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  1. shavar

    A little white peace note

    It was fun / I enjoyed the battle banter wit the nations I had the pleasure to fight.
  2. Fools don't need luck they need guidance , and I am following Thom .. Lord what have I got myself into
  3. shavar

    To TIE and Monsters INC.

    I am still hoping to see them wake up and make this more interesting
  4. shavar

    Crap out

    cheers , welcome to the mix, Here is to fun fights and high casualties ...
  5. well, well, look who is still around , long time no see
  6. shavar

    To TIE and Monsters INC.

    looks like things have changed .. that is if he really wants to play
  7. shavar

    The OMEN

    congrats and all of that nice friendly stuff .
  8. shavar

    Picked the wrong micro

    really Rattle, you just had to go and get this back on topic. I was enjoying the Immortan Junka tech buyer or not tech buyer conversation.
  9. shavar

    Picked the wrong micro

    this isn't private so if you want to talk we will .. I will be on discord later tonight.
  10. The Hillbilly Coalition was recently tech raided "by mistake" but after reviewing the situation it appears The Imperial Entente makes a habit in hitting smaller alliances and then asking for peace. It cant be called a tech raid because the nation they hit didn't have any tech but I guess that is not the moral of the story. We don't take kindly to being viewed as easy targets from another micro alliance and figured might as well give them a lesson in leadership. If you want to play war games at least be ready when you hit the wrong group. THC is meant to be enjoyed and shared so next time maybe knock on the door and visit a while in stead of coming up and kicking our smallest nation in the teeth .. on 4/20 of all days. THC recognized a state of WAR with TIE lets see what you guys are made of. Come on you have to admit we all love to see a little micro drama the only difference here is we don't like to run our mouth but we will defend ourselves. The Hillbilly Coalition President Rattlehead Vice President Shavar Military Guy Thom98 nation with no title The Reaper
  11. shavar

    Pax Corvorum

    : Had a good time with the few fronts I was able to get into. Fair winds and following seas to all involved.
  12. shavar

    Final Presidential Announcement

    Great run .. I look forward seeing this take shape o/Atlas o/GATO
  13. shavar

    THC gets joint protection

    Thanks for the show of Support , we look forward to growing under the protective wings of 2 solid alliances.
  14. shavar

    World Imperial Network (WIN) Bloc

    Good luck guys , I wish nothing but the best for everyone involved.
  15. that is exactly what I was about to say .. so ahhh yeah .. I need a drink now