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  1. Got marooned on a sandbar with only a pistol and a vast store of rum. Years passed and the rum finally dried up, so I hitched a ride on two sea turtles and made my way back to civilization.
  2. Is this Bear Cavalry 2.0? Or did rhe previous proposed AA not get off the ground? Memory's a bit clouded on that. Best of luck guys
  3. iKrolm is a dirty hippy i hear

    1. iKrolm


      I heard he's a communist. Also a pseudo-anarchist. And a hard right conservative.

    2. Lurunin


      a conservative commy huh?

      sounds like a fun mix

  4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak0Guqf71Sc2dFNtNkE0c3ZZbGt1aDRNMHIxSjBNWGc&usp=sharing here's an updated version guys. like before, let me know
  5. should be good to go now. i'll probly make another one up in a good time frame for comparison. 1-3 months maybe?
  6. I could add commas I suppose :P but it'll have to wait until I get back to WiFi access And what do you mean by freezing the first column?
  7. this will be the 3rd bloc statistic document I've done now, for those wanting to see previous ones go back a page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak0Guqf71Sc2dG14OVdtWVd0TW5hek9iNmVSck9xclE&usp=sharing I constructed this yesterday starting around 5:30pm EST and finishing around 6:45pm EST
  8. [quote name='Rogal Dorn' timestamp='1353943775' post='3057152'] Hey gopher, sengoku is a purple alliance. Thanks for your hard work keeping this up to date. [/quote] purple, pink, same thing
  9. o/ NPL CSN's iron dome has nothing on those missiles
  10. [quote name='Avakael' timestamp='1352947431' post='3052549'] And NPL passed GOD a few days ago. You're next, Liz. [/quote] o/ NPL
  11. I said what what in the butt, I said what what in the butt. I am spying on you lurunin <_<

  12. Lurunin

    Old Blood Line

    You !@#$%^& lol You were too lazy to even give a final.hooray Keep in contact !@#$%^& or I'll have to actually log onto GT to find your ass
  13. lulu you hose! get on irc

  14. How bout less talky about this here and more alliance stats? I hear GPA got beat out, Jerdge hasn't been doing his job right
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