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  1. It's no secret that this world is beginning to dwindle, and the end of times is close. The question is, how do we go about stopping it? We've tried shaking it up, we've tried leaving it be, and yet the game continues to die off. This game needs new blood, and an active admin. But we can't expect admin to suddenly get active now that the game is dieing, he has even less incentive than he did before. So it falls on us, the players to bring this game back to its former glory, or into a new chapter of its existence. So, how do we get a mass recruit of players? Is there a way? Or do we
  2. Buying 100 tech costs maybe 2 mil? So a 9/100 means you net 7 mil per deal. Using that for jumps and all of that fun stuff, you can hit 4k infra in 1 to 2 rounds of selling. From there, you can use the cash flow for wonders and warchest. Tech sellers make enough, buyers get enough. If you want more, you need to change the system.
  3. If I understand it right, 12 nations either bolted or deleted all on the same day.
  4. It wont last years, at most, it will last months, when the very last of your money dries up, and you ragequit because you refused to surrender and couldn't continue fighting without any cash reserves.
  5. Back during the TSO-Minc war, Kashmir, and mainly Margave, were the main reasons peace talks happened. Margave was constantly working in the back channels and in our queries to try and make peace happen. Now I look at the war and I see Minc attacking Kashmir, and my initial impression is that you guys took Kashmir for granted. I am not a government member at this time. What I am, is a fairly irritated member who saw a logdump in our treaty topic that had nothing to do with the war or Hitchcock. Whether he accepts that or not is not my problem, but it is reality. I can't pretend to know how a
  6. Margave said that because you decided to do a logdump on our treaty topic. Margave did not bait us, YOU did. Now you have our attention. If you want to do a logdump, make your own damn topic, don't post it in a treaty thread like an ass. I will admit I know next to nothing about the Dream war and the brown senate vote crap. What I do know is the war prior to that, and I assumed that this was interconnected. If I was wrong, then I'll yield there, but you have done yourself no favors in pissing off multiple alliances for no reason other than your own boredom. Edit: Grammar
  7. 1.) Margave was literally the one trying to get you peace after you screwed up and hit TSO because you didn't get what you want. 2.) That is not a high horse. You don't have a high horse by doing something immoral. That is literally the complete opposite of what the term actually means. 3.) We were not coming in, nor do we neccessarily plan to. With that having been said, the fact that you admitted to trying to bait DK in shows your sheer level of stupidity. You want to be a victim, and you want to be a martyr. You willfully admitted to acting idiotically in order to get an additional allian
  8. This is the exactreason you have literally 0 support. Once again you try to pick a fight. How well did that go when you tried to derail our treaty topic? We don't need a CB to roll you. Nor do we even need to put forth much effort, because your idiocy is so very efficient at biting off more than you can chew.
  9. There is no propaganda war, it's certain people on your side pissing off entire alliances, and then them and their allies choosing your opposition, and then their allies allies doing the same, and so on. No one supports you because your side has pissed off half the large alliances in the game. There is no conspiracy. There is no plan to ruin your credibility. There is simply your side with it's inability to play the political game in a manner that does not create boat loads of enemies, and when it happens, you guys playing the victim card talking about how you didn't deserve it.
  10. They don't have to worry about getting hit while you continue to comit yourselves against NS that will be replaced with a single slot of aid. Additionally, you don't get to build past 10k NS or you'll just get knocked right back down again and lose cash all over again. But yes, you have nothing to lose, so keep this perma war going. They get to keep building for the most part while you're eternally stuck at ankle biter range to never be able to actually do anything. Meanwhile you keep poking other people trying to goad them either into a fight or to get them to help your opposition.
  11. History will not remember this war, only LN and MI will. Additionally, your side has lost. You're hiding at the sub 10k NS range occasionally doing damage and then promoting about how badass you guys are because you're out damaging them. Meanwhile, rebuild will be next to impossible. You guys have lost. The only reason you can claim you've "won" is because now they can't touch your nations. That's not winning. And if you really want to fight an eternal war with them, when you can't even hit the majority of their nations, you're just going to be laughed off like the joke you are.
  12. Various wars have various methods of going about it. Simply because he doesn't meet what you believe to be acceptable criteria for this one does not mean he is incapable of understanding war in general. That said, this is just your side throwing a tantrum about wording at this point, and being unable to accept reality.
  13. That would be why I see you as attempting to manipulate them. As for the rest, I can't verify or refute that, but that seems exceptionally convenient given the circumstances.
  14. That still doesn't change the fact you intended to isolate your own ally to hit your NAP partner. Hell, hitting the NAP partner would be reasonable, in that scenario. But attempting to manipulate your own ally and force them to isolate themselves, rather than just explain the situation straight up? That's just sad/pathetic
  15. (Smurf) What do you think of putting SP&TRs entire upper tier on the NEW AA? I don’t think DBDC will attack until they rebuild from the WTF war so we have like 3 months… and they won't attack NEW because of the FTW (FEAR/WP merged) treaty.. 15 hrs · Like (Person) I am aware.. But i think we need to sound to new that they are also in dbdc's sniper scope.. 14 hrs · Like (Smurf) III%, FAN and NEW probably ..maybe could get the others DBDC has raided. We would need FTW to come with NEW. 12 hrs · Like (Person) They can be beat. Hitting them with WTF, NEW, SPATR, KASKUS, etc... they cou
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