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  1. I only hope this guy is for real and is not just trolling. Planet Bob could use some Qanon level of crazy to liven things up.
  2. I do owe GATO. GATO's disastrous performance in Great War Two from at first accidently declaring war on the entire Imitative to its GPA like war fighting skills as I fought beside them in the League was an eye opener. That incompetence lead me to a new path an Unjust Path. Other than that i have no idea what GATO has been doing since. So here is to 15 years of doing whatever it is you do. Maybe you have spent the entire time voting on things idk.
  3. Much to lazy for that but, we are allies so close enough.
  4. So true, I do not even know who I am suppose to troll anymore.
  5. Best of luck. Good to see the Phoenix still hungers.
  6. You really do not understand why they chose certain targets? Or is this suppose to be funny? I don't get you kids today
  7. Well yeah that has been NPO for decade at least, nobody would really deny it.
  8. I suspect somebody was reading some Planer Bob history and hey way back we used to just claim people broke treaty terms and we could attack them to when were bored. Lets do that again.
  9. Oh What about Thorne, Ivan and that RV guy?
  10. I do not even remember a war with them and that is not a good sign. I do not enjoy beating on dead nations. However looking at what they are doing now do you deny they suck? Cause I could go into the past a find even Sparta not completely falling apart in war and it would not change the fact they do now. I mean I remember when GOD killed CCC that was an enjoyable DoW.
  11. I get that KORT is incompetent and seems to have the fighting ability somewhere between Sparta and GPA so it is hard to consider them a boogie man and more just a waste of oxygen. Still at least something is happening. And that is a good thing no matter how you paint it.
  12. Now that is pretty old. To put things in perspective All the nations left on Planet Bob would would barley fill up GATO and the Legion from the old days.
  13. I applaud CLAWS for stepping up being Planet Bobs new bad guys flexing around and giving people something to unite against. NPO dozed off a few years ago and nobody else has stepped up to play the role.
  14. Finding anybody active enough in Sparta to get that kind of detail is not likely.
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