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  1. iKrolm is a dirty hippy i hear

    1. iKrolm


      I heard he's a communist. Also a pseudo-anarchist. And a hard right conservative.

    2. Lurunin


      a conservative commy huh?

      sounds like a fun mix

  2. I said what what in the butt, I said what what in the butt. I am spying on you lurunin <_<

  3. Lurunin

    Old Blood Line

    You !@#$%^& lol You were too lazy to even give a final.hooray Keep in contact !@#$%^& or I'll have to actually log onto GT to find your ass
  4. lulu you hose! get on irc

  5. fark b*t($ get $

  6. sup hoe? make money and $%&@ !@#$%*es

  7. have to say that i agree with you CN is a game that is only as fun as we make it out to be...i've been taking a look at wars back before i even joined CN and i'm surprised just how many pretty large scale wars there were back then not to mention that those wars seemed to have more drama than a "6million dollar" war that seems to be the standard of excuses just to get some action going in this game. hell, my alliance hasnt even seen action since the War of the Coalition... if CN got more drama into it with more war i'm sure that more people would be likely to stay (how many people do you see rage quit out of sheer boredom? or even try to spy on other alliances in hope that they'll be caught?) would it be nice if admin added some new things? sure...would it be nice if he changed the entire game to satisfy the bored people? hell no
  8. hey man hows it goin

  9. hola señor Lurunin

  10. The sexiest guy on this site? LULZ

    Heya. ;)

  11. Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.

    1. Winner12345


      A A parrot Pirate at that.

  12. you're the sexiest guy on this site ;) i love you :-*

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