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  1. Never need an excuse for that old friend. And honestly in todays Planet Bob GPA would likely do better that most of what is left.
  2. Perhaps their is nobody left active enough in the RFI group to negotiate at this point. I would just begin letting their nations know you have accepted RFIs surrender and they should change their AA to POW. I doubt this collection of dead alliances has enough active government to tell them different.
  3. When you look at it they should be afraid. This is a whos who of some of the worst warring alliances on Planet Bob, all they need is GPA and Sparta to join. And the longer this goes on the more others who are bored might be talking to gathering others to jump is making NG just the start. Lets face it this RFI bloc is the kind of group that people want to kill just because they fail.
  4. To be fair those three blocs all had me in them.
  5. Pretty sure if you all were going to do something you would have already. If they are willing to give you all peace you should take it and avoid the continued embarrassment.
  6. They may not be smart but, sure have made fools of your alliances and its friends.
  7. Sitting vigil at the end of the world.
  8. You know if the other side had just one semi competent active alliance you all would be in trouble. Since only a few of those still exist I guess you are safe.
  9. Some are here to see the end, some are here in vain hope Planet Bob can return to its former glory and some are here just to remember old times.
  10. I think I got this out of my system killing Norden Verein in 2008. Have fun though I am sure they will appreciate a little action.
  11. Welcome to the end of the world.
  12. Poor Bob, that mistype blew up so big at the time.
  13. Glad to see he is still here with us in the end days.
  14. Haha I wonder what happened to him. These forums were rocking back in those days. You missed checking in for a few hours and some new announcement would have 130 pages already.
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