while the core of the units made a b-line toward Kurdish communication center, the Regional Governorate Building, and the prison facility housing Al-Iklas. An all-out assault would not commence until Iklas was secured or confirmed martyred. The communications towers were the first to fall into Ghurabaa hands, being captured swiftly with nervous guards enthusiastically cooperating with the mujahideen, granting them access to Kurdish communications which they hoped to disrupt. It as then that a strange anomaly stopped everyone in their tracks. Confused and surprised by communication from a foreign power, and unwilling to allow the Kurds a chance to garner foreign air support, the unit commander ordered a brief response to be broadcast. "As salamu aleiykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh -Peace and mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. You are communicating with the Muslim Caliphate, under the rule of Amir al-Mumineen Abu Musa Al-Quraishi, by leave of Allah azzawajal. We invite you first to Islam. We invite you as well to our glorious capital, Mosul." This audio was played on a short loop in hopes of reaching the mysterious messangers even as Erbil is engulfed in conflict.
  18. Rise of the Muslim State "O you who have believed, what is the matter with you that, when you are told to go forth in the cause of Allah, you adhere heavily to this earth? Are you satisfied with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? But what is the enjoyment of worldly life compared to the Hereafter except a very little?" Sheik al-Iklas completes a recitation before the group of young men seated under the shade of a tree where his horse is tied. He is here in the flesh, just outside of the city of Erbil, where Ghurabaa forces have maintained a siege for nearly 2 weeks. Commander al-Quraishi exudes confidence over the Ghurabaa's ability to take the city by force, but he along with Iklas believe a greater victory can be won here and now if they play their cards right. Supporters of the Ghurabaa inside Erbil have provided regular updates, largely via social media, regarding the situation inside the Kurdish city. It is being reported that a growing number of young men and women within the city are openly expressing sympathies for the Ghurabaa's cause, and this support is being exasperated by the overwhelming presence of their mujahideen just outside of town. For this reason, the Erbil Security Forces are hesitant to move against the supporters, possibly provoking an immediate invasion. A pickup truck with a 50 caliber machine gun mounted in its bed, pulls up beside the tree when Sheik Iklas is providing a morale boost to the men. Iklas' horse whinnies as Al-Quraishi emerges from the vehicle and invites him to step away for a private discussion. "Assalamualaikum." "Wa alaikum salam, akhi." Iklas responds. Al-Quraishi continues, "The situation in the city is becoming more favorable by the day, but my concern is that we don't have countless days to spend waiting. I don't want to lose our momentum now when we are garnering so much attention, especially from a growing number of mushrikeen scholars trying to debase our efforts. Are you aware these Scholars of Erbil are still condemning our mujahideen even as we are here besieging them?" Iklas smiled confidently, "I will go. These men need you here, let me go in." Al-Quraishi stared hard at the Sheik, bewildered by his words. Iklas continued, "If I fail, send in the mujahideen and continue toward victory and Allah knows best." Pointing one finger toward the sky, Iklas rested his rifle against the tree, mounted his steed, and proceeded on the road toward Erbil with nothing but a black flag representing the Ghurabaa so as not to alarm Security Forces in the city. .... A Security Force sniper peers down his scope at the glimpse of an object moving on the road toward the city. He alerts his officer, and several troops in the vicinity begin chatter amongst themselves about a stranger approaching the city. Soon a crowd of soldiers and civilians is forming at the rumor that a lone man is breaking the siege and heading towards them. Stirred by curiosity, residents stare out of their windows, and shops, as the crowd fills a portion of the street to view his arrival. Seeing that he is clearly not going to be shot at this point, Iklas raises the