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  1. I'm just a little out of the loop here. Are we talking about people benefiting from their own multis? If so, good show! Or are we talking about people who have (unknowningly) bought tech from nations who turned out to be multis? I'm not aware of any such purchases in my past, but I have sold donations, and one such nation was deleted during mid-payment (I don't know why, however)...I'm concerned if I am going to have tech randomly disappear from my nation, will I at least get a message about it? It's not as if I have knowingly traded with rulebreakers. If I am applying a $25-30 donatio
  2. Selling another donation for June. Please send me a message in game if interested!
  3. Carnival will be in July and we will be excited for all to come and visit us. o/ NATO for five years and counting! I love my alliance, and would never dream of changing my AA to anything else. Would much rather delete than run off to some other alliance. You guys have my heart, and I am proud to be a NATOan.
  4. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1307132357' post='2723240'] Why don't people just join the gray team and get some trades there before they go rogue? [/quote] This. I was hoping for some entertainment here, but alas I've been let down. I've never had issue with you, Sue, but you already "hurt" your trading partners by going rogue - esp. if you intend to delete anyway. This is in no way a taunt; it is furthest from. Go balls to the wall or don't, but leave the grasping-at-dignity-whines off the OWF.
  5. Price is 300 tech; 100 tech must be sent before donation is applied. I am willing to sell for May and/or June, and I am definitely willing to sell again each month if you are looking for a long-term partner. Would prefer the use of 2 aid slots for 3 cycles of payment. Please PM me ingame.
  6. [quote name='King Wally' timestamp='1304506067' post='2705916'] From memory NATO's main treatys are to TFD, NADC, Legion & NPO. Also NATO... time to get back to Aqua hey ... you know you want to [/quote] And LSF. Our ODs are CCC and now RoK. Extremely happy with all of our treaties. And though we are Blue, we still have a pretty fair representation on Aqua. You'll have to do with that.
  7. I actually quite like this. I wish the best to all of you.
  8. Very glad to see this come through. Been a long time in the making - I love me some RoKKers.
  9. This is hawt. Happy Birthday to our dear friends in LSF.
  10. [quote name='Blue Lightning' timestamp='1303950758' post='2700722'] Mostly Harmless Alliance - 1 Green Protection Agency - 1 Fark - 1 Independent Republic Of Orange Nations - 1 Sparta - 1 World Task Force - 1 Orange Defense Network - 1 The Order Of The Paradox - 2 Umbrella - 1 New Pacific Order - 1 Global Alliance And Treaty Organization - 1 Viridian Entente - 1 The Democratic Order - 1 New Polar Order - 1 FOK - 1 R&R - 1 Mushroom Kingdom - 1 Nordreich - 1 LoSS - 1 Nusantara Elite Warriors - 1 The Legion - 1 Valhalla - 1 Multicolored Cross-X Alliance - 1
  11. Love ya TFD. Congrats on new gov't. Enjoy your vacation, GH.
  12. Dead but remembered fondly, just like Billy Mays. Still love ya Europa (and FEAR, since someone brought it up). Best of luck to you.
  13. Sorry to hear about the breakup, RoK. Wishing you the best!
  14. Congrats to our Blood Brothers and their new friends!
  15. Love you guys!! Happy Birthday to our blood brothers and sisters!
  16. Well, I like you both quite a bit, even if we no longer have ties to you. Hope this relationship is awesome for the both of you.
  17. [center][img]http://www.cnnato.org/images/natosflag.png[/img][/center] We have a few announcements, not at all related to the war... Firstly, NATO has recently passed a major Charter change in regards to our government structure. This is a change as a result of finding our previous triumvirate and ministerial system unsatisfying. During the month of January, we had a transitional High Council appoint Ministers until the new Charter was presented and passed, which is why we did not have an election announcement at the beginning of the year as we are wont to do. We have revamped our gover
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