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  1. Gopher ending his impressive run as the man behind the Sanction Race saddens me greatly. Thank you for all of the effort it must have taken to do this all these years. It is by far the best part of the OWF.
  2. [quote name='goldielax25' timestamp='1305742542' post='2714404'] To hell and back, together, unless you do something that will drag us there, in that case you can go to hell yourself. [/quote] Really? You sure you don't want a do over on this post... I can wait if you like? Ragnarok isn't the sort to back down from a fight regardless of the odds, but you already know that. We do expect a protectorate to follow the agreement they signed and to act honorably. Should this be too much to ask of an alliance we have no issue showing them the door.
  3. I have a deep affection for NATO and am pleased at this first step in what I hope will be a long and happy friendship. I would especially like to thank AR for her unending support and determination in seeing this happen. I adore all of you
  4. [quote name='goldielax25' timestamp='1304085792' post='2701919'] I find it funny seeing the butthurt from some members of Polar tossing 0's and 1's our way [/quote] Kettle, have you met Pot?
  5. I left a few out instead of throwing out random numbers for alliance I have no opinion on or little experience with. Mostly Harmless Alliance- 6 My opinion of this alliance has substantially improved recently. Green Protection Agency- 9 Solid and thoughtful even if I am not a fan of neutrality. Fark- 10 Yes, I am biased but damn if they dont come any sexier than this alliance. Independent Republic Of Orange Nations- 6 I like them Sparta- 6 Much love always for Tulak Orange Defense Network- 7 One of the most friendly group of players around. They have an amazing FA department that ser
  6. [quote name='TypoNinja' timestamp='1302655770' post='2689761'] Really? Cuase you know Rok's taken that road repeatedly in the past, when Polar was shooting at your allies. But your situational ethics are besides the point. I said 'claim' a moral high ground. I didn't say you have it just that you might be able to pretend you did. [/quote] Oh, the "why didn't you attack your own ally" argument? Seriously? Do you and Bob get together and compare notes?
  7. [quote name='Bob Janova' timestamp='1302654506' post='2689751'] Okay, so it wasn't planned, you just thought you'd drop the ally you ditched several others (VE and SF) for after you burned those other bridges for them? That just gives the impression that you haven't thought things through at all. Or, to put it in the same terms as my previous post that you're referencing, yes, you absolutely did choose Polar by your actions in the war, and now you're ditching Polar. That is a sign of a poorly directed FA policy. [/quote] You're repetitive and refuse to listen. It wasn't an either/or situa
  8. [quote name='TypoNinja' timestamp='1302653297' post='2689742'] Even had they sided with us the same would be true. [/quote] You still seem bitter that we didnt take you to the prom... [quote name='TypoNinja' timestamp='1302653297' post='2689742'] The only action Rok could have taken and still claimed any kind of moral high ground would have been neutrality. [/quote] The sad part is I am not even a little surprised to see you say something like that. Maybe where you're from neutrality while a close friend is being attacked is an example of morality. Over at RoK it's the action of a
  9. I like how often Bob Janova is hopelessly innacurate and flat out wrong. You repeatedly posted that we chose Polar over other allies, disproven by this very announcement by the way, and now are going to go on about how we were going to drop them all along? Funny. I wish someone would have told ME that. It would have saved weeks of discussion and debate.
  10. [center][IMG]http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j165/MistahHoo/RoKLogo.png[/IMG][/center] [center][b][size="5"][color="#48D1CC"]Ragnarok[/color][/size][/b][/center] As you all know, we had decided to evaluate our FA after our war had ended. After several weeks of discussion and debate, we have decided to cancel the following MDoAP level treaties: [center]Amazon Nation Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations New Polar Order Sparta[/center] All parties were informed of our decision yesterday. There is a 72 hour grace period for all of the above MDoAPs, with the exception of the New Polar Ord
  11. [quote name='EViL0nE' timestamp='1300294380' post='2666513'] Seriously, Hoo? What was the consequence? What did Polar suffer for its actions? It "lost" an ally during peace time and regained it before any new wars came around. At this point, it doesn't matter if RoK chose Polar or not over SF (they did). Just don't pretend it didn't happen. [/quote] See you should probably bring dumb ass statements like this to me as opposed to Hoo. Ragnarok was not going to choose one frind over another and no matter how hard you you hold tight to that foolish belief it still wont be true. I have
  12. [quote name='Balder' timestamp='1299811120' post='2659398'] I think what people got saw and got angry at (me as well admittedly until this post.) It looked like you were agreeing word-for-word what RV said which you know is not the truth. If that last post was correcting that, thank you. [/quote] I don't like how things were handled, but I know you're not a spy. I also know that you care a great deal about SF and meant well. For the record, RV wasn't insulting and didn't call you a spy either. What RV said was correct, but I don't see anything he posted as negative.
