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  1. I thought we had something special, @CrinkledStraw despite the distance between us, and my deep deep fondness of my belated destrier, Daffodil the Flatulent. I must, neigh shall make amends.
  2. I must say this 'All your base are belong to us' approach to CN domination has appeal. @Van Hoo X Take control by saying it's so.
  3. I know that things will be real when Lord Hitchcock starts separating out the attractive / pretty ones. Altruism is selective. 🙃
  4. I once wanted OBR to take on some tech farms protectorates, but sadly this did not go so well. It left some deep scarring that the only salve for which was the kind lapping from my dearly departed destrier, Daffodil the Flatulent. I miss that horse. Her farts were classed as a lethal weapon.
  5. This must be rectified! Just who is protecting Hoo?
  6. Congrats to all involved. Where's the cake and party favours?
  7. Is it just me or do you feel this flag has a 'censored' feel to it? Nice work pixellers.
  8. This is not a valid announcement without Van Hoo signing for both parties.
  9. An interesting pairing. I wonder who the offspring will take after? Congrats.
  10. Fair play to both Alliances. From what I have seen Tankobite will make a fine addition to the NG hierarchy.
  11. Are you sure, sure Hoo is in Kashmir? He has been known to ‘get around’.
  12. Don't worry. NG will put you out to pasture and then have you re-shod.
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