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  1.   It is with heavy heart, that I make the following announcement. The Commonwealth of Orange States will be disbanding for good on Sunday.     We have done all we can do as an alliance, and on CN. Some of us will find new homes, others are leaving CN to pursue other things. We would like to say a huge thanks to NADC for everything.    I would also like to thank Alexio of Atlas for his help when it was needed.   Thank you Foxfire of IRON for the COS Flag.   And to everyone else who was a friend of ours, we thank you as well. There are just to many of you to list.      As for our members, we ask that you leave them alone to find new homes. NADC will be protecting them for 30 days time to allow them to find a new home.   Finally, I wish all of you the best in your future endeavors. Good luck!            
  2. Ziggy

    Commonwealth of Orange States

    The list is on our forums.
  3. Ziggy

    A Trifecta from The Bear Cavalry

    Congratulations...nice flag
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    Congrats to both alliances
  5. Ziggy

    Commonwealth of Orange States

    Come join our family.
  6. Ziggy

    Independent Announcement

    It is helping you from failing. It is helping you to get into an alliance where you can learn how to be a successful alliance leader and run an alliance that any members who eventually join will be proud of being in!
  7. Ziggy

    Independent Announcement

    Yes, I did help, as well as others...you are just refusing to admit it.
  8. Ziggy

    Independent Announcement

    I have told you to join an alliance, learn how to lead, gain knowledge by being in an alliance government structure, work your way up the ranks,etc.. This stuff will help you when you are actually ready to run an alliance. And I am not the only one who told this.
  9. Ziggy

    Independent Announcement

    You will have to ask Invicta in regard to his banning. Not my place to broadcast the details without the consent of Invicta Government.
  10. Ziggy

    Independent Announcement

    I have helped you, and so have others. You are just to stubborn to admit it. The fact is YOU ARE INEXPERIENCED. That is the point. here. And I am not angry at all. And no learning isn't a crime. No one ever said it was. Use common sense here.
  11. Ziggy

    Independent Announcement

    I am helping you and so have others...you just refuse to face the facts. And the fact is, when you are asking for people to show you the way, to give you guides to read to learn,etc...this is PROOF that you aren't ready to take this endeavor on. So, take the criticism and use it to keep yourself failing. As of right now, we all know that failure is inevitable.
  12. Ziggy

    Independent Announcement

    This is our point...we shouldn't have to show you this stuff. This proves unequivocally that you aren't ready to run an alliance. Face it, the criticism alot of us are giving you is completely warranted. Face it you need to be in an established alliance to learn what to do. Because you are/have shown you are no where ready to succeed in this type of endeavor.
  13. Ziggy

    Independent Announcement

    Well said!
  14. Ziggy

    Independent Announcement

    I am not hurt at all about anything, so you are wrong again. And I am not arguing at all or in any way. There was no drama on our end. But, you made plenty of drama that got you banned from invicta.That is an absolute fact!   And I have given you plenty of constructive criticism, as well as did other players in regard to this subject.