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  1. For some reason i can't quote. Oh well. July 06 for me, former know as dropthisacid of legalized. I remember the days when you only needed 40k NS to be in that top 5%. Chances are you did that by loading up on that infra.
  2. [quote name='Mary the Fantabulous' timestamp='1307318396' post='2724629'] [center][img]http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll236/The_Pale_Horse/npoimperial2.png[/img][/center] [center][size=5][b][color=red] Recognition of Sacrifice[/color][/b][/size][/center] [center][i]To Hell and back[/i] is a phrase that is often overused and underappreciated. The Body Republic of the New Pacific Order has been at war many times in its history and under seige more than once, but sometimes we have had the good fortune to have true and stalwart friends fighting alongside us. While nothing can ever truly ex
  3. [quote name='Thomasj_tx' timestamp='1301120584' post='2676964'] Some play the game and some get played. You make the call.[/quote] And you "son" is getting played like a drunk blonde girl at a frat party...maybe if you shut your mouth once in awhile you could actually just play the game...Maybe you should take that thought into the next round with and try it out @jonboy16 I don't care how long you known whoever and i don't care if you know who i is...The fact is that a noob can come out of no where and do a lot better than you can..While you and friends have played TE for oh sooo many
  4. [quote name='paul711' timestamp='1301118742' post='2676924'] Hopefully you play next round if you don't drop to his level this one. [/quote] Actually i most likely won't be able too My unit moves to our training facility May...so i get to blow !@#$ up in RL maybe i will take a picture of cowboy's name on a round and send ya the picture...My luck the round would be a dud
  5. [quote name='Thomasj_tx' timestamp='1301118072' post='2676892'] Hey sonny, you are totally clueless. Talk to your "leader" if you really believe that I am a "no name dude" and am part of a "weak alliance". Child, you have a lot to learn and I expect that you will get a real lesson. Ask Confusion if you are right or wrong. [/quote] Well hopefully i can drop down to your level so we could see who gets the real lesson
  6. [quote name='lonewolfe2015' timestamp='1301117304' post='2676875'] I believe his point is that you guys did the same thing you accuse OP of doing, finding 'easy' targets by way of either overwhelming them or picking multiple alliances to try and even out the number's game somehow. In all honesty, you did everything the way you should have if you're looking for the win and don't care about how you look getting that win. But it doesn't change the fact there are some insane down declares going on, you guys are fighting a bunch of wars not even in the same weightclass as the nations you hold,
  7. [quote name='Thomasj_tx' timestamp='1301117100' post='2676865'] I don't know you and I don't want to. But I have more honor and experience in my little finger than you have in your whole body. So take your "butt hurt" comment and shove it. You know nothing about honor and more so, nothing about TE. You will be a fly's speck in the history of TE well before I will ever get "butt hurt". So run along, sonny. [/quote] Big words from some no name dude that has nothing better to do than complain about him and his weak alliance losing their pixels. bwa
  8. [quote name='thaisport' timestamp='1301116873' post='2676854'] It's my 3rd war of this round! [/quote] Thaisport....I like you..your a real nice guy
  9. [quote name='Thomasj_tx' timestamp='1301116287' post='2676836'] Don't even have the balls to make a real DoW? And I actually enjoy the declares that were nearly exactly 2x my NS. I guess that is your idea of a "good clean fight". [/quote] You butt hurt already??? The nooks haven't even started to fly son...
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