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  1. I once wanted OBR to take on some tech farms protectorates, but sadly this did not go so well. It left some deep scarring that the only salve for which was the kind lapping from my dearly departed destrier, Daffodil the Flatulent. I miss that horse. Her farts were classed as a lethal weapon.
  2. This must be rectified! Just who is protecting Hoo?
  3. Congrats to all involved. Where's the cake and party favours?
  4. Is it just me or do you feel this flag has a 'censored' feel to it? Nice work pixellers.
  5. This is not a valid announcement without Van Hoo signing for both parties.
  6. An interesting pairing. I wonder who the offspring will take after? Congrats.
  7. Fair play to both Alliances. From what I have seen Tankobite will make a fine addition to the NG hierarchy.
  8. Are you sure, sure Hoo is in Kashmir? He has been known to ‘get around’.
  9. Don't worry. NG will put you out to pasture and then have you re-shod.
  10. I like this post, which reflects my view with the exception that it needs to reference myself and OBR. <checks if NG has made Van Hoo an honorary member yet>
  11. I believe there is a NSFW section in the NG Discord for that type of thing, Hoo.
  12. W_A_R levers himself off his nursing home cot, the thin mattress stuffed with hay is now damp with bodily fluids that have seeped through the rough hessian cover. Some of the damp is from W_A_R's involuntary evacuations, others are from spills of the Black Keep's apothacaries and medics, from the regular blood letting and application of leeches. He waves help away, useless as they are, as his chainmail undergarments crack away a thin crust of rust and odious substances. Did I hear someone say 'retirement home'? Piffle! These youngsters think they have it tough. Wait until you until you can't distinguish a bedsore from your dinner. Luxury, NG. Bloody Luxury. Congratulations on your tenth anniversary. May your superannuation be enough to sustain you into your enivitable dotage. W_A_R falls back into his bedding, which embraces the Knight XXI of OBR with a thick moist slurp.
  13. I remember you most fondly Mach, particularly our time at GOLD and CON.
  14. I wrote a piece where I disguised myself as a Groucho Marx .... might have been before your very existence. Probably still on the forums somewhere if you search the 'Stratus Incident'.
  15. My voice will always be in a 'not too broad, slightly cultured Australian' accent. Yes, I know that seems difficult - if all else fails, go with Chris Hemsworth. or not.
  16. Happy tenth anniversary, NG. Are you offering sauce and other condiments with that pavement?
  17. Sup, The Big Bad. It's been a time.
  18. I found Stewie a pretty upright sort a guy. Sorry to not see him. I think OBR has dibs on the old folk home. NG clearly is a transitional arrangement.
  19. I gotta say I was giving him the French benefit of doubt with it.
  20. Don't do that. It only encourages the less fortunate.
  21. Why doesn't all this feel like the old days, where a man and his horse could be each other's company, the long cold nights, the smell of woodsmoke, freshly brewed tea, the mummur of a brook, the ribbiting of frogs and ratcheting of crickets.... you remember thoses days and lonely lonely nights, wondering when you put ...... oh, company is here. Good luck with what ever you are seeking. make sure you get a pretty horse.
  22. Perhaps an unaligned independent perspective. I was not witness to the original OOC attack, or across the circumstances. OOC attacks should never occur and should have consequences. Nevertheless I was on NG Discord when Mochi's approached NG afterwards. I believe Stewie's follow up apology is sincere and genuine, and there is a desire to move on. While I do not know JA (I may have in my earlier more active times) I hope he can be informed of NG's contrition and can either return or remember better times. 2c worth
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