black flag of his Ghurabaa army, and begins a gallop toward Erbil. The sniper drops his scope and watches Iklas with his bare eyes. A growing trail of dust appears to accompany him, as the wind picks up. "Or...has it been windy all day? Is my mind playing with me?" the sniper questions himself. The entire city is gripped with anxiety and now the sight of this rider with his flag in the air has made the atmosphere around them feel altogether apocalyptic. Perhaps sensing this, Iklas slowed his approach as he nears the city and begins to yell, "La illaha il Allah! La illaha il Allah! Erbil! Erbil! The army of Muhammad is coming!" A portion of the onlookers begin to retreat back toward their homes, some even running away as windows shut and doors close swiftly. The remaining crowd of civilians begin to cheer. They are the Ghurabaa sympathizers, advised via social media to record everything that happens. The anxious soldiers order Iklas to halt, and he dismounts from his horse. "I am unarmed. I come only with the religion of Allah azzawajal." A Kurdish officer responds, "Give us your flag." "No." Iklas then orders the officer, "Take my horse and see that he is given water, and return him to me when I depart. I am here to offer peace to your leaders." The officer bites his tongue, considering their predicament and the prospect of a peaceful conclusion to the siege. With several camera phones in the crowd watching their every move the Security Officer turns to his men, "Search him. Then, put together a transport and take him to the Kurdish Regional Governorate building. I'll inform command that the Ghurabaa have sent a peace envoy." Iklas is escorted into a humvee, but not before he turns to the officer and points toward his horse, "His name is Buraq." The convoy arrives to the chants of Ghurabaa sympathizers outside the building. Iklas exits the vehicle flanked by Security troops as young supporters shout, "Takbir!" "Allahu akbar!" "Takbir!" "Allahu akbar!" The soldiers glare at Sheik al-Iklas. "Whatever you have to say, you can say it outside." A man coming down the stairs declares, as troops rush into the street and force the civilians back. "The floors of this building will not be sullied by a dog. Not a single one of you, understand? I am Prime Minister Masour, of the autonomous Kurdish nation of Iraq. Now, who are you?" Iklas chuckles, "Yes, your presence here is the reason your brainwashed Kurdish forces have not attempted to break the siege. You consider this city the capital of your mushrikeen nation. The center of your power. Wallahi, you are trapped in here with me now, Prime Minister. You should want to hear what I have to say." PM Masour looks to one of his officers who turns and points his rifle toward Iklas, all the troops follow suit. The PM realizes they are being recorded by onlookers and declares,"Your jihad is a farce. Your gang will break its back trying to take our capital. These...dissidents will be quelled. The Kurdish nation will rise above the bones of your 'strangers', plant our flag in your skull and you will be forgotten." Sheik al-Iklas looks turns his head toward the Kurdish troops and responds to the Prime Minister, "What can you do with me? My paradise is in my heart. If you take me to jail, I will practice remembrance of Allah. If you exile me out of my land, I will meditate on Allah's creation. If you execute me, I would be a martyr. What can you do with me? Because I am not limited to this world. I am living for the Hereafter.” The Prime Minister shakes his head, "So, then give us the terms of your surrender so we can conclude this.. constructive.. meeting." Iklas replies, "There will be no peace for you, today." Turning his back to the PM, Iklas now addresses the restless crown across the street, some of whom are streaming the entire event to audiences across the region. "I am here to declare, in this seat of mushrik power, in front of the leaders and the Ulema of shirk and nationalism: The ahlul-halli wal'aqd have convened. They have selected our Caliph to re-establish a Muslim State. By Allah azzawajal the Khilafa has returned to you!" "Arrest him." The PM orders his men, as he retreats into the Government building. Several officers snatch Iklas' flag and escort him back into the humvee as the remaining Kurdish troops now struggle to control the electrified crowd outside.
