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  1. As a representative of the Tri, I can say with full certainty that Franz has brought this upon himself MULTIPLE times. As Caustic said, we don't kick people out lightly. Franz is guilty of numerous offenses (some offenses would result in an immediate kick in most alliances) in which we've warned him numerous times that he needs to stop doing them. He's also pledged to resign more times than I can count. After his latest offense, the Tri immediately removed him. This business of "he wasn't around to defend himself" is untrue. If anyone requires more information please query/shoot me a PM. This crying and whining was expected. He knows exactly what he did and has done.
  2. I'm surprised GUN made that list, though that was about the time it was in its heyday.
  3. A Non Grata Announcement Today, Non Grata celebrates two years of existence. The second year sure was just as good as the first. Wars, rogues, tech deals, and peace time shenanigans have kept us pretty well occupied. Thanks to our allies, past and present, for helping us get where we are today, and our enemies for filling our coffers and keeping us entertained. May year number three be better than the first two! For Non Grata, Titodafarmer Caustic NCC (and well, everyone else too, they're just too drunk to sign)
  4. Singapore has had this problem for awhile now. Not much one can do.
  5. I must of messed up my numbers somewhere.......
  6. mfw TTK guy gets his stagger blown by an over eager NG'er and then accepts peace when the guy offers.
  7. Get out. No more teasing in your channel.
  8. [quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1356660189' post='3068668'] I don't care if I win or not, all that matters to me is defending allies and burying !@#$ like you in the backyard. [/quote] Thanks for reminding me to add them to the Defense Calendar. "Bury RnR sometime soon. "
  9. [quote name='Yevgeni Luchenkov' timestamp='1356578627' post='3068272'] If you have more like him, may I suggest parking them together and founding a green colony? Could name it GGA or something. [/quote] How dare you! I got a Foreign affairs medal from them. They were awesome people!. /sarcasm Though they may not be as bad as him :/
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