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  1. To all alliances involved in all sides of this conflict, what you have said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent responses were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on Planet Bob is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may Admin have mercy on your souls
  2. This is hardly a new thing, At its peek growth it CN was far worse and so was the raiding. On top of that only a very small percentage ever show up on OWF anyway. So this is not the issue.
  3. This is hardly a new thing, At its peek growth it CN was far worse and so was the raiding. On top of that only a very small percentage ever show up on OWF anyway. So this is not the issue.
  4. The Big Bad

    Things I find cute

    You know what I find cute? Every war someone has to blather on about how they are killing it and the other side sucks. This goes on until they surrender and blame it all on their allies.
  5. The Big Bad

    So, Invicta?

    I dont know seems Legion is winning and the lastest help is not much help at all. Why call in anyone?
  6. Having played this game at the highest level of its political spectrum I found it a bit dull and way to much work. But as a long time forum troll I have always found it pure fun.
  7. Polar is all I have heard TOP talk about as far back as the start of Q. I do not expect that to change unless Polar or TOP goes away.
  8. Zog is about as honest as they come. This is no secret. So says the Bad, so say we all.
  9. The you are a liar or an idiot. I suspect both.
  10. You do realise you just gave a compliment to anyone that does whine about it right?
  11. Because its boring. Your announcing something people do everyday. If your going to take the time to announce your raiding at least raid something interesting like an alliance or protected tech farms. Right now your doing the same thing as this guy http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=434471 but at least he is not bothering to announce it. Raid some alliances at least then we have something to talk about like "what are you crazy!?!?!" and "good luck with your crusade" and "looks like we better surrender" "Will OTS honor its treaty?" "this could get interesting " For the love of Admin if your going to do it do it right have the 12 days of Sharkmas or something from back when GOONS were at least interesting. Lets face it, all the back door dealing by PB allies (and even a member or two) is going lead to beat down soon so at least people should be having some fun with the time they have left. You need to inspire them. What kind of world is it when GOONS is dull as dirt and people hate them mostly because of things the last GOONS did. When your the bad guys your suppose to have some fun playing the roll. Stir things up. If you a random rogue like you can not come with anything better than annoucing the raids of none no wonder we have a group like PB who should be shaking Bob up but instead is dull as dirt. Is everybody so afraid of a beat down now that even the bad guys of Planet Bob have about as much impact as TDO does?
  12. Only the week and pathetic raid the unaligned. If your going raid, raid alliances at least then it would be slightly interesting.
  13. Wow what a suprise people plotting on GOONS. I am new back to Bob and that seems to pretty much be what half of Planet Bob spends its time doing anymore. Not sure that giving the other groups a list of more alliances that they can recruit from is such a good idea though.
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