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  1. I don't really play games and since no one wants to fight a classic war against me/us for fun all I have to do is log in to collect money/tech. I played Lunar wars for a bit many years ago and wasn't there in the waning days so I want to see what happens to CN when that time comes.
  2. Turns out Hapa is actually M. Night Shaymalan
  3. I miss you. Why won't you call me back?!?!?!

  4. Hey b00 thing,

    1. Artigo


      Can I help you?

  5. Is something confusing you? Or are you perhaps blinded by lust? My body was sculpted by the gods of the mount of olympus and now I offer it as your temple. I've already taken four scoops of Jack3d in anticipation of ritual ahead PLEASE do not keep me waiting :) xoxo

    "The Steel" Artigo

  6. Hello heavenly blessed beauty, whose beauty and beauty is divine and everlasting. I recently happened to come across your pictures in irc thanks to my good friend Lenin and I have to say of all the females that play CN you are by far the most beautiful. It would be fitting that two nation rulers with such exceptional aesthetics should come into contact. Please respond.

    "The Stee...

  7. I lol'd 10/10 wood read again
  8. Artigo


    If you start adding bloc stats please also include Duckroll, even though were not a bloc - since everyone seems to lump DH together with blocs
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