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  1. With the forum version change, there is now a change in set up in the admin cp for sanctioned images. They now need to be .png images and same size as before 150x50, Images needed: New Pacific Order IRON GPA Umbrella New Polar Order VE Sparta ODN RnR The Legion NATO MI6 All images collected in two weeks will be inputted.
  2. With the age of the game, and the declining number of players, some of the stringent forum rules are being updated and amended for the smaller player base that the game is played. One such rule that has been updated is that a forum ban no longer means you are automatically banned in-game unless the punishment for the content of your forum post is a gross misconduct, then it will be reviewed and your nation may be deleted at that point based upon moderator(s) discretion. You will still be restricted from participating at the forums but normal in-game actions, as long as they aren't rule violati
  3. Prayers for you and dealing with this real issue of depression.
  4. There is a dark deviant skin now also available. I personally like it best, but some of the AA Pips don't look as good on it and aren't as clean looking s they are on a white background. Still better than all white in my opinion.
  5. The Moderation Team As some of you have figured out already, damn spammers, the Spam Central is now open for all to spam at your hearts content. A few rules for this new area: Enjoy!
  6. I am still looking for one that is more dark/grey. That's my preference.
  7. Moderation Announcement There is now available to all board users an alternate skin to use instead of the default IP.Board skin. To access it: 1. Click Change Theme at the bottom left hand corner of the forums. 2. Select Alternate CN Skin.
  8. Welcome to Wyatt Earp to the moderation tea.

  9. Noted...deletion incoming. Haha. Thanks for your contribution to the community in doing this for so damn long.
  10. Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate or don't from the Moderation Team
  11. WTF Flag shows up for me. How many days has WTF regained the last sanction spot?
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