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  1. The Big Bad

    Frozen Orange juice

    Odd in all my years I have never been directly allied to nor directly fought ODN. I suppose one is as good as the other.
  2. The Big Bad

    Dear God I hate discord!

  3. The Big Bad

    Positive Mental Attitude

    I did not know CRAP or TRL still existed as active alliances, they each have less than 20 nations left.
  4. The Big Bad

    Just a random nation passing through...

    I am here just to make sure the bad guys win.
  5. The Big Bad

    Joint Declaration FTW

    This is 2018 on Planet Bob. People randomly attack people all the time. When their is even a flimsy CB it is generally something somebody said, and that is when people even bother with anything beyond we do not like you. This is the world now. Eat or be eaten. Planet Bob has never been fair. My advice to COBRA is, do not be a Junka complaining all day. Step up fight and be done with it. More than ever before on Planet Bob, might makes right.
  6. The Big Bad

    Old Fart needs home

    I think Bob is long gone. Planet Bob is a different animal now. A big alliance has 100 nations. Discord is where people talk. Most of Planet Bob Is in active. My home in Polar has some old timers in it. Not sure about the rest.
  7. The Big Bad

    Blast from the past

    I remember you. Welcome back. Can not speak as to what went down between TPF and NPO as I was long away from the world but I do return to have my say on NPO attacking a long time ally. Not something that went down well on Planet Bob and not something I would guess Pacifica was all that proud of. It is however like many things ancient history.
  8. The Big Bad

    Wait, I thought he already deleted...

    Good luck to Hal.
  9. The Big Bad

    Back from the cryo-stasis cir. 2006/2007

    Planet Bob is in its twilight. Most of the old alliances have faded away. Back in the time of GW2 NPO, GATO and Legion had more nations as members combined than are left on all of Planet Bob now. Welcome to the apocalypse. Good luck.
  10. The Big Bad

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    You are a moron and that makes you an enemy to all of Planet Bob. You are a wanna be bully who gets his ass kicked on a regular basis. The only that unites Planet Bob is pointing and laughing at you.
  11. The Big Bad

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    This is the question you have been asking yourself a long time ago. Why in all of Planet Bob is it only you? Answer that honestly and you can begin to see the path you can take to fix things. Of course I fully expect you to ignore this advice and spout nonsense instead but, you can not say you never gave you good advice.
  12. The Big Bad

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    That is what happens to rogues. It is not as if you were some innocent nations sitting around minding your own business. You can not brag about poking the bear then claim victim status when it eats you. All of this is the result of your actions. Notice this does not happen to anybody else but you. Think on that.
  13. The Big Bad

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    He is just your typical rogue with delusions of grandeur.
  14. The Big Bad

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    This Is so true. He has ensured the security of the hegemony.
  15. The Big Bad

    A Farewell to Arms

    Sadly I do not think anybody cares enough anymore to shed any tears.