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  1. Now you realize what I've been saying all along.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eFI0UFfAJE From Megaman X5, this song is just so epic.
  3. You didn't understand what I meant. Look at the IRL Cold War, did the US and the Soviet Union tell their respective proxies to go to war with each other? No, most of the time they already didn't like each other due to conflicting ideologies etc. The two parties who are at war would have to already not like each other and be on one side of the two opposing blocs; and the two blocs would support their respective allies with aid.
  4. I don't think you understand what I mean. Okay, say AI and Umbrella were locked in a Cold War: Two of there proxies went to war with each other: AI would support one alliance with aid, and Umbrella would support another alliance with aid; instead of AI and Umbrella engaging in a conventional war, they fight each other through proxies.
  5. I shalll rule the world.

  6. Because I thought it would be better as a blog, idk lol.
  7. Oh I see what your saying, it was just an idea. For the future, we don't have to do it now,
  8. There would be more war, all the proxies would be at war with each other.
  9. I know, the actual global war would come later. After maybe a year or two.
  10. This is From the Mind of Lex Luthor, God Bless. Source: CN Cold War
  11. 6mil to pay back tech deals and rebuild my nation. Will pay back in 50-100 tech. EDIT: Okay seriously, what's the point of this thread.
  12. . Actually the Dreamcast was the first online system, XBox just made it popular.
  13. Consoles aren't going anywhere. People have been saying this for years and they're still as high in demand as they've always been.
  14. I'm mad they didn't show what the PS4 looks like though.
  15. I'm trying to upload a picture and put it in a thread, but it won't let me.
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