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  1. He must love Purple, cause we're currently sitting on +5 Happiness and +3% Population for a measly -5 Income. My collection was Suhweeeet!
  2. All the credit for the sig goes to D34th of STA.
  3. Are you intimating that Pacifica had nothing to do with your plans on Polaris? If so are you willing to state that Pacifica provided no counseling, no show of support, and had no input at all in the plan to engage Polaris?
  4. When sanctions were used in '08, how effective was it? On paper I think that it could still be an effective tactic if it was combined with some well placed Gather Intels. If an alliance could find a large number of nations in opposing alliances who had Uranium as a resource, and then sanctioned them, it would stop Nuke production for every other nation in those trade circles. At least until the Uranium nations could change colors and reestablish trades. If somehow the Sanctioners found 30 Uranium nations that would stop 150 nations from being able to build new nukes. Even if it was only for a couple days turning off the Nukes of essentially an entire alliance worth of nations would hurt big time.
  5. Another idea just hit me! Sorry Random this one is pure pun. The Or-durrr War
  6. Hey Random how about the Entropy War? It fits your criteria of being short, neutral, representative and doesn't have a shred of comedy or a whiff of pun. The definition seems to fit rather well as well: en·tro·py ˈentrəpē noun 1. a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system. 2. lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.
  7. Stranger still is that one of those is Polaris. After all weren't they plotted against for months, before they decided to preempt NSO? Even if we take the behind the scenes aspect out of the current conflict, an alliance of NpO's size and reputation is usually countered right off the bat. I have yet to understand why the allies of NPO/NSO let Polaris just pound on their so called friends unhindered? It's a little too early to tell, but if things keep going this way the failure of NPO/NSO to drum up any opposition to NpO may go down as one of the biggest FA blunders in the last couple years. It's no big deal if NPO/NSO couldn't get anyone to jump NpO (man a lot of O's around here) before war kicked off, but to not be able to get any counters on the original and largest protagonist during wartime is a misstep of epic proportions.
  8. How about Order vs. Order, as in Spy vs. Spy.
  9. Welcome to the party pal. This coming from a LOLegionnaire. I'll do my best to promptly fulfill your order for 1.5 million casualties. Would you like fries with that?
  10. We will. Oh hey speaking of war and such, care to join in on this one? You've got the perfect in, one of your treaty partners (Us) were attacked by AI and SNAFU. Hmmm I wonder how you're going to respond. Only time will tell I guess.
  11. It means "A friend of my enemy is my mortal enemy". Hail and well met to our new opponents. The Purple on Purple front is gonna be a blast. May the casualties fall like Purple Rain.
  12. Not as sad as tlr never going to war. How many times have we asked you to join in on a fight only to be met with "But we're not ready"? This war makes at least three that I'm aware of. You seem to be in need of yet another reminder that IRON would have eaten you long ago if it wasn't for us. So use the following helpful guide the next time you feel the need to criticize us. 1. Shut Mouth 2. Click Declare War
  13. Tell me about it. A GOON that I've fought before just jumped on one of my guys. So weird fighting with GOONs instead of against them.
  14. Uh like, Ave and such. Have fun everyone. Except for Steve Bucsemi. :((
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