  13. [quote name='NoFish' timestamp='1299810613' post='2659386'] Started drinking Chairman Hal's kool aid already, are we? And the treaty is not yet even signed. Enjoy your new bedfellows, Kait, you've earned them. [/quote] I had to double check, but I did not bash Balder nor did I accuse him of spying. Easy on the venom, NoFish.
  14. [quote name='Xiphosis' timestamp='1299809051' post='2659354'] RoK asked what would happen if they didn't, and additionally treatied NATO and Valhalla as well. That was when it was said they'd be put up for expulsion, for the record. [/quote] No. I threw out names of a couple of alliances that I liked, including NATO, Valhalla, TTK, and Asgaard and asked what SF would think if we ever chose to sign with them. There was a short discussion about that and THEN we moved on to what SF wants to see from us. Your response was NoR and Polar dropped. I asked you, in specific, what would happen shou
  15. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1299807736' post='2659308'] [color="#0000FF"]I do not know if this is the place, but I received a message today informing that a former RoK member returned to the alliance after a stint in GOD to lend a hand. This member, Balder, after being given access to RoK's government forums pushed for RoK to cancel its treaties with both NpO and NoR. When RoK did not, this member returned to GOD. I am curious if there is any truth to this story.[/color] [/quote] Yes, this happened.
  16. [quote name='pooksland' timestamp='1299776945' post='2658624'] Are you sure about that? You were in TPF at the time that it happened.... if you can remember But either way I wish Rok all the luck in this decision. An alliance is suppose to be sovereign and I respect Roks every right to be so. [/quote] Ummm... I was never in TPF but thank you for the well wishes Pooksland.
  17. [quote name='Zoomzoomzoom' timestamp='1299776676' post='2658614'] Do you hold individual treaties with any SF alliances? [/quote] We currently hold a treaty with CSN.
  18. RoK has had several discussions at every level of government in regard to our future FA direction. While a lot of ideas have been thrown around, we eventually decided not to make any actual decisions on anything until the war came to an end. Ragnarok has never, and will never, cancel a treaty on command. In our entire history, we have not once canceled a treaty because someone told us to and we are not going to start now. It was not an easy decision to make and was done with a heavy heart, but given the circumstances, it was the right one. Rather than face possible expulsion due to not d
  19. Best wishes in the future to both alliances. CSN The Brain
  20. [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1299535927' post='2655789'] You didn't answer his question. You are down below 1.5 million NS, are still engaged in a massive global conflict, and will need an equally massive reconstruction effort if and when you finally decide to swallow your pride and surrender. You do not have the concrete resources to assist this alliance. You cannot finance them and would be hard pressed to protect them. So at what point did you decide it was a good idea to agree to a new protectorate instead of directing them to somebody who is actually in a position to fulfill it? [
  21. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1299562555' post='2656354'] Kait I'm curious, would you endanger these guys by asking them to techdeal with you right now while you're at war? [/quote] Our goal as a protector is to provide the tools for a new alliance to be sucessful. I would prefer to help them arrange tech deals with our friends not at war then to organize deals directly with RoK members at this time.
  22. [quote name='KainIIIC' timestamp='1299538039' post='2655836'] What is this obsession of yours to make every thing even remotely about RoK as to pertain towards you and PC? [/quote] Maybe they have a crush on us?
  23. This wasn't supposed to be announced until after the war. It appears that our protectorate got excited and posted their DoE, so we then had to post this.
  24. [quote name='Velocity111' timestamp='1299545760' post='2655989'] Could we trouble you for an original Shakespeare-style sonnet? [/quote] I am sure that can be arranged. See? We can be flexible.
  25. [quote name='Il Impero Romano' timestamp='1299545200' post='2655976'] Wouldn't you say though, that focus should be on finding a workable solution, rather then absolutest statements? [/quote] We did offer them a haiku.
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