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  1. After so many years with Keres her posts read like Hemingway... you just gotta want it.
  2. Umm Partisian... your AA listed next to that post still says The Bear Cavalry. Also on an unrelated note... my wish list seriously made the OWF as "proof" of some poor behavior, hell that list was openly discussed in our IRC channel. It lists a lot of players in this game I have a deep respect for... just sayin.
  3. Drinking the good stuff may have led to the breaking of the bottles... just sayin I have no history with MI6 nor their leader, other than the behaviors Chimera has demonstrated since January. Its tragic when his poor decisions crush an alliance and betrays its membership with lie after lie. It is especially tragic when that alliance is fortunate enough to have so many outstanding members you frankly don't deserve. Thankfully a good portion of them now reside in TBC and are spared your continuing narcissism. Continue your actions, continue to mislead your membership time and time again, and it wont be a declaration of war that destroys what so many have worked to build.
  4. <@KaitlinK> Did you and Hoo have "the talk" yet? <+Rampage3> Which one exactly? <+Rampage3> We talk a lot. <@KaitlinK> Bears & cubs talk <+Rampage3> ? <+Rampage3> PM. Hoo. Now. <~VanHooIII> LOL <~VanHooIII> Oh,we can have that talk here <+Rampage3> Wassup? <~VanHooIII> A bear, in the gay community * @KaitlinK turns on irc log for this <~VanHooIII> Is a burly, manly, usually larger and hairier guy <+Rampage3> And thanks to urban dictionary, I know that now. Congratulations Rampage!
  5. A little class is obviously a foreign concept to you so let me educate you. An alliance with a rich history that played, had loyal members, and created an environment that their members were proud to be a part of deserves to go out on their own terms with their own post should they choose it. Woo Hoo you were a crapstasic micro who just made a sad attempt to get a little bit of attention on the backs of a once great alliance. Valhalla you will be missed, and I wish all former members of this alliance only the best.
  6. Now that's a treaty! Looking forward to the future with you boys. FARK :wub:
  7. This should be cancelled immediately on the grounds it lacks... flags FARK :wub:
  8. Sorry Ziggy, I know how much you loved her.
  9. This treaty is beyond awesome, nice work! o/ NATO o/ TBC
  10. Needs a Ziggy belongs to KaitlinK clause...other than that totally hailable.
  11. Now this is a damn fine treaty and I for one welcome my new cacti-overlord.
  12. That's a really cool flag to match a really cool NS announcement... not so sure about the whole we are stuck with Hoo thing.
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