  19. Let the Scholars Beware The mujahideen of the JGJ blitz across the battlefields of Northern Iraq, putting the fear of Allah into the hearts of the inhabitants of all faiths. But, even as the 'flag of the Prophet' is raised in village after village, a new front has opened up against the Ghurabaa's jihad. This cloud of war now forming against them is the war of ideology, and Sheik al-Iklas with his Shariah Council now martial their forces for a new confrontation, leaving civil governing to the newly-formed Provincial and Religious Councils to deal with. Rumors from Baghdad suggest that several established Scholars of Islam have reached a consensus against the Ghurabaa, their form of Jihad, and approach to the religion known as 'the Prophetic Practice.' Their pupils in the city of Erbil have already launched a campaign to discredit the mujahideen, labelling them Khawarij, that is, an ancient violent Muslim sect. Sheik Iklas brings the fresh resources of the Ghurabaa to bear against these scholars with a series of broadcasts, resuming his sermons for the first time since the beginning of jihad. ... "In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Say O Prophet, He is Allah, the One and Only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him. Ameen." (112. Surah Al-Ikhlas) "If one of the Sahaba (disciple) were alive today - insha'Allah they would join us- But in the type of world you (Scholars) would settle for, they would beg Allah to take away their soul. They would REFUSE to lead the life that many Muslims such as yourselves are happy to lead. It is with such comforts that the men- no, the LIONS of Islam - break with, in order to go and fight for their brothers and sisters in the cause of Allah. You would slander the man who leaves everything behind, departing from his home and his family who love him? These are the ones whose feet fit snuggly within the footprints left by the Sahaba. These are the ones who cannot stand to watch the humiliation of Muslims and the affronts to Allah. These could not sleep soundly at night and neither could they relax during the day knowing such a situation has persisted with which Allah is displeased. How long has Iraq been in anarchy? How long has the Ummah been without a Caliph? You have not counted the days. They pass you by like the wind off the butterflies wings, unnoticed. While we, by their increasing hardships, have remembered them well. Just as Allah has these days numbered and He knows the Last Day. (reciting the Quran) 'maliki yawmid deen' He is the Master and Judge of the Day of Reckoning. This Ummah (Muslim people) is under a fitnah (state of chaos) over their lands, and over their religion, but within the grand Mosques of Baghdad you wouldn't be the wiser. From the tongues of these lofty 'Scholars of Islam' - wallahi, they are the Ulema (learned ones) of evil - you hear nothing. Except for now, they slander their brothers in jihad. Because we remove local tyrants who are clearly of taghut (false idols) they say 'You are khawarij! You are khawarij! Taking a sip of their Italian wine, 'You are khawarij!' Their tongues do not fear Allah. These men have been handed titles, certifications and power in this time when the Muslims are being brought low. Indeed, the only title they earn is Fusaaq (corrupt)! The truly certified are those Muslims who are tried by the fire of persecution in these days. There is no power in the esteemed men who take from their Ummah who suffer, and Allah will reverse these roles for them! Open your Quran. Surah An Nisa verse 76 Allah subhanahu Wa Ta'ala (May He be praised and exalted) says 'Believers wage jihad for the cause of Allah, whereas disbelievers fight for the cause of the Devil. So fight against the Shaytan’s forces. Indeed, the Shaytan’s schemes are ever weak.' You believe this is a book of bedtime stories? Let us continue. Surah Baqarah verse 166 and 167 'Then with those who are followed will disown those who follow them. They will see the chastisement and all relations between them will be cut off. And the followers will then say: “Oh if only we might return again, we would disown them as they have disowned us?” Thus Allah will show them their works in a manner causing them bitter regrets. Never will they come out of the Fire.' To those kaffir (infidels) who will fight alongside of the taghut: It is not difficult for the average person, let alone a Scholar to identify who such rulers and followers would be. So, oppressors bow and repent of your sins because your destiny is the Hellfire and those who follow them will indeed follow behind them to the depths. Soldiers, scholars, even idle supporters of these men and man-made systems, beg forgiveness from Allah and overthrow the allies of Shaytan with the swiftness of a sword. We call you to the jihad on this day, this day which the Lord has made. We surrender that which comes easy in life, in order that we may never surrender to the enemies of Allah. A disbeliever dies every day and will die in torment every day in the Hereafter. But, for the Believer, it is but once to die, and then the Gardens of Paradise." The Sheik fades out to the sound of an Islamic chant as recently taken video images appear to show Ghurabaa fighters, accompanied by artillery and armored vehicles amassing on the outskirts of Erbil.
