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  1. You are wrong on so much, and this is another example of that being the case. Anyone who was actually involved in the situation knew that what got IRON in trouble was poor leadership in the run up to, and the earliest stages of the war, in that they were telling different groups different things, and their own membership even different things from that. If you think anything VE was doing was "prodding" IRON, you are sorely mistaken and have no idea of the level of relationship we carried through that war. LoSS begged for an entry so they wouldn't find themselves chained to the other side. I ha
  2. http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-harold-ramis-dead-20140224,0,2259309.story They don't make movies like they did during his heyday, but he is one of the pioneers of the 80's Reagan-era fight-the-power style movies. His humor was as intelligent as anyone writing and directing movies has ever been, and that intelligence is what lets his movies hold up today while many others from the era simply can't hold on. The movies all had a heart to them. There were the occasional gross-out scenes, and vulgarity, but overall the movies were tone-based, in that it was the overall themes that
  3. Honestly, if you want to make your mark in the community in a positive way, this is a good way to do it, not through your forum posting. The interview is wildly biased, but you (seem to) make no pretensions about being unbiased, and therefore, taken at face-value, these on-the-record interviews make for very fun reads.
  4. The sad thing from this is that what you say will still lower many people's opinions of HB, because you are associated with them far more than their actual government is. But it is a good step forward for HB for sure, as some people are absolutely not government material.
  5. It seems like you call Umb "filth" and NG "polarizing", but you seem to be describing them similarly. People that don't love NG probably think they're filth, and those that love Umb probably feel similarly about them as you feel about NG.
  6. Goldie


    With regard to your NPO section: That road goes both ways, because it is NPO's attempts to push themselves to the place they were at before that makes them the target of alliances, and they have a history of shoving people aside for their own ends. Those are the kinds of things not easily forgotten, so it leaves them in a place where they find themselves a 'fall back' target.
  7. "VE was on the verge of surrender after a long and retarded negotiation in which QueenHailee asked for input then went manic and disappeared when she received it, then--while preaching to all of us about our selfish idiocy over DH terms--NPO derailed the VE surrender in a weeklong battle over getting their name in the surrender-to list. Then NPO convened DH peace negotiations against the will of the vast majority of the coalition, thus precluding VE's surrender at all since they knew they could just hang out for whole-Umbrella peace. Thus we lost the crucial serious first surrender." Kind o
  8. Star Wars came out in 1977, not 1969. Episode III is pretty much the only watchable movie from the prequels, which isn't saying much. CGI, when impeccably used, and used to enhance the natural images you see on the screen, can add a depth to a movie that you simply can't replicate without either exorbitant cost, or can't do, period. Look at the LOTR movies for an example of CGI being used as a tool to supplement what is going on, the battle of Helm's Deep being a perfect example, where CGI has taken hundreds of orc warriors and replicated them enough to look like tens of thousands, but doing
  9. I remember it being a lot longer than a week before PB-NpO, but it is hilarious looking back at how perfectly fine certain people were with NpO getting stomped then, who then turned around and tried to keep NpO from getting it when they actually got hit.
  10. You mean there was a time and place in where just by one declaration you could hit JB, Fran, JorJor, Daggarz, and yourself? Man, sign me up for that.
  11. Goldie

    'Sup Irene.

    The beers are a six pack of Sierra Nevada Torpedo IIPA, a bomber of Long Trail Double IPA, and a bottle of Dogfish World Wide Stout. And of course, the Champagne of Beers.
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