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  1. I'm pretty sure I wanted the actual reason and not the excuses.
  2. Here let me clarify. He's said some pretty Effed up stuff, yeah he Was in, now he isn't in. It's not hard to put two and two together. He's been exiled and turned the alliance, the discord, and the main site over to gal and the imperium. I say again the ISX as a whole didn't support what he said. It would be in the least foolish and in the most suicidal to support that. I'm not concerned about how "ripe" this is coming from me. I'm speaking the facts. Why don't we get to the real reason the ISX is being targeted rather than the excuse? Junka makes a great excuse for it and his comment makes a good reason, but we all know that's not what's fueling the battle this time.
  3. Not really punishing him attacking an alliance he got exiled from after his comment about you Term. No offense, what he said was wrong in many ways. None of us support it at all. What we don't get is how we became the targets for his actions.
  4. I need popcorn for this !@#$! This convo is entertaining.
  5. Welcome back into the world of minor flame wars and extreme passive aggressive fueled war!
  6. Day 1: "Okay kids take your hotdogs out of the cooler and remove one. FIRMLY GRASP IT" I'm sorry I had too bring some humor here...
  7. Not gonna lie, the humor in this is perfect.
  8. I'm gonna say, Returning to find this war already over is surprising. I was only gone for a month or so due to ISP and personal issues. I'm glad to see that a good number of you are all doing well still. I'm also surprised to see nobody having bad blood over it too.
  9. I'm sure sir kindle would love to know you're starting flame wars again on the forum Montezuma. Lmfao
  10. I'll let my seniors know about this conference and see if they are interested in attending.
  11. Then why are you commenting. By that right almost nobody here needs to make comments smart one.
  12. Jesus, I hate whiners. That's the one thing I hate more than people who can't get it through their thick heads that guns can't pull triggers on their own. First of all, who are you? Second, why would you come back and play a game that angers you so much? Third, Do you need a tissue to blow your poor widdle nose?
  13. I still don't see where I insulted you? Though I could point out all the times you've talked smack to not just me but numerous others. Also this is a public thread my friend, it only qualifies as harrassment when a pm is used numerous times after you've asked me to stop. You'll find I'm well within not only the forums rules but others really don't give a !@#$. I mean it's not like I'm cussing you out or using anything but the word Vulgar. If that insults you maybe you shouldn't be on the internet, no offense man. I'll also add, the comment I made came out coincidentally after the insult and defense issue. It was a generalization about what I've noticed forumwide. Anyone else here feel like I'm violating him or anyone elses feelings?
  14. Just cause you say i'm wrong doesn't make it so. Nor did I say I agreed with him. As far as I'm concerned he's in the same boat. So what was that about losing?
  15. I don't see an insult anywhere in what I've said. 🤣 I merely pointed out from a psycholocical standpoint its usually the ones who are vulgar and throwing threats around that are the most uncomfortable with themselves.
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