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  1. Going to have to agree with Myth here, the idea that there's such a thing as justice on planet Bob is a cruel joke at best
  2. Their former alliance owner forgot to collect taxes
  3. I agree with Steve about people being too busy looking towards the next war to commit to the one they're fighting, I think the last great war where there wasn't some postwar agenda warping the way the war was fought was Grudge. Even as early as the Dave war I remember a lot of alliances were prepping for the Eq war even then, and pushing that agenda to get everything lined up for Eq before Dave was even over.
  4. Alliances that get into the habit of finessing wars in this fashion tend not to get very many willing participants in their future campaigns
  5. I feel the need to comment on this issue due to this possibly being the most egregious case of treaty chess I have seen in some time. Treaty chess is the cynical exploitation of treaties built around trust, common interest and friendship between two or more alliances in order to negate the ability of an alliance to receive assistance from their allies. This can take two forms: 1) Chain-baiting. Chain-baiting is the result of an alliance having a treaty or treaties that make it extremely inconvenient to directly attack, thus triggering all manner of defensive treaties. The treaty-chess playe
  6. I believe I've been called out :v I have a big mirror right next to me, my hair is fabulous
  7. I'm not making value judgments or saying might makes moral, but if you go against the current of what is the consensus, you might get props on the OWF from a few bystanders, but in terms of ingame action, you are treated like a mad dog to be put down. I'm also not saying that you should avoid doing so, I've certainly seen my share of attempts of various alliances looking to put RIA down once and for all.
  8. This phrase, "Might Makes Right" I have been seeing this a lot lately, used to criticize both coalitions. The Doom Squad coalition using the phrase to morally criticize the Disorder War, and the Polar coalition using the phrase to criticize the actions of alliances such as the Doombirds who attack people several times smaller than they are on a regular basis. The problem is, might does make right. It is not a pithy phrase, we live in a brutal world where the law of the jungle reigns supreme. The only reason there is any peace or safety for anyone in this world is the various consequences that
  9. I completely disagree, I think declaring war on an alliance in order to start a broader conflict is itself a Casus Belli. Casus Belli or Case for War is a justification that you use to justify a conflict to yourself and the rest of the world. If your cause for war is good enough for those who would support you and justification enough to declare war, then it is a valid cause for war. No war is ever just for the target of war, but there is a belief that if the Casus Belli for a war is found to be flawed, that would fatally undermine the aggressive war coalition, so people will attack "the CB"
  10. The whole concept of poaching is kind of absurd. In non-democratic alliances or clique democracies, leaving for greener pastures is often the only real way for your voice to be heard, voting with your feet as it where.
  11. The main forums were moderated into oblivion between 2007-2010 at which point all serious politics and discussions moved to alliance boards, IRC and Skype. Even though moderation is less draconian, this forum remains a place to announce things and then make snarky comments about said announcements (but not too snarky, that would be against the rules) and effectively nothing else. Maybe only 10% of the player base ever reads anything posted here, and half of them don't even have an account.
  12. It's easy to be moral when you have no power, the test of a nation or alliance is when they have real power. Nations taking responsibility for their mistakes is true morality, as is staying your hand when you have the power to destroy utterly those who wronged you.
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