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  1. With the conclusion of this war, we'd like to see an end to the animosity between all parties. 1. Recognitions TIE and COBRA recognize each other as sovereign and independent alliances. Further TIE and COBRA express THEIR mutual desire to make peace. 2. Non agression. To ensure peace, prosperity and order among nations, TIE and COBRA enter an agreement of non agression and coexistence. Neither alliance will take part in aggressive military action towards the other, and disputes will be resolved in a peaceful and civil manner. 3. Duration This Non-Aggression Pact will last for the duration of 6 months, wherein both alliances mutually agree to refrain from any acts of war, up to, but not limited to: Conducting acts of espionage, Launching an aggressive war on the signatories or their allies, or plotting in some way to harm the other. Signed, COBRA General Kanabis, King Cobra TIE Lucius Optimus, absolute ruler of TIE
  2. Gh0s7

    Blackmail on white

    Aeverum was informed about your attempt at backroom plotting, and they decided it was best to remove you, because you didn't have the authority to act the way you did without informing at least 1 other govt member. When I told you to step down, it was with the intent of having you do so without a fuss. At that point, Pjk11 was already prepared to remove you from govt. I wish you the best with your new alliance, all that I ask is you learn to refain yourself from idiotic plotting, but seeing as you've found yourself compelled to do it every damn time, I won't hold my breath. Enjoy the repercussions.
  3. Gh0s7

    Blackmail on white

    Doom as a political entity is dead, you imbecil, as I've told you a million times. Furthermore, I find it hard to believe they gave you permission, when I had already organized a peace agreement, to the acceptance of both parties, which I had gotten permission before doing so.
  4. Gh0s7

    Blackmail on white

    And yet you thought you had the authority to negotiate on their behalf without so much as a request to do so. The sheer audacity that that shows is staggering. Maybe in the future you can grow, but it didn't work when you were methrage, I doubt it will work now.
  5. Gh0s7

    Blackmail on white

    Who could it be, but Methhead!
  6. It sounds as they you don't like how it turnedbout, and for that I'm sorry. But the fact is, no one cares. The Freehold is doing pretty well with what they're doing, and they're only going to keep on improving. I'd suggest moving on from the grudge, but it's on yiu.
  7. Glad to see this you guys. Keep on keeping on. o7 Freehold
  8. Gh0s7

    Let's Do A Thing!

    Now this is a good sight to see! o/ FTW o/ CotM
  9. Gh0s7

    The world as we know it

    It's no secret that this world is beginning to dwindle, and the end of times is close. The question is, how do we go about stopping it? We've tried shaking it up, we've tried leaving it be, and yet the game continues to die off. This game needs new blood, and an active admin. But we can't expect admin to suddenly get active now that the game is dieing, he has even less incentive than he did before. So it falls on us, the players to bring this game back to its former glory, or into a new chapter of its existence. So, how do we get a mass recruit of players? Is there a way? Or do we fade out with a whimper, a decaying and decrepit thing? Do we wait until the lights go off, and then reminisce about how great a game it used to be? If so, can we really blame it for dying, when we sat back and watched it unfold?
  10. Gh0s7

    An Aevrum Announcement

    Goodluck to our allies in Aeverum as things unfold, a tough, hut overall sound decision.
  11. Gh0s7

    The A Team SITREP

    Best of luck in AW. You guys chose a fiercely loyal alliance to merge into, best of luck. o7
  12. Then the easiest method is to not support him, let crap go down, and when it's done, you negotiate with your allies to close it out. You don't threaten your own allies.
  13. You have no real justification for your behavior in threatening junka for virtually permitting your government member to run off and attack someine, and then backing him up by threatening their allies. My advice is to just drop it. That being said, don't mistake this for me supporting junka, because he just can't stop fanning the flames and instigating you. I gave you my advice, not to be a dick, but because I like slap, and I like many of you in am. So seriously, just ignore junka, and let him make his bed how he wants. You're not the one to pay for it should it have consequences.
  14. Gh0s7

    Spirit of the Knight Accord

    o/ CotM o/ TTK This is a lasting bond, I can tell.