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  1. JoshuaR

    Nation count within CN and trends

    Us old folks are bored with a conquered world. Anyone "newer" who wants to partake in politics or whatever is going to have a !@#$ nation for the rest of planet bob's existence regardless of what they do in nation-building. Hence, the more active players are the weak players that might as well funnel tech to the larger nations.
  2. JoshuaR

    An Umbrella Announcement

    Well fought. I must also say... I very much enjoyed reading the royal transcripts from when Regent Auctor helmed my nation while I was otherwise occupied.
  3. JoshuaR

    Nation count within CN and trends

    Don't worry guys, the last time it was this low it shot up to 40,000 within a few months.
  4. JoshuaR

    [VOTE] CN Person & Alliance of the Year

    Rule the !@#$ pile.
  5. Personally I'm glad OBR started a sanction war. This is something the world has really been missing.
  6. JoshuaR

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Tough to follow the busy OWF these days.
  7. JoshuaR

    Death Cookie

    Umbrella Declares War on the Order of the Black Rose ...until Hime Themis of Dulra has Zero Tech Signed, Umbrella
  8. JoshuaR

    Recogniton of ?

    Fantastic post, Lady Stella. It's been a long time on this world, a long time of sitting around watching our nations grow. It would be terrible to simply disappear without a word. If there's one thing we can do for you, it's make sure to bring one final fight to make the last several years worth having saved. Kirke, sorry to see you on the other side. I'm sure even with a nation like Dulra's, no one would deny you are OBR's most valuable asset.
  9. JoshuaR

    Alliance Discord Thread

    If anyone plays AoE2, look for me in the Umbrella discord, and I'll invite you.
  10. Although not pertaining to this thread, Umbrella's unofficial motto has always been to rule the !@#$pile.
  11. JoshuaR

    Alpha Wolves: Winter has Come

    I've been on black for over ten years... sigh.
  12. I really feel like the senate voting alone is a legit CB.
  13. JoshuaR

    Alpha Wolves: Winter has Come

    Or at least vote for JoshuaR of Chana, the noblest of all black team senators.
  14. If neither side feels defeated, it makes sense to keep fighting.
  15. Matthew PK has one of our best WCs, actually. It was probably majik.