  20. The turret of a Security Forces Tank belches a fearsome roar as it blasts the shallow trench hastily carved in the dirt, sending sand and debris flying as the thunderous impact rumbles the ground beneath the jihadis feet. The tank crew observes their hit for a moment, and then continue their movement westward. The survivors of the small squad of Ghurabaa mujahideen arise from the dust, shaken, but undeterred. They spare no second to unpack a prized anti-tank guided missile, brought into their possession by Syrian smugglers. It is promptly deployed, aimed and fired. The missile appears to slither above the sand like a snake after its target. 3 seconds pass. "Their ally is the Shaytan.." 5 seconds. "Our ally is Allah.." The missile strikes. "ALLAHU AKBAAAAAR! ALLAHU AKBAAAAAR!" The tank halts with a brilliant flash of fire and screaming metal, its crew most assuredly annihilated. Sheik Iklas pauses the video. "Mash'Allah, my brothers. This frontline footage is priceless, not merely for our online recruitment, but to document the glorious history of our jihad." Commander Quraishi lets out a satisfied sigh, as he swells with admiration for his mujahideen, "The lions of Mosul have reportedly finished off the fleeing remnants of the MSF, just outside of Tal Afar, and given effective free range to our fighters over the desert." Sliding his finger over the geographical map on his desk, "My latest assessment: Our numbers have doubled, with the stream of foreign fighters entering our territory following the first reported successful plane landing in Mosul since Allah granted us victory. In the West, Tal Afar is ours in the aftermath of this praiseworthy showdown. To the North, our forces have brought artillery to the field for the first time against Duhok, which is expected to fall within hours and we have requested the submission of many villages of the North Tigris in expectation of this. And finally, to the south. Bakhdida has surrendered at the first sight of our lions, following news of Mosul. Alhamdulillah." "Allahu akbar." The American-born Muslim convert, given the moniker 'Mujahid Mack', and easily identifiable by his ginger beard, rose to speak, "We've compiled our footage edits into a files cache and are dropping them via burner accounts all over social media. It is my pleasure to serve the cause of Allah in this humble manner. Our Media Department is bringing the roar of the lions of tawaheed (faith in the Oneness and Lordship of Allah) to the world." Sheik Iklas grabs the American's shoulder, "You lead the Media Department like a true servant of Allah. The Shariah Council is preparing documents we'd like you to add to this file cache to increase knowledge of the Haqq among our Ummah. Their feedback leads me to believe many of them are inspired, but are held back by the lying tongues of their so-called Scholars. Turning to face the rest of the men present, "Make no mistake, brothers, 'Moderate Muslim' is a munafiqeen (hypocrites) sect. It is an insult to the Prophetic Practice. Wallahi! Wallahi, we will burn it from the face of this dunya (world)!"
