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  1. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    On behalf of Viridian Entente.........

    800+ days old and not even at a million casualties... you are so cute.   I would also like to say, I really enjoy the gumption of this guy.  Dropping wars everywhere, just a savage move on his part.
  2. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Oculus' Second Decree

    Hey I have 2 guys to hit now!  I didnt get to hit anyone fun in MI6/TPF, so lets hope these guys show some spirit!   good luck TPF
  3. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Oculus Decree

    Seriously, i may just go join MI6 so atleast ill have all the targets i could ever possibly want.
  4. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Oculus Decree

    How do I only have one target right now... ONE TARGET?  The best fighter in CN, and I get one lousy target...  MI6 please help me out, and toss some declarations my way.
  5. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    18th isnt bad WM, granted its still 2 slots behind me.
  6. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Message Intercepted

    Well good sir, I am in your club house with my boots on your coffee table drinking your beer, making a general mess of things, lets see those cajoles.
  7. hail something something something.
  8. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Autumn 2014 Warstats

    if you showed up around update, you could have launched a few more nukes...   noooo someone needs to sleep.... worst excuse ever.
  9. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Does anyone ground attack anymore?

    Even if that is the case and the war odds aren't crazy different, the tech/land you are stealing from them vs what they are stealing from you tactically doesn't make it necessarily worth it for them.   I just know earlier this war, I had around 20k tech, and my opponent had around 10k tech, and he had more troops than I did, and I still had over 60% odds on him.
  10. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Does anyone ground attack anymore?

    Even if they coordinate, if you are fighting 4 20k tech nations, you have 3 times the tech, and that gives you a huge odds advantage, I know this because even having a 5-10k tech advantage this war on some of my opponents prevents them from winning any GAs against me, even after a nuke and coordination.   Also, running GAs against you, also means you can roll out on them, and I dont even want to know how much tech/land you steal per GA, But I am guessing that you can probably make up for most of those losses with a few GAs.  So tactically its basically pointless to try.
  11. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Does anyone ground attack anymore?

    I GA all the time.  And that includes when this last war started and I was still in the TOP 250.   Its the best way to lessen your tech losses.  if your opponent is still buying troops, I just make sure I buy more infra than them, so they cant win any counters, and I win 95% of my GAs.   But realistically running GAs against you super top tier guys is pointless, between your huge land values, and huge tech advantage, its almost impossible to beat you in a GA.
  12. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Peace in our time

    To be fair this could have ended almost a month and half ago, if Polar got moving and not wasted over a month on the sideline.   Good fight TOP!
  13. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Autumn 2014 Warstats

    I didn't think I would be able to pull it off, because alot of the open nations in TOP were turtling, and high tech IRON nations that would get nuking rights over me, but I managed to scrap a few extra NS of damage, and drop a nuke or two on Crymson to FINALLY! let me pass you.    I couldn't of done it without having some great opponents, so thanks MI6 and TOP!
  14. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Autumn 2014 Warstats

    Lets get this updated now that i am pretty sure i am number one in terms of damage done.