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  1. Now there's an idea - the fall of nations. Not a global reset or time limit, but a randomly-generated event chain that simulates a nation's fall. Military failure, crumbling infrastructure, population upheaval. You can't predict it, you can try and fight it, but sooner or later it will happen to you. Could end up being very frustrating if executed wrong, but could also allow for some decent mobility for younger nations.
  2. Yeah but all the cool mods like me
  3. I like to come back and poke this place with a stick every now and then. Seeing if it still moves and all that.
  4. sup jerdge, You wanted to know why people left CN, and I'll respond with a question of my own - what more did we hope to get out of the game? What more did we hope to accomplish, and would it be worth the time & effort required to achieve it? All the big names who have left would probably have seen everything the game had to offer. We'd won wars and we lost wars. We'd (hopefully) bounced back from defeats, and we'd been knocked down after victories. We'd probably done every type of work imaginable within an alliance. We'd optimized our nations, built to optimal infra, amassed warchests that would put Google to shame. If we were lucky, we found a tech and trade circle that didn't fall apart every month - and those who were really lucky found someone with five brothers to be part of it. We'd had countless arguments about dumb, inane things both within and outside our alliances, and seen the RL/CN line crossed far too many times. We'd stayed up until 1 AM just to hit F5 forever and then have 25 nukes blocked in a row. So, I ask you - what more did the game have to offer? What else would we want to achieve, knowing that most things had already been done, and the things that hadn't would require far too great an investment of time and effort for even a minimal chance of succeeding? At a certain point, you know that you don't have any more goals or any more experiences to get out of the game, and logging in every 20 days becomes a futile exercise. You also start to realise that, even if there were things you wanted to accomplish, your time spent on this game can no longer be a priority. Everyone is in the same boat - we're all a decade (or more) older than we were when this started - and our ability to commit the required effort to accomplish our goals reflects that, especially when there's a diminished payoff because no experience is new anymore. There may be a small hope that someone else will take up the mantle, but we lose interest if no one does. In all honesty, I feel like you (ironically) summed this up quite nicely in your OP:
  5. If the Sanction Race was still a thing, "What is the point of this game?" would definitely be today's Did You Know bit.
  6. Effective December 31st of this year, I will be ending my involvement with the Sanction Race. Simply put; after eight long years, the Sanction Race is no longer something that I enjoy doing. It has become a chore rather than an interest - something that has carried on only due to inertia of expectation - something the frequent streaks of irregular updates only serve to make more clear. I would like to thank the dozens of people who have helped with updates throughout the years, especially during the early days when it was just getting started - Supri and Diomede were particularly active at the time; as were Adrian LaCroix, Arcadian Empire, and a handful of others who have momentarily escaped my mind; Logan, for (re-)starting the whole thing in the first place, whichever hapless mod made the sorry decision to pin the damn topic and stop it from disappearing within a few weeks; the legions of people who helped with small, periodic updates along the way; and finally, to all of you who enjoyed it, posted comments, left feedback, trash-talked your opponents, and argued about numbers throughout the Sanction Race, Warstats, and Survivor series - you provided the energy to keep it going for so long, and I couldn't have done it without you. Keeping the Sanction Race for so many years has always been an honour, and the gratitude and thanks I've received from it has always been most welcome. It was a pleasure and a privilege to do something like this for so long, and though our paths will cross less frequently in the future, I wish each and every one of you all the best moving forward. Love, Gopher. Why now? When I started doing weekly updates so many years ago, it just so happened that I did it on a Thursday, and it's been Thursday ever since. Two Thursdays from now will not only align with a month-end update, but also a quarterly update and *also* a year-end update. Combined with this being the eight year anniversary of the Sanction Race and the ten (yes, ten) year anniversary of Cybernations, it seemed like a good clean-cut milestone to end off at. Can I convince you to reconsider? No. The light at the end of the tunnel was the only thing keeping it until now. Is this because NPO beat you up? No. This decision was made at least three months ago. Are you leaving CN? No. Not yet, at least, or unless admin discovers my multis. Is someone else taking over the Sanction Race? I have made no such arrangements. Can I threaten you to reconsider? No. Well, you can, but I'd be very sad because my infra still has that new car smell and I don't think admin offers a warranty.
  7. Specifically wishing us Merry Christmas? omg mod bias
  8. I'll be unavailable to do ASR updates from the 16th through to the 20th. Would anyone be available to do them during my absence?
  9. I'm really not sure that stabbing you with a sword repeatedly is the best way of removing cancer...
  10. Gopherbashi

    The 'C' word

    Hope everything is good for you bud. Please know that I am willing to press my claim as Emperor of Polaris if you need it at all during this time.
  11. I just want to say, I'm so glad that we can finally do a proper bracket challenge for the NHL.
  12. Every single comment above reflects my feelings on this post.
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