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  1. You are correct their is no debate to be controlled just fools allowing themselves to be baited over and over. Their was a time when the great minds of Pacifica would have shut this place down with logic and debate. Now it bickers and quarrels like it has no respect for itself or what it once was. It lets itself be drawn in micro drama. No longer feared. no longer respected. just another half dead alliance. Time did what nobody else could. It is sad to see.
  2. You know people like to give Canik crap but, look at this brilliant maneuver. He has managed to turn all the FTW hate into NPO hate. Is does not help that NPO no longer has anyone that can come out and take control of the narrative instead letting themselves be baited into a losing debate. Maybe somebody should dig Dilber up. Well done played Canick, well played. Now if Canick is as smart as I think, a peace deal will be coming soon leaving this big mess of trouble in somebody else's lap while RFI sits back an watches.
  3. It Is literally the end times do you think they really care? Although I do not know why they are surprised Pacifica turning on the people who have helped them is pretty much all NPO has been known for beyond its banks for almost a decade.
  4. Not my fault your alliance and your "allies" are failing to do much of anything but, complain about not getting peace.
  5. Well they are doing well enough that your surprise will just have to wait until you all or somebody tries to save you. I am guessing somebody got wind of things thus the muted response. Instead you will just have to deal with old timers coming out of inactivity.
  6. Have you ever won wars? Because I can assure you this is not that.
  7. If you think you winning I would hate to see what you think losing looks like. Oh I really can not call you, that will ruin the surprise.
  8. Do you really think RFI could muster enough active nations to anything even if they wanted to try and help FTW, And why would they? FTW is not only not an asset for RFI, it is likely to end the bloc. These are not active war fighting alliances. They are half dead and some of them sucked at war in their prime.
  9. Dilber is always around. His pants? No so much.
  10. You chose the right numbers, by law you had get your winnings. Spend them wisely. and come back an play again , see if your luck holds op.
  11. Good, The less prepared you are the better.
  12. I do not like to just show up to a party alone and without gifts.
  13. You could not beat a collection of micros. With NG coming in and others waiting in wings what exactly are you planning in doing? Nothing is going to wake up that half dead bloc of your in particular since it has its own internal plotting on each other problems.
  14. It must be frustrating when some micros and a dead alliance have made fools of you on the battle field and in public. Do you understand the level of incompetence that takes from your alliance and this so called bloc? Seriously somebody needs to get a handle on things or you will end up stealing GATOs crown as the worst alliance ever as the world ends.
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