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  1. The only information I took from this is that my battle buddy tayloj is a girl, I did not know that.
  2. I am pretty sure he just tore you to shreds with that pizza hut comment. I also appreciate that you admitted to being an internet tough guy in your disclosure at the bottom.
  3. Its a shame you have no credibility, because this could have been a good read.
  4. Wait a sec, Shatt liked what we did? Hey Impero, boss, I'm thinking we might have made a mistake, is it to late to reconstitute BE?
  5. I wonder if its bad luck, or you don't have a clue with what you are doing when buying correct components. Prime minister, if you have a high-end computer, why are you overclocking your computer, unless you are actually trying to break your computer, which you have already admitted to doing pretty successfully in the past.
  6. What really makes this sad is that if this picture is real (I assume it is, but could really care less) is that would mean that you are currently in your 40s. The fact that you, as a grown man, feel the need to write this out and justify something to some random idiot on the internet is pathetic. If I was the NPO guy I would love to contact your former boss or your best-man to confirm the picture. Because I would think once they hang up the phone or answer that email, their next call would be to you, with the question of what the hell is wrong with you, why did you give out my contact info, and grow up. So I guess my point here is, you are embarrassing yourself, if you were some 15 year old kid whatever, but you are an adult, act like it.
  7. so when he says face the consequences does that mean legion will declare war then promptly send 95% of their nations into peacemode?
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