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  1. Spot has been closed with the pending addition of Frezze to the circle.
  2. We need a trader with water and uranium (or can change resources). Please message me if you want to join.
  3. You need to change the name of your AA

    1. Joshua Issac

      Joshua Issac

      Thanks, AA updated.

  4. It is sad to have to say goodbye to Pax Corvus, which has been my alliance since the day my nation was born. However, as a phoenix must die to be reborn, so it is time for Pax Corvus to end to make way for something new. /o Pax Corvus /o The Sandstorm Confederacy /o Children of the Morrighan
  5. I see the above by clicking the Black Team Proposals item under Team Information. Both links named "here" lead to <http://www.cybernations.net/team_news_comments.asp?ID=3795>. This is the comment thread for ARRR Pirates. The second one should lead to <http://www.cybernations.net/team_news_comments.asp?ID=3791>, which is the correct comment thread for Support For New Nations.
  6. No-one is forced to sign an MnDoAP. Such treaties mean that alliances do not have to care as much about whom their allies befriend.
  7. Government: Switch to Revolutionary - gives you 5% reduction on bills Improvements: You only need to keep your labour camps (-10% infrastructure upkeep costs each), harbour (for trade) and foreign ministry (for aid). You can buy the others back later. Trade circle: I've messaged Oloros to get you in his trade circle, which gives a 21% reduction on your infrastructure bill.
  8. With Viluin's addition, this circle is now complete.
  9. We need aluminium and iron again. Send me an IGM if you can supply these and want to join our trade circle.
  10. Three, none of them related to infrastructure bills: 2/4/2016 3/5/2016 Your closest advisor has died and you need to find a replacement, someone who you can trust to lead both you and your nation in the right direction. Option selected. See Current Response. Option 2: Appoint a prominent environmentalist. 2 points of improvement to environment. 1/31/2016 3/1/2016 A group of citizens have petitioned for the renovation or rebuilding of a damaged section of old highway. Option selected. See Current Response. Option 1: Build a new highway section and close down the old section. Land area -10%. 1/25/2016 2/24/2016 Green Peace activists within your nation are calling on the government to create a national Earth Day holiday. They claim that this holiday will serve to remind our citizens to appreciate their environment. Option selected. See Current Response. Option 2: Ignore these protesters and hold a speech to remind our citizens that work must come first before concerns over the environment. Citizen income +$2.00.
  11. I was paying around $9.7m per day in total bills. Recently, the black sphere had an event that reduced this to around $9.6m, but the event has now expired. However, I now notice that even my infrastructure bills alone come to nearly $10.1m. That is a rise of $400k, when I have not changed my trades, bought infrastructure or got events that affect infrastructure maintenance cost. I have read of other people in my alliance facing the same issue (of an unexpected rise in infrastructure bills such that they exceed the total bill from before). Why is this happening? Is anyone else experiencing the same?
  12. We need a member with Iron and Aluminium to complete this circle. If you are interested, then send me an IGM. EDIT: This circle is now complete.
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