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  1. In disbelief at the Pen's invulnerability to his well-constructed personal assault, the DeathAdder frantically searched his hand-written memoires for notes on his adversaries past. Absent any haymaker arguments or points, he instead resorted to the nuclear missile among rhetorical devices and yelled: "YOU'RE A DO-NOTHING BLOWHARD". The pen snickered.
  2. The Pen is the product of the merger between the future, present and past. He is now and he was then. He will be until he never was. He became what he is and will have been what he can be.
  3. You know not what forces you are dealing with.
  4. Thank you for your congratulations and well wishes. Much, much better. At last you take that brash tone of misplaced arrogance which seems to shroud your personality in this world. I like you better this way. It's more real. More you. Why do you continue to pose that you "don't care about this world"- why did you fling a weak, intellectually lazy character assassination towards this humble Pen for supposedly "Caring too much" and "feeling relevant" when you revert to betraying your own emotional attachment to your temporary hegemony within a few posts thereaft
  5. That too, is an assumption on your end, isn't it? One does not silence the pen or halt his scribbling by misrepresenting his dynamic intentions.
  6. I have not asserted that at any point, have i?
  7. I merely posed that what hegemonic structure you and yours have built, will turn to dust. It is written. All the rest is noise and drivel on your end.
  8. Truth when presented by the human psyche is inherently subjective. Why do you attribute characteristics to my thought processess at random? Are you attempting to play a game of projection with me? I am but a humble pen.
  9. You merely twist and turn, throwing out straw man after ad hominem to deflect the subject from the painful realization of your own vulnerability. Your own mortality in this world.
  10. It's reassuring to see you recognize the expiration date on your relevance. The pen will be there when the time comes, as it has in the past.
  11. The pen does not speak of his previous accomplishments. He merely scribbles into the night. Your snark does not suit you.
  12. What power you may possess is fleeting. Do not make the mistakes of your non grata predecessors. The abyss does not discriminate. It will come for you too, one day.
  13. Who are you to speak to me this way. Mind yourself.
  14. A hegemonic tyrant attempting to justify his power-induced rampage versus a plebian with delusions of grandeur. Worthless. It's all. Worthless.
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