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  1. I voted Worst Alliance. God we are so bad. I think we should have our ass kicked for offering a home to members of a disband alliance that have not moved yet. God forbid they should have other offers and options open to them. As for you being in GOD, please stay there. I can honestly say this was a mistake because there is no way in hell we would want any members from GOD to ever join Exodus. I would also like to congratulate you on your attempt to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Bama asked us to please not PM the TOOL AA and we are happy to oblige to his request. You on the other hand are just a bag of hot air that needed to vent before it farted all over CN.
  2. Yea MVP but I could still kick your sorry ass

  3. you're one of the more elderly people around here.

  4. Yes MPK let’s be honest here. You are telling me that you where discussing amending the ESA in mid April and yet you didn’t discuss it with your only true ally MHA? You talked to Umbrella but not MHA, you talked to FOK but not MHA, this seems a little odd to me and I would have to say not easy to swallow.
  5. Has anyone confirmed this to be fact? Are the leaders of CnG, Umbrella, Polaris, STA, Sparta, and a few others really in support of this amendment to the ESA over the offer of white peace?
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