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  1. Exactly, I was not anticipating a war at all. I minded my own business and told everyone to do the same. Not everyone got the memo. Just when we got Guaravita to stop raiding people this OWF drama happened.
  2. I don't intend to be smurfing against new nations after 1,310 days which is why such conflicts are just a waste of my time and OoT's. There's a reason why I never posted on the OWF or intervened in any conflict, and there's no reason I am going to start now. Regardless, thank you for your advice and your well wishes. You happened to hit the only two individuals other than myself who actually care about growing in OoT and I'm glad they put up a good fight.
  3. We can't all have martyrdom complexes. Some of us live to win not fight for the sake of fighting.
  4. Oy vey no matter what you do people will complain
  5. Ashamed? Of doing the rational thing? Never.
  6. The Order of Tenebris (OoT) hereby surrenders to the combined forces of SLAP, AM, COBRA and The A-Team. We have agreed peace at the conclusion of current wars expiring, and no new wars shall be declared. 1. Roal gets a lifetime ban from OoT, TTK, and any TTK protectorates, now and in the future. 2. SLAP and AM can continue to attack Fire Dragons until they are satisfied. 3. OoT will stop talking bad about SLAP, AM, COBRA, and the Mujahideen on all venues, and especially the OWF. 4. Democratic Cambodia will issue an apology to Nord (in the form of slam poetry) for his offensive nati
  7. Kanabis, you know very well we were prepared to give you what you want before this war began, and we still are. What are your coalition's demands against OoT? What is it that we were expected to do? If we are only given the option to fight, then all we can do is fight. It matters not if it was Roal36's mistake or not, all we can do is learn from current mistakes and avoid them in the future.
  8. Nobody is going rogue. Catankerous Badasses is a perfectly legitimate alliance and we wish them the best of luck in their war on our mutual slithery enemy. A cobra is never a match for a mongoose.
  9. Yeah this worked fine for us since we mostly kept to ourselves and just adhered to our tech deals. We didn't expect anyone to know, just expected someone to tell us when they have a problem with us. That is a moot point regardless; people are just butthurt that Roal triggered them and they're taking it out on us (and the fact that OoT is an old enemy of VG didn't help). I'm not here to reason with our attackers, as if they were reasonable they wouldn't be attacking. I'm just clearing up our situation for the record.
  10. It is functional and active AFTER this restructuring... Before that we did things by consensus. Before Roal36 joined us, the alliance was basically just me and my trade circle plus inactives. Guaravita and I were promoted without being given official positions during this period so we were de facto in charge, but we did not speak in the name of the alliance except when we were mediating conflicts. My only purpose was to mentor my trade circle on how to grow their nations, and a quiet micro that had DT and TTK protection was perfect for us. We had only two incidents - when Josef K w
  11. It's obvious alliances do whatever they want so long as they can get away with it - that's the nature of politics. If we're being raided over pettiness so be it, I just want people not to have any illusions about why there is a war. But yes, we need new treaties - our old micro partners appear to be mostly defunct.
  12. I agree that OoT has had a lot of internal dysfunction, hence this hurried announcement to rectify that blunder. But it's still not our fault the attacking alliances refused to observe basic diplomatic protocols and simply chose to pounce because of personal grudges; any of the higher ranking members of the AA, Roal included, would have been open to discussion whether it's about Guaravita's raids, Roal's remarks on the OWF, or the admission of Fire Dragons. We have had raid disputes in the past and those were quickly resolved diplomatically so it's not like there's no one to talk to. The beef
  13. No use talking to people who cannot read Roal, the announcement says it unequivocally for anyone interested.
  14. After two years of semi-anarchy in which it was abandoned by its original members, the Order of Tenebris hereby restructures itself into an organized alliance with a functional and active government. Government of the Order of Tenebris Supreme Leader Tyronia Grand Wazeer Nightside Wazeer of Foreign Affairs Roal36 Wazeer of Defense Guaravita Chief of Staff Fire Dragons Our alliance is primarily a Maroon alliance, though we welcome members from other teams. Our main protection treaties are with
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