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  1. I considered buying 10k infra to pass Hime, but I'm trying to get into the 100 billion warchest club
  2. Stewie my friend, I got you to reconsider leaving last time, but I don't think I can do so this time. Not that I want to anyway. Gains be with you. I'll always be there if you need a spot.
  3. Yep. Back in my PC days, before I could field over 150k troops, coordinated attacks with your war buddies was always the best way to crush GA's and maximize land gains. Then deploy home so they can't beat you in a counter attack. Sell racks, GCs, lower defcon and cancel trades. If its still too high that's on you homie.
  4. All you have to do to be profitable is loot more from offensive ground attacks than damage you'll take from 6 nukes + 12 or more CMs. Real raiders don't lose GAs. This usually starts to happen around the 10k+ tech mark though, there are notable exceptions of really good fighters in the lower tier.
  5. Sound like you're getting your lines from thespindoctor.
  6. Please make another thread marveling at Cuba's infra
  7. Cum at me bro This is Samus you're talking to lol
  8. The thing is there is no penalty whatsoever for leaving your nation defenseless and without law enforcement. It's like The Purge 24/7 over there except for 3 weeks in a row. They just buy troops on the last day of the back collect, collect taxes, and immediately delete them. Either that's a bug or it's a complete exploit of mechanics.
  9. It's literally right on the homepage
  10. Again, huge difference between increased infra count requiring more soldiers AND deliberately selling off your nations entire military, suffering no financial consequences period. Matter of fact, it's actually beneficial to not have a military. Less bills on top of not actually suffering any penalty. Exploit 11/10 I've been trying to get pmcs in this game for years don't play that homie
  11. Definitely. But why stop there? No one should be able to use this exploit. Seems ridiculous to have a functioning government/nation and have no personnel in the defense department.
  12. But you can just buy troops the day you decide to collect. Sounds like more of an exploit than a bug now that you point that out.
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