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  1. theres some guy waiting out side your capital building

  2. Damn straight, I'd rather have fun and burn through my entire stock than hoard it.

  3. infra is fleeting, lulz are frever

  4. Mogar, I think recent have events have made me respect you quite a bit more.

    Bravo, good sir, bravo.

  5. Much appreciated. We'll do just that!

  6. Withdrawing my objections as upon closer examination things seem to be much less violent than at first suspected!

    Also have a good war :)

  7. She's trying to be cute, of course!

    (with slight blunders)

  8. Why, why is your avatar smacking herself in the eye???

  9. is responsible for the entropic heat death of the universe.

  10. You have an email on your live account. -N-

  11. Do you have your answer?

  12. If you wnat to know more or talk about it I'lll be on IRC

  13. Hey, have a question for you. Can I create a company in your nation? The only reason I picked yours is it is based off a fictional oil cmpany and I wnat to pretty much duplicate what they do.

    Don't worry, I won't do anything illegal or to harm your country. If you don't like what I'm doing you can immediately shut me down. Do we have a deal? I really would love to do this...

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