  21. Phase 3 Order. A Ghurabaa military parade showcases the latest captured and repurposed armor and artillery in the aftermath of the capture of Mosul. The victorious mujahideen are given time to celebrate and rest briefly before preparations begin for the next operation now openly being planned for the coming days. At his debriefing, Commander Quraishi is exalted to High Command, joining JGJ leadership in their meticulous planning for the future of the organization where he is, at first, shocked at the depth and range of the discussion taking place which reached far beyond military matters. These men were already looking passed the war they had only just started. They wanted to establish a state. ... Abu Musa Al-Quraishi, AK-47 still slung over his shoulder, entered the Grand Mosque, the transitional base of operations for JGJ High Command. He was greeted with the sincere embrace of the infamous Ghurabaa spokesman Sheik Iklas, "Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh." To which Quraishi responded, "Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh" as a burly man with a thick, graying beard cut in, "As I was saying. We don't want autonomy in this or that city like these small-time jihadi operations dotting the Levant already. It is our calling to establish a salafi state over all the land, run in accordance with the Prophetic Practice." Sheik Iklas directed Quraishi to a seat, "Please, listen and join in the discussions akhi. Inshallah, your input will lay the groundwork for further triumphs against the kuffar, in the cause of Allah." The group discussed the implementation of the religion in local governance, electing Sheik Iklas to head the new Shariah Council, "The holy Quran is our framework. Our constitution must be the Shariah in its pure jurisprudence." Iklas declared. A Governing Council war formed next to immediately address civil concerns and the practical rulership over Mosul as a model for future conquests. Finally, military operations were discussed, with Quraishi being elected to head the Ghurabaa fighting force. But, always thinking strategically, Quraishi moved beyond logistical planning and tactics, almost dismissing their concern entirely, "We operate in full confidence that Allah is with us. And with that being said, we have been working tirelessly at establishing networks and lines of communication with many freelance jihadi battalions mobilizing in the region, some of whom agree with us and some who do not. But all of them would be obliged to serve the Caliphate- if one were to emerge." Sheik Iklas nodding at this, asked "You're suggesting we invite these groups to create a caliphate with us?" Quraishi turned to him and replied, "I'm suggesting we outmaneuver them. We can establish the Caliphate ourselves." ... Ghurabaa jihadis now take over policing of the populace, enforcing strict interpretation of Shariah Law, correcting the common people of their ignorant ways in the observance of religion, and inflicting harsh penalties upon the criminals. Security Force prisoners of war were brought before local committees set up by the Shariah Council and offered the chance at a public taubah (repentance) of serving secular interests against the mujahideen, to which most eagerly obliged, even including a captured General of the MSF according to local reports. The entire fabric of society was being "mended" by the Ghurabaa to reflect a proper Muslim state. They only needed a rightful ruler to command them all.
  22. Phase 2 Conquest. An RPG flies into an armored SWAT personnel carrier, bringing it to a sudden stop under a plume of smoke. Dozens of men of the JGJ pour through the blasted ruins of the wall, quickly overrunning the small police presence that scrambled to the area. A dazed SWAT officer raising his weapon quickly flops to the ground amid a hail of AK-47 rounds peppering a nearby patrol car he used for cover. A JGJ fighter runs over and stands on his corpse, "By Allah's permission, we trample upon them!" ... Crouched amongst the rubble of the shattered Mosul walls, Abu Musa al-Quraishi, commander of the first all-Foreign Fighter elite Ghurabaa unit "Lion-1", informed his men of their objectives in the assault on the city. Under the cover of smoke and heavy fire by "green" units of the JGJ, Lion-1 blitzed toward Mosul International Airport. Quraishi himself sprinted and crouched between disabled cars, keeping pace with his men, letting off bursts of fire at passing patrol units as civilians scattering in all directions provided unconventional cover. The airport had been identified as an enemy strong point by the sleeper-cell reconnaissance days prior, and was to be isolated and captured with minimal damage to its infrastructure. The Ghurabaa high command hoped to use the airport to receive a greater influx foreign fighters in the near future. Lion-1, with its capabilities and discipline was tasked with filling this tall order. A combination of recon