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  1. you clearly do not. Obligation does not equal need.
  2. Imagine not understanding how coalitions work. Pathetic
  3. why bother posting about some pathetic trash AAs like NG and Cobra LoL Oculus will always be the Atticus Finch to your rabid dog
  4. Hi, I see you posted on our forums as well, that's where applications are handled, thanks!
  5. o/ Al It won't be the same Bob w/o you. Good luck
  6. The culmination of hard work and pragmatic leadership o/ Do come by and say Hi, even if we're not friends on Bob. We play many other games as well
  7. You clearly care about your alliance. Alliance owners need to be proactive about their alliance's image. You're taking the right steps. Good luck to you.
  8. Now it's a party! Forward thinking move that I hope proves fruitful for ya'll
  9. You better watch out, you better watch out... Pacifica/CLAWS is coming to Bob!
  10. We at the NPO had the same discussion ourselves. It's a fairly urgent bug as it blocks people from editing their game profile or recovering their password. The 25 message cap makes it hard for alliances to do what they need to do.
  11. Hmm, this is still a thing? Oh, I see why. I will concede I am unpopular amongst those in the current power structure. FIXED! Alots are majestic creatures, not race cars, they would appreciate it A LOT if you'd not apply stuff to them 😐
  12. Hello, Noticed yesterday evening that the captcha for the game doesn't display the challenge image. An alliance mate had the issue as well, both trying to send an in-game message beyond #25. I had the issue in the latest version of Firefox but also had the issue in Chrome (windows). Just checked the forgotten password page and the captcha there does the same thing. Thanks!
  13. You got to do something about your terrible aid slot usage....
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