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  1. Meh, I'll give you guys a B+ for effort. But if you're looking to do propaganda, you might want to sit down and study the pros first.
  2. [quote name='DarkEra97' timestamp='1297804764' post='2634660'] Good to know that's how you feel. [/quote] Yeah, don't mind me. I'm old-school. That's how things were back then, for the most part. Entire blocs would be willing to go to ZI with each other, there was no such thing as white peace, and viceroys from the victor were placed within the defeated's government. Things were pretty brutal back in those days, for sure.
  3. [quote name='Dajobo' timestamp='1297803662' post='2634641'] Hey PotFace buddy, point them guns at VE would you please. iFOK and FOK have been fun and honourable opponents in this war and tbh most Polars have enjoyed fighting with them so PotFace isn't representing the Polar govt view here. Really this topic isn't about us or any reps they may get talked about in the future, it's about tLW and I love the fact they are out and showered in glory [/quote] Sorry about that - war, for those who know and respect it, sometimes makes you trigger happy and blood thirsty. Guys, Dajobo is right -
  4. [quote name='ProdigyNL' timestamp='1297796464' post='2634572'] I must agree with FOK and iFOK, what youre saying doesnt make any sense in this situation. All peace so far dont have reps, they might go ask it from Polaris, but that is logical as they view Polaris as the reason this war has started. At the moment there is just the DT issue, but that is totally unrelated to these alliances and is a stupid high amount of reps that shouldnt even be asked at all but you cant blame that on the alliances we were at war with. [/quote] FOK, iFOK... seriously guys. What's the difference? You wan
  5. [quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1297790990' post='2634506'] Woh, someone got out of bed with the wrong foot. Your reply didn't even came close to the contents of this topic, so naturally I'm wondering what it relates to. If you don't want to expand on your answer, why the hell post something anyway? You claimed we started this war because we wanted reps. This surrender (and all the others before) lacks any amount of reps, so what you claim and what transpires do not match. Try again? [/quote] Actually, contrary to popular belief, this war involves more than just FOK and pals. Mayb
  6. [quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1297779903' post='2634392'] I've read this three times and it still doesn't make sense to this specific situation. What do you mean exactly? [/quote] It means exactly what it says. If you're unable to read information and extract a meaning from it, then that's your problem, not mine. I'm certainly not going to go the extra mile for you because you're the child that they refused to leave behind.
  7. [quote name='nutkase' timestamp='1297741057' post='2633901'] Congrats guys on the white peace, which is more that can be said of other alliances. [/quote] But didn't you know? If this was supposed to be a war to end political boredom, then white peace would be the only fitting type of peace. Oh right - this war isn't about that at all. It's about reps.
  8. [s]Wait wait wait! Does this mean that the agreement with UINE and TGE is null and void now - as in, TGE nations which promised not to reenter the conflict, because they're now in FOK, will be reentering the conflict? I'd hate to think that perhaps this is some kind of a strategic move in the war...[/s] Nevermind... I had to take a second look at the OP.
  9. Welcome to the fight, Schatt. You know, what I've seen here from both sides is the lobbying for some kind of a "belief" in which should be used as the driving force in this war. We typically see this in wars as PR to gain support for military reasons, naturally. The practice is so rampant that I think a lot of people just look at it and take it for face value. But when you actually examine these "beliefs" on both sides, one side appears to be absolutely despicable and hypocritical, while the other side is certainly consistent and honorable. This is common knowledge to [i]most[/i] of us
  10. [quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1296191729' post='2606831'] So that's a no. All I needed to know. Thanks. [/quote] You're welcome. And thank [i]you[/i] for shedding a bit more light on what prompted the OP.
  11. [quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1296191177' post='2606798'] PotFace, do you expect people to take you seriously as long as you consider a scenario where GOONS would exit this war as the defeated party? (If you're concerned at all yourself about gaining ground I'd abandon that line of thought posthaste.) [/quote] Maybe one of these days when you guys can get your act together, someone will send some diplos to come over and give you guys a block of instruction on "foresight", and how bad it is to "count your chickens before they've hatched". This is going to be a long war. It's not
  12. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1296104701' post='2604556'] [center][IMG]http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100605090103/cybernations/images/d/d0/Cngoonsflag.png[/IMG][/center] Greetings my new friends in the Ex-Heg! I want to take the time to thank you. I'm not mad, not in the least in fact, I am overjoyed. You see, Ex-Heg, you have just given us the greatest gift possible. A challenge. What you fail to understand, (aside from the fact that attacking us in this way will not prevent TOP from slaughtering you, if they elect to do so, whichever of you they pick), is that you cann
  13. [quote name='northstars' timestamp='1296007543' post='2601566'] Thanks for taking the time to bold the parts of your tirades that informed readers can skip. [/quote] Informed readers get informed by [i]reading[/i]. Uninformed readers get uninformed by skipping. It's a real easy concept when you think about it...
  14. [quote name='Crowdog' timestamp='1296006406' post='2601527'] We do hate NPO. We do not want even the slightest chance to see them in power again. If our assumptions are true, and reasonably they may be, we can't allow any small chance of NPO ruling Bob again. We hate NPO, and we will not give them the chance. That's why we fight. [/quote] All you've done is help to ensure that they rule the world again. They are now the rally point for any sort of anti-hegemonist movement. Way to go.
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