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  1. woohoo I can't think of anything funny or witty .. so this is all I got
  2. I am always onboard for a good NAP
  3. Looking for an old school alliance ? Then look no further. We are trying to add members new or old. We have discord mainly because people say that is what you have to do these days. We also have TheNAC Forums like I said we are old school. We will do the same stuff as the others.. Offer protection, set up trades and tech deals .. blah blah blah .. you get the idea. What sets us apart is we have a family feel , we like to joke around (if you have thin skin look else where). The goal is to have fun .. Hope to see you join .. apply in game or message Rattlehead .. he loves getting random messages especially late at night. In fact even if you dont want to join send him a message he would love to hear from ya. Just tell him Thom sent ya. TLDR Join The NAC
  4. It has been far to long , trying to get back alive around this place
  5. Dann. I feel like I stumbled into sunday service ..when all I wanted was to talk to the cute girl on the church bus.
  6. Hmmm. A protectorate with CLAWS .. might be on to something there. It is nice to see some micro alliances popping up again o/ to all involved
  7. It was fun / I enjoyed the battle banter wit the nations I had the pleasure to fight.
  8. Fools don't need luck they need guidance , and I am following Thom .. Lord what have I got myself into
  9. I am still hoping to see them wake up and make this more interesting
  10. cheers , welcome to the mix, Here is to fun fights and high casualties ...
  11. well, well, look who is still around , long time no see
  12. looks like things have changed .. that is if he really wants to play
  13. congrats and all of that nice friendly stuff .
  14. really Rattle, you just had to go and get this back on topic. I was enjoying the Immortan Junka tech buyer or not tech buyer conversation.
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