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  1. Oh well guess I'm not making 8M pixel extinguishes this go around. Now someone sell me more tech!
  2. I wouldn't consider it arguing but more along posturing, having the last word and a little bit [lot] of vainglory. Some pretty big egos on Bob that need stroking
  3. Hi Bud, long time no see hope retirement is treating you well. I've been on the other side of the Web from NpO essentially forever and will continue to be on the other side of the web. Never liked NpO or their regent but does not mean I can't acknowledge his/their success in the past. Been part of a few curbstomps back then and Grub has been the primary conductor of those curbstomps, but it does not change the fact he is an asshat [IMHO]. Someone has to be the asshat so glad Grub has been so successful at it otherwise I'd just build and not war occasionally. Every story needs a villain..........
  4. I'll try after update, target nation has already been spied today. Looks good so far though.
  5. I am getting the message below when I try to spy https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=598596. I am on a private network with only my wife and I on it with zero risk of us playing/being logged into CN. This is putting a crimp in my effectiveness in war against NpO right now "You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: Spying between accounts on the same network is not allowed.2"
  6. So I see NpO are still the same asshats as from the past. So be it been a while since I last warred.
  7. A sad day for sure, may all the nations of SNAFU find safe harbor.
  8. It is done, I found some good opponents in the Legion who were willing to fight, give me casualties and do it while trading fun PMs all the while. Hell I even started using my Legion forum acct that had been dorment for quite a while. Maybe I'll keep hanging out there . Now time to move forward. Will miss the Fun; Tom the pit leader, CodFCS, bjalbert, mojo882, and Xineoph
  9. Hey hartfw :) The Javahouse League are good friends and allies and I appreciate their desire to stick with us through our trials and tribulations. Their support during this war is greatly appreciated and I hope we are doing as well by them as they are by us. "Allies" who can not weather the storm as well as the calm are free to move on. Now back to casualties.
  10. Please keep this up, it is greatly appreciated to see how this all plays out with whom is attacking whom and whom is honoring treaties and whom is not ;)
  11. Thanks, Gopher this is actually more interesting to look at then the Sanction thread. I have not cared about Sanction since my time in UPN ages ago. War stats are way more interesting....
  12. Have fun and may your casualties multiply P.S. I have copies of UPN's war flag if you would like it somewhere in my archives ;)
  13. We are here to have fun not rule the world. It does amaze me [sometimes] the disdain some seem to hold for us but then who really does listen to trolls [hot air]. May my adversaries, in this war, have as much fun as I have increasing my casualty count.
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