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  1. So this is why OsRaven uses the dots when he chats.
  2. Bring back NationRuler, whose only crimes were whatever it is I can't remember back in the ONOS days.
  3. JoshuaR

    The 'C' word

    Also thought this was the other c-word. Take care of that Dajobo. Looking forward to seeing you back and healthier than ever when all is said and done. It'll be a rough road, regardless of what the doctors have said about the plan to be cancer free. No matter how "smooth" the journey, it's still one hell of a ride. Be sure to enjoy both the highs and the lows of that journey; after enduring the pits, celebrate all of the successes and the strength it took to overcome each obstacle. And hey, between sitting in a hospital post-op or any subsequent therapies, there's always a computer, intern
  4. I will reply to this thread with my witty and insightful answer once it is posted as a thread in the OWF, instead.
  5. Umbrella made no last minute switch. Ever since fighting AZTEC alliances in January 2013, we have reached out and built relations with people we respected and got along well with. Those "new" ties have been long in coming. As for the New Pacific Order, I didn't know they were on the "other" side, but instead more of a third sphere.
  6. JoshuaR

    MI6 Chess Tourney

    Good luck. Count me in next time.
  7. KM: When developing Cyber Nations on a MMOG scale, it was important to make the game fair. Because of that, some sacrifices were made for gameplay purposes. For example, the 5 percent rule was added because of massive outcry from the community that the game was too unrealistic with nuclear weapons so readily available and being used on a massive scale like we saw before the 5 percent rule was added.
  8. It depends on the alliance. Currently none actually follow this practice, except perhaps OBR. Everyone else is either decidedly neutral or plays the domino game. Frankly the reason is probably because it makes things interesting. As much as people pretend otherwise, anyone not in a neutral alliance these days essentially declares that they love war, and they don't want to be left out of all the global power plays. If they wanted to just build nations, then of course following your treaty advice or having none at all is the way to go.
  9. You present an interesting case. I suppose all of your relationship gap bridging was done on IRC since the only forum posts I saw from you were, I think, in MK coalition forums (that is, not on Umbrella forums), where you and a few others may have been some of the largest proponents of wanting peace at the expense of a several months long extended war of all of Eq vs Umbrella. You may note that every one of my posts on those forums displayed a grateful attitude to allies and non-allies alike, even people like NG who might have gone to the other side merely for a shot at Umbrella. But I am only
  10. JoshuaR

    Survivor 9

    Straight tech or percentage of possible tech that could have been imported?
  11. Thanks UE for all you have done! I was surprised you lasted as long as you did. You are a great credit to this community. I say we should celebrate your retirement with some pretty graphs of top alliances' NS over the past five years.
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