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  1. Sorry about that somebody was suppose to sweep those ashes up, they keep reborning people.
  2. Half of me wants to livestream my glorious conquests on twitch, Bwwwaaaahahhhaaaaahaaaaa Maybe when your done with that you can stream some glorious conquest's of the local pre school in a spelling bee. Maybe you should put the video games down and try real life for a change. You are bragging about a Childs game. Now I am going to take my dogs for a walk on the beach and you should get outside as well.
  3. Pew pew pew come on you know want to dominate a bunch a 12 year olds pew pew pew, don't you want see Junka making children' cry? Or do you think they have outclassed him already and he needs our help?
  4. The poor state opposition trolling is a real problem.
  5. Good to see, it has been to long since The Bad man and Canik were allies.
  6. We killed Sparta awhile ago and the only active member they had left and formed his own alliance.
  7. This one is enough for everyone to cancel treaties with KoTR. I guess somebody had to step up and be Planet Bobs most annoying citizen, Jerdge knows of what he speaks.
  8. Welcome to the party RIA. Now help me get those damn kids off the lawn.
  9. I only hope this guy is for real and is not just trolling. Planet Bob could use some Qanon level of crazy to liven things up.
  10. I do owe GATO. GATO's disastrous performance in Great War Two from at first accidently declaring war on the entire Imitative to its GPA like war fighting skills as I fought beside them in the League was an eye opener. That incompetence lead me to a new path an Unjust Path. Other than that i have no idea what GATO has been doing since. So here is to 15 years of doing whatever it is you do. Maybe you have spent the entire time voting on things idk.
  11. Much to lazy for that but, we are allies so close enough.
  12. So true, I do not even know who I am suppose to troll anymore.
  13. Best of luck. Good to see the Phoenix still hungers.
  14. You really do not understand why they chose certain targets? Or is this suppose to be funny? I don't get you kids today
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