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  1. Grendel

    Trading Harbor Rules/Singular Trades

    No longer needed
  2. A sad day for sure, may all the nations of SNAFU find safe harbor.
  3. Grendel

    Peace for the Legion Front

    It is done, I found some good opponents in the Legion who were willing to fight, give me casualties and do it while trading fun PMs all the while.  Hell I even started using my Legion forum acct that had been dorment for quite a while.  Maybe I'll keep hanging out there .  Now time to move forward.   Will miss the Fun; Tom the pit leader, CodFCS, bjalbert, mojo882, and Xineoph
  4. Hey hartfw :)   The Javahouse League are good friends and allies and I appreciate their desire to stick with us through our trials and tribulations. Their support during this war is greatly appreciated and I hope we are doing as well by them as they are by us.   "Allies" who can not weather the storm as well as the calm  are free to move on.   Now back to casualties.
  5. Grendel

    NpO-NSO War Map

    Please keep this up, it is greatly appreciated to see how this all plays out with whom is attacking whom and whom is honoring treaties and whom is not ;)
  6. Grendel

    Gopher's War Stats

    Thanks, Gopher this is actually more interesting to look at then the Sanction thread.  I have not cared about Sanction since my time in UPN ages ago.  War stats are way more interesting....
  7. Grendel

    Too many long DoW's recently

    Have fun and may your casualties multiply   P.S. I have copies of UPN's war flag if you would like it somewhere in my archives ;)
  8. Grendel

    An Anarchy Inc. Production

    We are here to have fun not rule the world.  It does amaze me [sometimes] the disdain some seem to hold for us but then who really does listen to trolls [hot air].   May my adversaries, in this war, have as much fun as I have increasing my casualty count.  
  9. Grendel

    5, Notes A Foolish Undertaking

    "...Love you Lonnng Time.."   /me hangs head in shame for being absent from SNAFU forum for such a long time >.<
  10. Grendel

    Anarchy Inc.

    .....opportunities abound!
  11. Grendel

    CN Flag Database

    Current/Defunct: Alliance Name:Anarchy Inc. Alliance Flag URL: [url]http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/File:Anarchyinc.png[/url] Alliance Wiki: [url]http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Anarchy_Inc.[/url] Alliance Forum: [url]http://www.anarchyinc.org/forums/[/url] Team Color: Purple   o.O I know we've had some "struggles" lately and slipped out of the Sanction list but........o.O
  12. Grendel

    Anarchy Inc.

    Still here and if you are interested in doing something fun come on by and check us out.
  13. Grendel

    Anarchy Inc.

    Back to the top.   New Government elected and applications are still open for anyone interested.
  14. Grendel

    Anarchy Inc.

    Well, War is over and applications are open again.
  15. Grendel

    Declaration of reExistence

    Sorry late to the party [ooc]been traveling in RL for work[/ooc].  I would like to offer my best wishes to our departing [departed] members and hope that your new adventure is all that you wish.   To those who feel that this is some form of colapse of Ai or something, it is not.  Is it a bumpy pactch in our existance? Sure we all [AAs] have or have had them and will continue to have them at times.  Every member of any AA is looking for something and sometimes the adventure you are on is not giving you what you are looking for in your current home.  So what do you do you go on another adventure in pursuit of what you are looking for to satisfy your personal needs.  The members that have left Ai are pursuing that which makes them happy/content/satisfied.  That they ultimately could not find that with Ai is a downer but regardless I feel they are doing the right thing.  Anyone who thought a major merger as ours would be all rosey and perfect is a fool.  This is the natural progression of any type of merger and life of an AA.   As I am not leaving Ai, I can not speak to reasons these individual members decided to leave.  If they wish not to speak of the reasons in an open forum I will honor their decision by not speaking for them or about them other then wishing them well.