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  1. You the old saying: When you can not beat them, go off and play a tank video game with children.
  2. Welcome back old friend. It is a much much different Planet Bob now. Nobody fun left to troll anymore.
  3. I recall attacking GPA at its zenith and it was one of the most poorly fought wars I have ever been a part of. And I have fought just about everybody. It was like somebody handed a bunch of noobs big nations that they had no idea how to use.
  4. Their is no way Mogar can accept FTWs surrender and protect all those nations while they sit under terms. We all know FTW makes the old WAE alliances look high speed. Without protection FTW would collapse out of fear and incompetence. Mogar can not be expected to protect that mess. So he can not accept their surrender.
  5. KoRT is a whorehouse... where the revolutionary ideals of your forefathers... are corrupted and sold in alleys by vendors of capitalism
  6. I do not think most people even know you all are still around much less expect you to entertain. I do not recall NPO doing anything in a very long time. Peoples interest are in other more active types now. NG, FTW, Kashmir, Cobra and the like. NPO as a mover and shaker is something only Planet Bobs elders know about, to new generations NPO is just a tool of FTW when it gets in trouble. Today it is where FTW leads NPO follows. So you have nothing to worry about.
  7. Wife got promoted so we are moving she went ahead to the new place I am finishing up at the old figuring if I should sell it or maybe rent it out. And I do not need the keys to anything other than the right people. And plenty of old souls still hold influence over alliances who can be woke from their slumber for one last cleanse of Planet Bobs current WAE. Rolling GPA last time was way to boring to ever do it again.
  8. Your invitation is accepted. Wife will be out of town for a couple of months. Lets just see what we can do with you shall we? See what I mean about alliances that can not stop making stupid decisions.
  9. Well at least you are aware your allies find you annoying. So why not do something to fix that. Why continue to drive your reputation even lower. I have been on Planet Bob since before the second great war and have seen this same thing happen over and over again. We all know things will end for FTW unless something drastic is done. And I can not figure out of you all are to stupid to see it or you if you think you all somehow are different.
  10. At least people are willing to join and fight under there banner. You know there used to be this really annoying alliance that used to be around and it reminds me of FTW. Talked so much and was so useless that its own allies wanted to roll it. It was Super Nova X, I wondered what happened to that trash heap of an alliance so I looked it up and what did I find? It merged with FTW, that explains so much.
  11. I brought FEAR in with us I do not recall him unless it was after I left.
  12. 2008? I think I was on my first retirement by then. What alliance were you in?
  13. You really need to stop, figure out what is going on, what has been going and then come back and try again. By Admin I miss the days when trolls used to put effort into their work.
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