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  1. You are wrong on so much, and this is another example of that being the case. Anyone who was actually involved in the situation knew that what got IRON in trouble was poor leadership in the run up to, and the earliest stages of the war, in that they were telling different groups different things, and their own membership even different things from that. If you think anything VE was doing was "prodding" IRON, you are sorely mistaken and have no idea of the level of relationship we carried through that war. LoSS begged for an entry so they wouldn't find themselves chained to the other side. I ha
  2. VE would like to be represented on the forums with our shiny new pip.
  3. October 31, 2014 / Cybernations Day 3220 / Sanction Race Update #2496 ASR on CN Wiki The Apathy Report ASR on Twitter . Did You Know? 852 days might be the longest time ever between an alliance's sanction appearances. . [hr] 01 (▶0) [343] (+1) Independent Republic of Orange Nations : 77.82 --> 78.00 (+0.18) 02 (▶0) [239] (+3) Green Protection Agency : 73.22 --> 73.43 (+0.21) 03 (▶0) [148] (+0) World Task Force : 61.47 --> 61.53 (+0.06) 04 (▶0) [342] (+0) New Pacific Order : 59.59 --> 59.76 (+0.17) 05 (▶0) [295] (+1) New Polar Order : 51.67 --> 51.85 (+0.18) 06
  4. If the car uses synthetic oil, and always has (i.e. every single oil change its ever had has been with synthetic) then you can go upward of 6000 miles, although that's generally the number you want to get it at. Any other car that uses regular oil, or ever has used regular oil, 3000 miles is generally the rule of thumb.
  5. Sure we decide to natural growth .24 after the knockout. Good game MI6.
  6. I thought it read that the .1 and .01 would be added, not averaged.
  7. You said score added in your after extra time post, then score averaged in your last one. Your fuzzy enforcement of rules would make even FIFA blush :P
  8. Anyone know how to do this on a mobile device (android)?
  9. http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-harold-ramis-dead-20140224,0,2259309.story They don't make movies like they did during his heyday, but he is one of the pioneers of the 80's Reagan-era fight-the-power style movies. His humor was as intelligent as anyone writing and directing movies has ever been, and that intelligence is what lets his movies hold up today while many others from the era simply can't hold on. The movies all had a heart to them. There were the occasional gross-out scenes, and vulgarity, but overall the movies were tone-based, in that it was the overall themes that
  10. Honestly, if you want to make your mark in the community in a positive way, this is a good way to do it, not through your forum posting. The interview is wildly biased, but you (seem to) make no pretensions about being unbiased, and therefore, taken at face-value, these on-the-record interviews make for very fun reads.
  11. The sad thing from this is that what you say will still lower many people's opinions of HB, because you are associated with them far more than their actual government is. But it is a good step forward for HB for sure, as some people are absolutely not government material.
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