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  1. I have not escaped they just open the window and let me yell out of it on occasion. Good to see you back in action. Admin knows this places needs some life.
  2. Welcome back. This alliance seem very familiar to me. Good to JBone escaped the old folks home.
  3. Mostly I am just here to make fun of things like Zigur or your bloc. Required to have a nation for that not required to do anything with it. Think of my nation as your bloc. Worthless.
  4. So far that puts them in same company as The Zigur. And yeah I can kind of see that. Nice of you to put them in the same company I am sure they will appreciate that. If anyone is active enough to notice.
  5. I did not even know if it was an actual bloc I just thought RFI was an insult to that group of alliances. Kind of thought it stood for Rejected From the Initiative, Refugees From Intelligence, Rejected Failed Individuals or such. I just think of them as Ferocitas Compact 2.0. The best way to increase the level of suck in this bloc would be to replace Argent with Sparta.
  6. Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Sure, sure, why the first thing people think when hearing never ending insufferable whining and begging for attention is alpha male. Oh thanks for the good laugh.
  7. Toddlers, dogs, and young ladies always seem to like the Bad. The last does not sit to well with my wife. And all of them tend to be smarter than me.
  8. It is like a train wreck, you can not look away. Although at this point it is just getting sad. It is no fun even prodding him at this point. I am guessing going on about video games is not great for his dating life.
  9. You are here to try and impress us while copying others ideas. Yes betters. For example none of us would bother to try and impress you. We don't care. Its just getting sad.
  10. LOL oh this is rich, next you will going on about your great success catching Pokémon. Nice to see a group of adults beating a bunch of kids on a free to play mobile arcade game. I am sure the geopolitics and diplomacy is amazing. Again why you bring this nonsense here begging for the attention of your betters is beyond me. If you want to impress people here do something here. Nobody cares if you are a pokemon master or win at a pew pew game.
  11. Yes Walford that is the name. Was always fun stumbling on one his nests of none alliances and smashing them. Ah the good old days of coups, none plots, color politics, spies, nuke rogues and building empires.
  12. Now its a party. All we need now is that guy from GATO who used to try and organize the none nations. Also, hello Ivan, welcome to the end of days.
  13. You are a loon. I am limited by nothing. I am here to watch the end days. Not watch you prattle on about nonsense. At least try and have a little dignity. The one way you will never redeem your constant failures on Planet Bob is to babble on about great victories over tweens.
  14. Child you are not worthy of carrying The Bad's jockstrap. Now take you and stench a failure be gone.
  15. NPO is not going to follow you into a world of 12 year old's on a mobile game. Go recruit at the playground.
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