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  1. Sounds like I'm about to be pitched an exciting investment opportunity!
  2. Is this an awkward time to bring up that you weren't sent two by accident?
  3. In all fairness, it's a pretty nice speech, aside from the basic grammar and spelling errors. Surprisingly, it's possibly the more honest of texts to come from this war, as it's come the closest to the truth: they aren't standing for anything, just burning. When you're left with nothing but the consequences of your own mistakes, I suppose you have nothing to rally around but the scavenging of some kind of "virtue" that comes only from mistaking suffering as validation, rather than that simple consequence.
  4. But I don't have much material prepped. I mean, my nation's already a bad joke, but that's about as far as I got
  5. We need to find some better jokes
  6. Fairly certain "if I keep missing, let's pretend I wasn't shooting" isn't the argument you want to use for this one.
  7. I was going to ask you if the bar was that low nowadays, but then I realized that was a stupid question.
  8. At first I was worried if I had to figure out whether this was escalating because people can't read, count, or think, but at least now it's clear that the correct answer is d) all of the above, so that's nice.
  9. I don't like this imagery. Please stop.
  10. Congrats, y'all! Frozen Orange Juice sounds great... for Summer, though... maybe not in winter, but I guess it's summer in the other hemisphere. Hmm.
  11. I always love NoR's treaty announcement graphics. Congrats to our allies in NoR and to Polar, as well!
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