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  1. Dre4mwe4ver

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    You know what they say: don't learn from others' mistakes. Make them yourself 😐
  2. Dre4mwe4ver

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    Rumors of me doing anything are even more exaggerated. Also, hello there, old friends. And hello there, new friends
  3. Dre4mwe4ver

    Slow, but still kickin'

    I endorse this product 100%.
  4. Dre4mwe4ver

    Nothing Important Happened Today

    I like these people. That's cool
  5. Dre4mwe4ver

    Putting the W back in WAE

    I'll figure your head Also, hi, good to see ya
  6. Dre4mwe4ver

    Putting the W back in WAE

    He's the smartest one of us. Evidence is that he hasn't been duped into serving as AC yet
  7. Dre4mwe4ver

    GATO Announcement

    Rude. But fair. Congrats to all, it's been an absolute pleasure and honor to work with you all. There is no one I'd rather disagree and argue with.
  8. Dre4mwe4ver

    Happy Friday the 13th

    I like seeing Walsh post
  9. Dre4mwe4ver

    This Cat has CLAWS

    Oh hi there
  10. Dre4mwe4ver

    The Praetorian Covenant

    This is goodly
  11. Dre4mwe4ver

    Declaration of War

    This never happened when I was the Bruin Concinnity Demi God.
  12. Dre4mwe4ver

    Declaration of War

    At first, I was excited to learn that I'm not the only one trying to ignore all of Crv's messages, but then dismayed to discover the company I find myself in. What a plot twist.
  13. Dre4mwe4ver

    Silent No Longer

    I, for one, support... whatever it is that this is :|
  14. Dre4mwe4ver

    TTK-NG Non-Aggression Pact

    Haven't seen a NAP in a while. Congrats, y'all!
  15. Dre4mwe4ver

    Indiana Jones and the Templar of Cats

    Congrats, y'all!