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  1. LOL Legion just more targets for Kashmir.
  3. In all the years ive played this game almost 4 to be exact Ive known Zog for most of them. Hes a lot of things but in his blogs ive never seen him lie. Jaier man up and apologize.
  4. Fantastic great to hear. I only hope this time TTK can maintain the numbers and watch out for growing pains. TTK has been over 200 members in the past and it happened to quickly and cost more than it gained in the long run. But im sure with Wiccan at the helm and mandy whispering in his ear this time will be different.
  5. Good read though honestly i would like to see a world where treaties didnt cause every war to turn in to a global one. People could have fun with out it chaining the world in. Im not a huge fan or Reps but i do believe they have a place in the game on a case by case basis. I know people still !@#$%* about this game but im still having a blast for the most part. Let there be war then rebuild and lets do it again.
  6. Holy !@#$ im dumber for reading some of the arguments in here. Are you seriously trying to say that DT is worse for using posted public things in their negotiations. Yes if those SS had been sent to DT privately and they tried to use them, then maybe youd have something. Those SS were posted on the OWF a public area where all saw it. They didnt steal anything they broke no rules. It also appears your trying to paint DT as the hackers, back that up or shut up its a pathetic attempt to try and smear DT. You want to talk about private face public face, look in the mirror. Both sides have been hard headed. You talk about backing people in to a corner CSN started this off by making stupid demands. DT is an easy alliance to work with. While they were on the winning side last time at no point did they ever try and shove stupid !@#$ down our throats and is one of the reasons we developed such a good friendship. CSN you are doing nothing more than to try and make an enemy out of someone who could have cared less about CSN 3 months ago. Bravo folk it will help to keep people warm at night. As far back as I can remember CSN has always been a reasonable alliance why the change now. Liz i enjoyed our talks over the last few days you have been great to work with one on one. I cant speak to the group meetings but I will say privatly you have been easy and receptive. I hope to get a phone call soon to help facilitate the end to this stupid situation.
  7. Well if you can do it with CSN why cant i do it with DT
  8. Its pretty much a perspective thing you need to read it and understand the perspective. Just as goose has put his perspective up here, DT placed theirs in that thread. CSN is not totally with out blame here just as DT is not. Both sides have been reactionary to a point, I will continue to defend DT because i still find this outrageous on CSNs part, and I think the beginning of negotiations were handled extremely poorly. To Clarify Liz did not demand 2k and above but simply put that out as a possible method to conclude things as she and I talked about how to possibly bring this to a close.
  9. SoI believe i tried 3 or 4 days ago with a very reasonable offer that was authorized by DT and you refused to even meet with anyone.
  10. perspective i guess, but then again your not the saint your trying to portray either. You have refused envoys and reasonable offers as well.
  11. I agree she is totally awesome

  12. Ive looked through your list and cants say i disagree with all of them but your reasoning is terrible. THEY HAVE A LOT OF TREATIES who cares how many treaties you have as long as you have quality treaties with people you trust. Im curious as to why Valhalla should disband or RIA and yet TTK gets to stay. ***edit look at post above I agree with that*****
  13. Only thing about this poll is that its not a good representation of those this bill effects as we have many european south american and other nationalities that play the game.
  14. I have read and do understand. Hence why Federalist #10 is being used to try and stop this bill. Our founding fathers understood the human condition and knew that at some time it was probable that those elected would not follow the will of the people. Yes i do have a choice with my current insurance provider on what i want to pay based on the coverage that i would like to have. I pay about $220.00 a month for myself and my daughter. I am on a 90/10 insurance plan which has so far limited my out of pocket costs. Please try and keep this on topic as i oppose the biblical as well and this topic has nothing to do with abortion or treatment for Scientology or other factions who try and limit health care. This is about a destructive bill that is not only unconstitutional but it is also going to cost the working people more money and will leave our senior citizens out in the cold after age 65 except those in Americas Government who are not required to follow this plan. In no way am i saying that America itself doesn't need some reform in the health care industry but this bill is defiantly not in the benefit of the American people and will hurt us and violates our founding principles. This bill was passed against the will of the people and done so by those who are supposed to represent their will. Come November we will see a shift in our government as these people who knowingly voted for their own benefit and not that of their constituents will be removed from office. RCP Average Approve 47.7 Disapprove 46.6 Spread +1.1 Congressional Job Approval RCP Average Approve 17.4 Disapprove 77.0 Spread -59.6 Generic Congressional Vote RCP Average Republicans 44.8 Democrats 42.2 Republicans +2.6 Direction of Country RCP Average Right Direction 33.0 Wrong Track 60.8 Spread -27.8 Link to page for these numbers Taken from msnbc article march 15 To say americans support this plan is an out and out lie. If there was so much support Mr. Obama would not have to hit the road and attempt to sell it.
  15. The biggest problem with the new bill is that it does not cost less. It will cost more in jobs and services. People will be disqualified from getting treatment due to age or previous known illness. The Government will now decide who gets treatment and who does not. It will take away our personal choice of what we wish to have. If and when this bill comes in to effect it will kill the private insurance agencies and will cost 1000s of people their jobs. Not only will it cost people there jobs but because the gov will provides sub par health care options companies will be dropping insurance for there employees and everyone will be worse off. People in the United States are entitled to one thing and one thing only. It is the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is not a right it is something that needs to be worked for no one here is entitled to be taken care of on some one else s hard work. I have no problem with fed money helping the under insured or uninsured but this plan will only destroy a good model of health care. Why do you think people from Canada and all over the world come to America for treatment it is because its available here with no wait. My self and my for fathers did not fight for a socialist country we fought to defend liberty and the American way. This bill spits in the face of the constitution by forcing people to purchase something they may not want. It is a dangerous step in a direction our founding fathers escaped over 200 years ago.
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