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  1. That is exactly what I meant. I know you have been tied to NATO for a long time but this is directly. If you were direct allies i probably missed it. I havent been paying too much attention to Bob for the last couple of years.
  2. Allies of Allies dont have to like their Allies. Muzzling Caustic is like roping the wind it just dont happen. Not a pairing I would have thought would happen but it appears to be a brave new world. Congrats to both of you.
  3. What so Gato could be smacked down. Valhalla is dead and buried as it should be. I left because it wasnt what it was when i joined. It had a good run love it or hate it.
  4. You said you wouldnt ever show that pic Hal. Hope you are well.
  5. Mjolnir is in my safe and will never come back. GATO never really seen you do much but exist so happy 15 years of existence. Now i go back too my porch
  6. Dear god who let you back in. Hoo ever it was a solid move
  7. DEAR LORD let the ignorance end. I have read through the last 6 pages of this. To those that haven't been around for years let me clue you in. Grub is probably one of the top 10 players of all time. He is a master of manipulating the treaty web. He has the ability to be patient and has pulled off one of the most amazing betrayals of all time and torched an entire coalition in order to achieve his goal. (I aint mad at ya grub its ancient history, just an example) For those that are saying oh yeah right hes just posturing, Grub does not posture and while he is a master of spin, just enjoy the fact that apparently our side won, enjoy it, rebuild and get ready for the next one. Here is my one warning, keep talking !@#$ and the next time he will bury you and drink your alligator tears while he enjoys feasting upon your nations. GOD I sound like a groupie but I do believe he has at least earned the right to be respected a bit more.
  8. You know if you've been around this planet for a minute or two this conflict would have turned in to a curb stomp if NpO had wanted it too. I personally tip my hat for a fair fight as this is probably the closest one I have seen. Sorry I disappeared on ya Grub I just couldn't find it in me to keep up. Hats off to my opponents as you all did wonderful damage to my nation as it slowly withers in to nothingness. Cheers NpO for some green gooey fun.
  9. Kern Pan the Piper and I believe Jedi soccer player were originally NpO. When color was a big thing they came to maroon and started TTK. Even by the time I took over as Grand Master post GW2 we had drifted from Polar. Now obviously even a bit further LOL
  10. When the hell did you go to NG Thrash. I was looking for you when I committed umbrellacide. Still good to see old faces. I wish people would have let me sleep though LOL
  11. Im your huckle berry Your still behind Terminator. Some one woke me up
  12. You know Mandy Irwin and I are probably the few left in this game that knows that TTK was originally a NpO colony on Maroon, or at least that was the founders intention. Grub I have fought with you and against you over the many years. I now say please help me climb the ranks. See you out there.
  13. ahh grub good to see you old friend. Im dancing in your lower tiers right now swing on buy and well drink Coronas in the green glow I call a sky.
  14. Well I guess NADC rolled the hard six and got out.
  15. Take care Cuba, I lobbied to take you down a long time ago to get parity back in this world. It wasn't out of malice but simply because DBDC and Umbrella were too large and simply dominated the upper tiers. Alas I was over ruled and we stopped way short. Enjoyed your posts even if I didn't agree. Good luck in the after life. Wish I could hit that button but alas even after I burned my nation im still here.
  16. I went back to the beginning Grub, I am back in TTK, figured maroon needed an original signer of maroonity back LOL. ahhh 2008 good times. Glad to see some old faces still remain.
  17. Menace not really more like PM warriors. Apparently my AA is allied to NADC but Grub keeping it 2012 is a movement of the dead air that is Planet Bob.
  18. There never was an AA it was a very solid group of friends that hung out. Good luck DoD may you live up to your name. Quack Quack
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