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  1. If that doesn't boil CN down to a single statement, I don't know what does.
  2. I'm sometimes tempted to reactivate my nation and see if I'm in bill lock yet I'm also sometimes tempted to delete my old nation and start a new one just for the experience
  3. Yes but it's so much more enjoyable to actively toy with their emotions. Did I?.... Or was it just an incredibly involved fake application? 🤫
  4. Jerdge, you just have to do what I did when MI6 wouldn't leave me alone. Troll them with fake applications.
  5. I just check in every now and then to see if someone's posted how many nations are left.
  6. Now there's an idea - the fall of nations. Not a global reset or time limit, but a randomly-generated event chain that simulates a nation's fall. Military failure, crumbling infrastructure, population upheaval. You can't predict it, you can try and fight it, but sooner or later it will happen to you. Could end up being very frustrating if executed wrong, but could also allow for some decent mobility for younger nations.
  7. I like to come back and poke this place with a stick every now and then. Seeing if it still moves and all that.
  8. sup jerdge, You wanted to know why people left CN, and I'll respond with a question of my own - what more did we hope to get out of the game? What more did we hope to accomplish, and would it be worth the time & effort required to achieve it? All the big names who have left would probably have seen everything the game had to offer. We'd won wars and we lost wars. We'd (hopefully) bounced back from defeats, and we'd been knocked down after victories. We'd probably done every type of work imaginable within an alliance. We'd optimized our nations, built to optimal
  9. The "Hey, you're at 21 days" email was a good trigger. Might as well just accept it. I have a trade partner from 2008. Wanted to keep that going just because I could.
  10. Probably gave a few extra years of activity - gave me something to do in this game rather than log in and collect taxes every few weeks.
  11. Because I'm far more of a bureaucrat or administrator than a diplomat - I never had the desire, patience, or skill to play the political game.
  12. My nation is probably at around 27 days inactive by this point, and I don't think I'm going to log in to save it this time. My apologies to Power, who has been my trade partner since 2008. Since I've been around for a long time and have done (way too much) stuff here, some people might want questions answered before I leave. Feel free to ask whatever you want and I'll see what I can remember about it.
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