and sympathetic informants within the Mosul Police Force, estimated defenders to number roughly 34,000 combined forces of police and SWAT units acting as a provisional military within the city. The situation was assumed to be similarly reflected in cities throughout Mesopotamia. But, Quraishi understood the reality of the situation was such that despite their meagre 500-man assault, the Ghurabaa greatly outnumbered their enemies once factoring in the disgruntled Sunni masses living within the city, whom he counted on to join the JGJ cause. Despite the heavy equipment and superior ability of Lion-1, Quraishi opted for a propaganda victory to precede any significant direct engagement to draw sympathizers out as quickly as possible. Lion-1 halted before enemy entrenched positions in the blocks surrounding the airport and seized several rooftops as bases for his mortar teams which he spread thin to deceive the already paranoid enemy forces. Mortar rounds began to blast suspected enemy positions just outside of the airport, at which Security Forces predictably resolved to hunker down for the expected main ground assault, firing their own mortars in response. Meanwhile, Quraishi and a handful of his men commandeered several abandoned vehicles for a mad dash toward Mosul city center, with the remainder of Lion-1 following on foot. The small convoy of civilian cars turned the corner and found themselves facing 2 MSF tanks with guns aimed directly down the street in their direction. Quraishi reversed his car and smashed the accelerator only to crash it through a storefront, disabling his own vehicle. He exited and was greeted by several of his men who escorted him to cover behind a civilian bus. The small team readied their few RPG 's, planning a single strike on each of the tanks, but hesitated when they noticed no activity from the targets. The hatches were wide open, in fact, the positions had apparently been abandoned by Security Forces. An awestruck Quraishi ordered his men, "Take the tanks...TAKE THE TANKS!!! Alhamdulillah! Allah has granted us their tanks!" The men hastily spoke amongst themselves, electing 2 men with just barely enough knowledge to drive the massive vehicles, one Belgian and the other of South Asian heritage. Black flags were hoisted above the tanks by the remainder of men, including Quraishi who sat atop one of them as they rode into Mosul city Center. The hysteria overtaking the growing mass of fleeing civilians in the city center is suddenly quieted by the appearance of the 2 captured tanks down the main boulevard. Quraishi stood up on the moving vehicle as his men waved their flag at the onlookers, announcing their liberation from "Dar al-Harb" (lands ruled over by apostates). A mix of excitement and anxiety spilled over into jubilant cheers from the crowd who either supported the Ghurabaa or feared being shot by them. The sentiment of support for what they believed to be an imminent JGJ victory spread rapidly through the city, as mobs formed to harass and expel Security Forces from their established positions. It was within a matter of hours that the MSF was in a full retreat from Mosul, and Lion-1 mounted a direct assault on the Mosul International Airport while the main army of the JGJ captured one neighborhood after another against token resistance. The miraculous victory made Quraishi the heroic commander of the Battle of Mosul, and a new figurehead for JGJ's online recruitment efforts.
  23. PHASE 1 Chaos. Forces of the Jama'at al-Ghurabaa wal-Jihad (JGJ) consisted almost entirely of infantry, zealous men of the villages surrounding the city of Mosul and a vanguard of foreign fighters responding to Iklas' call to jihad, who were reported to steadily be trickling in. Small squads of fighters were placed within the city in the weeks after the creation of the JGJ, targeting Mosul Security Forces (MSF) and monitoring centers of the Shia community where JGJ propaganda insists opposition militias constantly lie in wait. The Ghurabaa sleeper-cells remained on standby until the assault on the city was initiated by the bulk of their forces, nearly 500 in strength. These men were poorly trained, equipped with a range of small arms and RPG's, but extremely fanatical to the cause. Looking down the barrel of a gun, it is said, the Ghurabaa only see Paradise. The opening phase of the assault consisted of meticulous planning for the creation of absolute chaos amongst the forces of the city. The "wonder weapon" of the JGJ was the Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED), which at the potential cost of a loyal fighter at the wheel, would wreak havoc on targeted enemy positions. Several of these car-bombs were camouflaged, lightly armored, and parked off of the roads on the outskirts of the city, while several "regular" vehicles with more rudimentary upgrades began to approach. These generally consisted of sheet metal, with ribbon cuts to resemble large rakes, attached along the sides of each vehicle in order to kick up as much dust as possible. As soon as they passed JGJ hidden positions, they quickly accelerated toward the city and broke off in all directions, making "donuts" in the sands causing a man-made dust cloud to the south-east where the Ghurabaa readied themselves to attack. 