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  1. Lord GrimSin

    The Ellen Show

    I know the history but u dont know me now ur in my sights and u have given me a reason to want ur end, as for the blood u have spilled its nothing compared to what coming ur way, U said it ur self Its the first day just give it a minute and we'll see how u feel, Also U do know ur wars wont end till were satisfied and our only satisfaction is ur Complet Destruction, till u cant even pay ur bills, shoot why dont u ask Roal36 how it go's he knows. anyways, I SAID GOOD DAY!
  2. Lord GrimSin

    The Ellen Show

    I'm always loud when u rattle my cage, and as for reset time i was getting My wanker wet u see i dont get blue balls its to bad u do. I know war and for a nation my size the first battles will aways be this bloody but "U have to give Time Space or it will swallow u and bring Forth ur Demise" This is the Space Between the Time, and ur at the top right now but soon the table's will turn then we'll see how u feel till then dont expect me in any fuquing fox hole, why u think i got up so early for as soon as u would have seen our DOW u would have ran to peace mode in ur little fox hole so keep ur idi¤tic ideas to yourself i wont be running trust Me ur done for theres nothing to run away from.
  3. Lord GrimSin

    The Ellen Show

    Furthermore for the reasons of Spying on my nation and the nations of my COBRA Brethren, and for just being YOU the Dou€h£ of TIE, i declare INFINITE WARFARE with ur nation and like ur friend Roal36 or what does he go by now a days Landofogre, hope other's follow in the Destruction of ur nation, I wrote it on the caption of my nation and i wasn't playing with u, good day.
  4. Lord GrimSin

    The Ellen Show

    War, War is not a blessing it is a sign, a sign of change that is upon u, are u prepared for the change, are u ready for ur end, and are u awaiting ur failure, is ur demise ur goal here on this front, can u hear the screams of ur nation begging for peace, well I can and we haven't even started yet, U have made ur own demise by acting like a child and now the voices in ur head don't agree with the monster under ur bed So u're left with a lullaby and the sand man is coming to town to drag u and ur voices down to the Ground were u belong. U wanted COBRA's attention well u've got it and all that comes with Fuquing with us. Lord GrimSin.
  5. Lord GrimSin

    TIE takes a NAP (FTW treaty)

    LMFAO this is like a comedy club eccept better good luck Fellowship o/ FTW
  6. Thats exactly what i thought it must be that dummy, from the way he acts(cowardly) and how he refers to everyone, he even wants to stage a takeover, what Are u in a hurry to get Disintagrated again, lol
  7. That sounds very Idiotic i feel like posting a DOW on what is it again winter wolfs, but Yeah bring all cowards and traitors together in one place make it easier for us to find U, lol ur a joke man Seriously u sound just like............ no it cant be
  8. Lord GrimSin

    Dance Dance Revolution

    LMFAO this is LEGEN wait for it...... DARY, LEGENDARY
  9. Lord GrimSin

    Dance Dance Revolution

    Gangstas dont Dance we Boogie, With that said, CAN U DIGG IT!!! Hahaha o7
  10. Congrats Ladys And Gentlemen great merger, best of luck in all ur endeavors. o7
  11. Lol well put comrade
  12. Lord GrimSin

    Cantankerous announcement

    Keep digging roal im sure ull get nowhere soon, oh wait ur already there, and no matter how u put it ur a RUNAWAY i know i saw u running away while we stood and fought, Hey something u probably didn't know is that i was offerd the same peace offer by sephoroth, and my exact response was, only if my comrades get peace as well if not id rather burn with them instead of watching them burn alone, the next day u peaced out with him and left COBRA, then u came back demanding to take control, shoot u were wrong then and ur wrong now, also i knew u where a little rat from the beginning as predicted ask my brother GK.
  13. Lord GrimSin

    Cantankerous announcement

    Really couse it looks like ur getting ur a$§ kicked from here as predicted