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  1. With the forum version change, there is now a change in set up in the admin cp for sanctioned images. They now need to be .png images and same size as before 150x50, Images needed: New Pacific Order IRON GPA Umbrella New Polar Order VE Sparta ODN RnR The Legion NATO MI6 All images collected in two weeks will be inputted.
  2. Thread closed due to op not being within the Rules of Forum of not just being spam.
  3. Your nations were deleted for violating the Terms of Service of having more than one nation under your control. You are able to recreate ONE of your nations.
  4. With the age of the game, and the declining number of players, some of the stringent forum rules are being updated and amended for the smaller player base that the game is played. One such rule that has been updated is that a forum ban no longer means you are automatically banned in-game unless the punishment for the content of your forum post is a gross misconduct, then it will be reviewed and your nation may be deleted at that point based upon moderator(s) discretion. You will still be restricted from participating at the forums but normal in-game actions, as long as they aren't rule violations, will be permitted. Rules have been updated to such: Along with your normal Warn Reduction Requests that you file to have your warn level lowered based upon good behavior, moderator(s) now will be doing "drive by" warn reductions when they are monitoring a thread and see a poster who is exhibiting good forum posting but has an old warn hanging over their head. So mind your P's and Q's and you might just get a surprise warn reduction for your good posting behavior.
  5. Last I looked this thread wasn't a Devialance, Septh, or the rebel pissing contest thread, take it else where or warns will be handed out.
  6. The flaming in this thread will stop or else there will be vacation given away from the forums.
  7. As a reminder, referencing the "game" and real life individuals, like Yamamoto, or places like Pearl Harbor is against the forum rules and warns will be given.
  8. As a reminder, this is an IC forum, usage of the word game in referencing the actual game itself is not allowed.
  9. Just login to your inactive nation and it becomes active.
  10. Since this thread can't stay IC, I close and warnings coming.
  11. Prayers for you and dealing with this real issue of depression.
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