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    A formal DoW

    Won't have to worry about that. Polar is on the same side since they have wars against these Umbrella MHA imposters as well And yes I mean you.
  2. I am not usually one for big speeches or formal messages but we will not just sit back and watch CN equivalent of terrorists try and make a mockery of our great alliance. The true MostlyHarmlessAlliance hereby declares war on the Umbrella terrorists of Mostly Harmless Alliance and anyone else who supports them. If they do not surrender immediately than you can guess where this will head next and we will make it our goal to make sure that it does not end well for them. Signed by the MostlyHarmlessAlliance Triumvirate Jesbro Amy Winehouse Qldvespanut This is what happens when you wake a sleeping Dragon! EDITED: Found out the truth.
  3. jesbro

    to the NPO

    Claims to only want peace. Proceeds to try and insult other alliances. Yea that seems about right.
  4. IC: I told you this would happen if you continued down this path. You have brought all of this upon yourself and your mockery of an alliance. OOC: To be honest most of us have actually been waiting for a war like this for quite some time. So the OOC part of me has to thank you for this
  5. Yea after learning a bit more about them I found I needed to change it a little bit. They are really the CN equivalent of terrorists but those who do leave to join them are the definition of traitors. Luckily no one in the MHA really are traitors. Found out these guys behind this are really what is left of Umbrella trying to use our alliance name against us. So I will just call them Umbrella terrorists from now on. Whether they really are traitors or just Umbrella terrorists makes no difference though. They will be defeated all the same.
  6. jesbro

    UIN alert 1

    I wish you good luck in this endeavor
  7. Eh if you want to join up against them than feel free As for our enemies... nothing else I care to say except that I know what they really want and that this will be over soon.
  8. jesbro

    to the legion

    I think this thread is for him actually going against you.
  9. Sure. After you surrender. I don't do trades with traitors.
  10. You obviously have not been here on CN that long because anyone who has would know that Mealstrom is one of my best friends on here! You might as well just surrender now because that is the only way this will end. If you don't than you and anyone supporting you shall drown in nuclear fire and then when the fire clears the dragons will move in to eat what is left. One way on another it ends here!
  11. Yea the war already started when the traitors attacked last week. This is just making the war Official Like the United States declaring war on Japan just after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  12. And for those that want to support us feel free to send anything you want All help is appreciated against these traitors!
  13. Nevermind this is just another traitor to add to the Permanent ZI List
  14. jesbro

    MHA Declaration of War

    Oh look another traitor to add to the Permanent ZI list.
  15. Continued from this with a few changes (seperate from Mogar's stuff unless Mogar specifies otherwise) After Jesse got the second message from Maelstrom he knew they needed to move fast. "I don't think I have time to see the artifact." "That bad huh?" Osman asked him. "Maybe. I will try to be there when you show all of this to Emperor Johnathan and Empress Kara but until then I have something else I have to do." "OK. Will remain here until you are ready to meet with them. "Good luck Jesse with whatever it is you need to do." After they finally got back to Earth the first thing Jesse and Adria did was head up the mountain to where Maelstrom was. It had been a while since they last saw each other but these messages at that bad time made Jesse a little angry. "There had better be a good reason you made me come back here from an important meeting before it was done. What the heck is going on Maelstrom?!"
  16. jesbro

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Maine is not the problem here. The problem is you insulting a guy's family and refusing to apologize for it. Even if he is considered your enemy that is morally wrong on a lot of levels.
  17. jesbro

    The Anarchist Cookbook of Cybernations

    I have rulers and nations in the MHA eager for War practice. Just give me a reason Zigur to put their targets on you. Or you can make a smart decision and calm the heck down before it is too late.
  18. jesbro

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Dang Zigur at this point you are lucky you are not on a ZI or EZI list. You are in no position to say you were in the right here. Being harassed IC and OOC is one thing but the NUMBER #1 RULE IS TO NEVER MENTION OR INVOLVE THE OTHER PERSON'S FAMILY !!! You got off easy compared to what I would have done to your nation if you insulted the family of anyone I know. Edited: Needed to get it right.
  19. jesbro

    Independence Day: Return of the Ancients

    "What if you went and showed them that we need help? You know them better than anyone else here."
  20. jesbro

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    And this is what happens when !@#$ hits the fans. MHA will be here for any of our allies if they need us
  21. jesbro

    Independence Day: Return of the Ancients

    "How can we defeat sure a creature?" Jake asked them. "There might be some others that can help us but they are not here." Jesse then looked at Maelstrom. "I need to go to the Dragon Empire. Your people might have some scientists that know enough about him in order to either destroy him or imprison him again but in order to do that we will need their help. Which means we will need Tharg's help if I am going to get to them."
  22. jesbro

    Independence Day: Return of the Ancients

    Jesse and Jake were teleported to the Dragon Temple on top of the mountain near the city of Shangri-La. "Your welcome." Jesse said in a slightly angry voice as he let go of Jake who fell into the snow. It was as if he broke out of some sort of trance when they arrived back on the mountain. "What the heck was that thing?!" Jake asked. He was absolutely terrified about what he experienced. "That thing is called Tempest. A being that will destroy everything in the universe starting with the Solar System if we don't find a way to stop him." Jesse told him. "That is not what it looked like to me. What I saw was a..." "Dragon?" Maelstrom asked. "It is what that thing used to be before he became what it is now. What you saw was an illusion as it began to try and consume you but luckily we managed to pull you back just in time." "He said that he was not the only one that could do the things that he could do." Jake said as he looked at Maelstrom. "And I think he was talking about you!"
  23. jesbro

    CNRPA World Map

    That is true if you want to do a true to form Nation RP. Having said that it is really up to him depending on what he actually wants to do. Maybe he does want to join us? Maybe not? Either way it is up to him.
  24. jesbro

    CNRPA World Map

    These are the two threads you would need to read in order to understand what is going on:
  25. jesbro

    CNRPA World Map

    A Scifi sort of thing with Dragons that takes place in a futuristic version of the solar system kind of based off of where the original CNRP left off. It is mainly a character thing instead of a nation RP but others like you can get involved if you want to.