4 VBIED car-bombs now drove headlong into the ancient, walled portion of the city to penetrate several areas of the city as it was assumed the main roads would be most heavily guarded by the defenders. Bewildered residents only just began to take note of the strange dust cloud from nowhere, when 3 massive explosions roared from the south of the city sending black smoke billowing into the sky. At the same time, a group-text message was sent out to the men leading the various sleeper-cells within the city with a simple message: 1 Ghurabaa infiltrators sprung into action, lobbing grenades at MSF stations and checkpoints while opening fire with automatic weapons at any Security personnel in their sight. At this time, a call was made to JGJ command from the driver of the 4th VBIED that he had slipped into traffic into the heart of the city and had not yet detonated his car. A risky move, the fighter was applauded by his commander as he was now given updated instructions to take his vehicle as far north in the city as he presumed possible and sow further confusion amongst Security Forces. This was accomplished with relative ease as the MSF were all racing to secure the south from the onslaught of JGJ jihadis now storming the blasted walls of the city. The driver was even able to park and leave his vehicle in a construction site near the north end of the city, getting himself to a safe position before he remotely detonated the VBIED. All hell was now loose in Mosul.
  24. A gust of wind whips sand across the cracked walls of the small village Mosque as the murmurs of a small crowd of men fill the air. As dawn breaks over the Iraqi desert, the group gradually begins to find their seat on the floor beside one another, turning attentively to the podium. An old wooden door creaks open beside the pulpit as a slender, bearded man appears. The men go silent. "Peace be with you. O believers, without jihad, there is no religion." He pauses, glancing across the floor, finally peering directly at the small tripod standing in the center of the space. "What is it that separates the corrupt from the righteous? What splits the East from the West? The Day from the Night? Indeed, all of this is accomplished by the hand of Allah. Therefore, we, for the loving sake of Allah must separate the evil from the good, the idolatry from the purity of our religion, the allies of Ar-Rahman (The Most Merciful) and the allies of the Shaytan. We discern this by the furqan (means of separation) with which Allah in His grace has granted us, whereby we are allegiant to the Haq (truth) and at enmity with falsehoods. And we engage this directly by means of jihad. O believers, without jihad there is no religion." Such sermons had become common place, particularly in the Sunni regions of Northern Iraq, and the local people had gradually begun to respond. But, now with the utilization of global communications, the message of jihad was being broadcast, albeit among a fringe, to a global audience. This was the dam-break for a flurry of radicalized internet and cellphone activity buzzing more and more by the day. The deathly silence that had once swept over the middle east in recent years is shattered by increasingly extremist, militant rhetoric. Perhaps, nothing else heralded this new era more than a simple link that rapidly inundated popular social media platforms, and the digital public square was a captive audience to a new, slickly produced video to the latest audio message by the man now being referred to as Sheik Iklas. The video opened with the chant of an Islamic nasheed, as the image of a horseback rider appears to charge toward the viewers carrying a black banner. "'Insha'Allah this is the generation of the Mahdi! Of the returning caliphate!" Clips of live action Islamic medieval warriors, swords drawn, fades into the image of modern jihadis shouldering rockets and firing automatic rifles. "You will witness a series of End-Time Phenomena." Cataclysmic images are shown destroying Western cities, with a montage of rocket explosions and masked men cheering "Allahu akbar!" The calamity of music and war sounds fades out as Sheik Iklas appears on screen and finishes his sermon, "The prophet Salalahu alaihi wasalam said, Islam began as something strange and will return to something strange as in the beginning, so glad tidings to the strangers!" At this, Sheik Iklas picks up a rifle and invites jihadis internationally to come to Iraq, and join the "Jama'at al-Ghurabaa wal-Jihad" or simply "Ghurabaa" (the Strangers).
  25. I claim the Iraqi city of Mosul for Ghurabaa.
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