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  1. You're a saint, this world needs more compassion like this
  2. The Equilibrium coalition was a very cynical affair of a number of different groups who didn't trust one another working towards a common goal, which was toppling Doom House. The problem is that NPO was working to establish a postwar hegemony where they would inherit C&G from DoomHouse and turn around and attack their erstwhile allies in the part of the Equilibrium Coalition not controlled by them. It was for this reason that NPO granted C&G a free hand to counter whoever they wanted without any retaliation. The purpose of this was to enable a dual purpose war, where C&am
  3. Apologies to my opponents, I forgot about the war and ended up playing Shadowrun Hong Kong
  4. I write letters to the server farm through the postal service, I live in a bunker deep beneath the desert with no electricity
  5. Sup bro, I've returned briefly to the world too
  6. That sounds lame, where do I upgrade my weapons
  7. Where is the win button, usually there's a button where I pay dolar and win game
  8. Plz halp don't know how 2 play game
  9. Yeah it updates every 12 hours, in the early morning and then in the afternoon, CN time
  10. I could probably do warstats for that haha, we've still got the data
  11. Lucky for you guys it's pretty easy for me to set these things up http://rialliance.net/warstats.php
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