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  1. Baltus

    The 'C' word

    Good luck Daj. Hope you're back to good health ASAP.
  2. I imagine a modern day Viceory would be Alliance Owner in-game and have some sort of adminship on the off site forums (instead of ownership). It'd be interesting if it came back but a pain to oversee from what I understand.
  3. Yeah I noticed that too. It's funny but now not having nukes after a couple months is bad.
  4. Baltus

    Pacifica Sphere

    Organizing the complicated into 3 district spheres doesn't really do it justice. It's a lot more complex but you are correct in that these are the alliances defending NPO.
  5. I'll take what I can get. Thanks Rush.
  6. Baltus

    Tournament Round 26

    This. Is there any chance that any of these updates will be transferred over to SE?
  7. She is in Mortal Wombat.
  8. Baltus

    Lapdogs and You.

    I would only jump for you Rush.
  9. It should work for all channels as long as you have access. You can view the list: /ns ajoin list I don't think you can change the order. They're ordered by the first channel you enter being first, the second channel being second, and so on.
  10. /ns ajoin add <channel> Every time you identify, you will be connected to all channels on that list.
  11. Ignoring the jab at the CB, I'm glad we can agree on this. War is a must. I'm waiting for those one month long wars.
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